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Note: The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected people's mental health with huge increases in substance abuse.




Substance Abuse Resources - Recognizing substance abuse, articles, guides, rehabilitation resources, intervention, and more...

Drug Addiction Information - Opioid, fentanyl abuse, talking to children & teens

Alcohol Addiction Information - Binge drinking, Blood Alcohol Content Calculator, College drinking, sleep impact...

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Substance Abuse Resources (Recognizing substance abuse, articles, guides, rehabilitation resources, intervention, and more... )

  • Opioid Addiction: The Treatment Guide - The opioid epidemic has driven a surge in people seeking treatment for opioid dependence. Opioids, which have legitimate use as analgesics and anesthetics, are among the most widely abused drugs. Abuse can lead to severe physical dependence and even death. Before starting recovery, it is helpful to understand exactly what constitutes opioid dependence and addiction.

  • Addiction Group is an informational web guide that was founded in 2019. Speak with an Addiction Specialist today. We can help you find a drug or alcohol rehab program that's right for YOU. Call (855) 217-2693. You are not alone. Should I go to rehab? Our website was created to help those struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD), substance use disorders (SUD), and/or co-occurring mental health disorders find treatment for their addiction. How to prepare to enter treatment — what you need to pack, tying up loose ends, etc. What to look for in a rehab center. How much does rehab cost.

  • Addiction Guide is designed to be a reliable source of information about addiction, from how it happens to how to overcome it. Whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or concerned about a loved one’s substance abuse, our mission is to lead you to a healthier, happier life.

  • Inpatient Treatment Rehab Guide - A guide to help families better understand addiction and how to help family members in need: When is an intervention necessary? Meetings & support groups for addiction. Costs and insurance coverage for inpatient rehab. How is mental health treatment different from substance use treatment.  An effective treatment method for substance use disorders (SUD). It is available for people with drug use disorders or alcohol use disorder (AUD). Some facilities treat both types of addiction, while some specialize in one or the other.

  • Ark Behavioral Health - Practicing Mindfulness In Addiction Recovery: A Step-By-Step Guide - What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness practices are utilized by people in all stages of the addiction recovery process as a supportive coping strategy for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Here you’ll find: information about mindfulness * benefits of mindfulness techniques for addiction recovery * step-by-step guide on practicing mindfulness * types of mindfulness-based interventions * how mindfulness is used within addiction treatment programs. Ark is accredited by the Joint Commission, considered “The Gold Standard” in accreditation for behavioral health facilities and organizations, respected in behavioral health and medical communities.

  • How drugs, and alcohol can affect your eyes in both the long and short term - A guide for individuals coping with addiction as well as excess amounts of Coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Heroin and Intravenous Drugs. Some of the effects include significantly increasing the chances of developing glaucoma, an increased likelihood of developing age-related macular degeneration or cataracts, and other ocular conditions. Many people are already at risk of developing health conditions that can indirectly affect eye health (Diabetes, High blood pressure, more...) and using drugs or alcohol in excess can increase those chances.

  • Addiction Resource - Find The Best Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Near You. If you or a loved are struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, get the help you need today. We will find a top-rated treatment program.

  • Inpatient Rehab is an effective treatment method for substance use disorders (SUD). It is available for people with drug use disorders or alcohol use disorder (AUD). Some facilities treat both types of addiction, while some specialize in one or the other.

  • Substance abuse: Unpacking a Public Health Crisis - In November 2016, a report by U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy detailed a growing concern over the health implications of drug and alcohol addiction. Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General's Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health examines the pathology and classification of substance misuse painting a picture of a crisis that is taking a heavy toll on the nation, both financially and socially.

  • Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression Up 235% During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Here's Who It's Impacting the Most - (Online Therapy) - Bringing awareness to how drastically mental health has been affected due to the coronavirus (compared to 2019). We also found which groups of people with charts depicting age, state, gender, race/ethnicity, etc. who have suffered the most during this tough time. A number of resources available for those struggling with mental health during this unprecedented time, however are provided to help destigmatize these struggles and to encourage lawmakers and organizations to develop solutions.

  • Addiction Group is an informational web guide created for people struggling with substance use disorders (SUD), alcohol use disorders (AUD), and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our team of journalists, researchers, doctors, and medical professionals helps people find the right treatment for their individual needs and unique situations. Addiction Group exists to let people know they’re not alone and mental health is a shared experience. Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment 

  • Addiction Intervention - (866) 540-7365 - If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, we’ll help you find a drug and alcohol rehab solution. Is your family arguing about the best way to help an addicted loved one? Or, is everyone placing blame on someone else, just waiting for a loved one to seek help on their own? If so, it’s time to consider staging an intervention. Drug and alcohol interventions aren’t as scary as they seem - they are about changing the way family members think and react while urging those who are struggling with addiction to seek professional help. Change starts with the family. So, what are you waiting for? Waiting for an addicted loved one to hit rock bottom is never going to happen if the family is enabling their destructive behaviors. Our intervention counselors are here to help. Call today to learn more about the addiction intervention process.

  • How to Cope When Addiction is a Family Disease - Addiction affects the whole family and even friends. As addiction is a family disease, it's the family who must take the initiative in finding help. This is also why treatment for addiction is something the whole family must go through.

  • How To Tell If Your Child Has A Substance Abuse Issue | A Comprehensive Guide For Parents - An effort to help parents everywhere keep their children healthy and safe. In this comprehensive guide, we discuss:  - Understanding Substance Abuse & Addiction Among Young People - Signs Your Child Has A Substance Abuse Issue - How To Talk To Your Child About Substance Abuse -How To Help Your Child Recover From Substance Abuse

  • How to Tell if Someone is Shooting Up - Helpful videos show how to find out if a loved one is using drugs and how to get help. Discussions include physical signs of injections like skin popping, soot tattoos, skin infections, collapsed veins, and bruising, and where on the body to look for signs of injection.

  • What to Consider When Reconnecting with Estranged Family"   - Published by Pepperdine University's Online Clinical Psychology Master's Program. The resource covers tips and resources to help family members mend cut ties and heavy conflict. The resource gives a guide for how to bring up confrontation and work towards forgiveness for family estrangement or conflicts like addiction.

  • Substance Abuse in College Students - Key Facts Regarding Substance Abuse on College Campuses - What Types of Substances Do College Students Abuse? - Why Do College Students Abuse Drugs and Alcohol? - What Are the Physiological Effects of Drug Abuse? -  How Do You Know if Drugs or Alcohol Have Become a Problem? - Where Can Students Turn for Help?

  • How To Access and Pay For Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services - A comprehensive guide that covers mental health and substance abuse disorders, when to seek treatment, different treatment options and different resources to pay for treatment. The guide also discusses different resources for the uninsured.

  • RehabNet.com - National Council on Seniors Drug & Alcohol Rehab. Caring for Our Senior Citizens Struggling with Addiction. The Quiet Epidemic: Our seniors are developing drug & alcohol addiction at an alarming rate. We provide information, resources and treatment for care providers and seniors battling addiction and related conditions. Our Mission: Let's not forget our seniors and their families. Lets give them the best support, information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and pursue lifelong recovery. We are here to help you and your loved one every step of the way. 

  • Detox Programs and Rehab Centers for Drug & Alcohol - An organization connecting people who are seeking treatment to the resources they need. We have a library of educational articles on addiction, recovery, and detoxification, which can benefit residents both in the US and internationally. We proudly offer an extensive list of detox centers, rehab programs and treatment facilities to choose from. Take the time to view the list of resources throughout the country, which is updated regularly. Also, whether you don't find exactly what you're looking for, or you need some other treatment options, we have rehabilitation consultants standing by to assist you. Simply fill out the contact form or call our toll-free number now to speak with a live person.

  • Insomnia During Drug and Alcohol Recovery - A review of how recovery impacts sleep quality. A list of sleep strategies for preventing and treating insomnia during recovery. Guidance for friends and family members of addicts including a downloadable PDF of resources and support groups.

  • Drowsy Driving - AAA reports 1 in 10 car crashes are caused by Drowsy Driving. This usually happens when a driver has not slept enough, but it can also happen due to untreated sleep disorders, medications, drinking alcohol, or shift work. Drowsy Driving Safety Resource covers: Drowsy Driving Crash & Death Statistics, What to do if you spot a Drowsy Driver on the Road, Who is at Risk?, Drowsy Driving Facts & Myths, Prevention Tips

  • How Addiction and Substance Abuse Affect Sleep: A Guide to Sleep Health During Recovery"  (Purple.com) - According to a study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20.3 million people aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder in the past year. When paired with the research from the US National Library of Medicine that says substance abusers are more likely to have sleep disorders, it paints a picture of a never ending cycle of using substances to get sleep, and not being able to sleep because of the over usage of substances. 

  • Mental Health Scholarships - A common source of anxiety for students is money. College is expensive, so most students borrow student loans to cover tuition and living expenses. To help, some institutions offer scholarships for students with depression, anxiety, and other types of mental illness. This guide covers your options.

  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources - What It Takes To Get Free From Addiction. Common Questions About Addiction Treatment, Rehab and Recovery. Guides for Individuals Dealing with Substance Abuse In Loved Ones. Information Regarding Common Questions About Addiction. Addiction’s Effects on the Body, Mind, and Life. Detox Programs for Everyone in Need. How Long Do Substances Stay in Your Body? Types Of Treatment Programs. Find the Right Rehab For Your Recovery Process..

  • Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is the most common addiction in the US. More people suffer from alcohol abuse than any other substance. Luckily, there are thousands of treatment options available for people with alcohol use disorders (AUD). Effective alcohol addiction treatment guides an individual through the process of detoxification, helps them prepare for a sober life, and provides them with consistent aftercare.

Drug Addiction
  • The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free. DRUG EDUCATION: Get Drug Facts. Watch the Real People, Real Stories Documentary. See They Said / They Lied PSAs. Start Free E-Courses. Take the Quiz. Download Booklets.

  • How Does Social Media Affect Teen Substance Use?  For many generations, a large percentage of teens have been interested in experimenting with drugs. Unlike past generations, however, teens in the modern world have access to a powerful source of exposure and peer pressure to engage in harmful substance use. While social media cannot directly cause teens to experiment with alcohol or drugs, they can be a powerful motivator to do so. While drug use in America is on the rise overall, teen substance use continues to decline year over year. This finding is encouraging. However, adults must be aware of the ways in which exposure to social media could encourage a teen to develop unhealthy tendencies with regard to substance use.

  • Talking to Children and Teens About Drugs - The first step in keeping children and teenagers safe from substance abuse is to talk about the dangers and risks; open communication is crucial. Parents also need to set a positive example where drugs and alcohol are concerned. (Much more also available at  "Breaking News" on the DrugReport.com home page.)

  • Understanding the Opioid Epidemic: Opioid Abuse in America - Offers an overview of how the opioid epidemic is impacting the U.S., along with information and resources for those seeking to understand the signs and effects of opioid use. Our guide includes definitions, statistics, and resources about current research and legislation seeking to help prevent opioid abuse.

  • Monitoring for Prescription Drug Abuse, Misdiagnoses and Overmedication - The strength and prevalence of today's prescription drugs are contributing to rising numbers of drug addiction cases in the United States. Medical practitioners and health professionals of all types must be aware of the realities of prescription drug overuse.

  • Fentanyl All You Need to Know About the Deadly Drug - Fact Sheet, Overdose signs and symptoms, Why is Fentanyl so dangerous, Emergency First Aid, Safety checklist for First Responders, Recommended PPE Safety Gear, Exposure Prevention

  • Drug Rehab - Guiding You From Rehab to Recovery - Educating different communities on the correlation between mental health and substance abuse. I strive to help people who are struggling, and their loved ones, by connecting them to the right treatment options around the U.S. Call Now to Find an Inpatient Drug Rehab Are you or a loved one struggling with prescription painkillers, alcohol or street drugs like heroin? Call our drug abuse hotline to be connected with a rehab or detox center and start your new life today. For immediate treatment help call:(877) 751-8041 Or click and we'll call you immediately:

  • Blood Alcohol Content Calculator - BAC Calculator Blood alcohol content, or BAC, is an important number that helps determine the level of alcohol in a person's bloodstream. The higher the BAC, the more alcohol is likely to have an impact on everything from coordination and balance to emotions and brain function. Controlling your alcohol intake and watching your BAC levels can help prevent harm both to yourself and to others. To make tracking your BAC levels easier, consider using the BAC calculator. A BAC calculator will help do the math for you, providing an estimate of your current blood alcohol content.

  • College Drinking - Changing the Culture - This is your one-stop resource for comprehensive research-based information on issues related to alcohol abuse and binge drinking among college students.

  • Social Drinking vs Binge Drinking - According to the CDC, moderate drinking is defined as being no more than two drinks a day for men and one for women. While this might be the safest way to avoid having alcohol have a negative impact on your health, it’s also safe to say that many people consume more than this recommended amount. So, how do you know when your social drinking has crossed over into binge drinking? The answer to this question can get complicated, but exploring a few key differences between the two can help you know if you need to reach out for professional help.

  • Effects of Binge Drinking & How to Stop - Binge drinking increases these risks and could be an indication of an alcohol problem. Binge drinking doesn’t necessarily happen on a consistent basis, nor does it need to happen once a month. Regardless of how often it occurs, consuming many alcoholic beverages within a short period of time has negative effects on your health.

  • What to Know About Binge Drinking - It is still a mind-altering substance, can affect the brain both long-term and short-term, and can be addictive. When consumed too often, in copious amounts, and recklessly, it can severely alter a person’s life, and the lives of those around them. One of the dangerous forms of alcohol use is binge drinking, which is drinking a large amount in a brief period. If a person makes this a habit, this pattern of abuse can eventually result in a serious addiction. Topics cover: What is Binge Drinking? Binge Drinking: A College Rite of Passage? What Does Binge Drinking Look Like and How is it Dangerous? When Binge Drinking Becomes Alcohol Use Disorder. Determining Whether You Binge Drink. Ways to Manage Drinking.

  • Alcohol Consumption During COVID - Since the beginning of the pandemic, Americans have been consuming 14% more alcohol than normal, a statistic reported by the journal JAMA Network Open. Nielsen reports a 54% increase in national sales of alcohol in March 2020, and a 262% increase in online sales from 2019. While this is not altogether shocking when considering other times in history that alcohol consumption has increased (after September 11th, during large storms or bouts of inclement weather like hurricanes), this is particularly troubling because of the unique risk heightened by the pandemic. If someone becomes increasingly reliant on alcohol during this time, not only could it progress into a potentially life-threatening addiction, but it could also put them at greater risk of contracting or spreading the virus. Why exactly are people drinking so much at this time? Surprisingly, it isn’t all related to the anxiety of catching the disease, though that is a major catalyst. If you or a loved one are stuck at home right now and you are worried about alcohol intake, it’s important to evaluate the situation the best you can. Some red flags to look out for include: Drinking more than planned - Secretive drinking - Strange behaviors - Depressed mood - Lack of appetite

  • AlcoholTreatment.net is an organization dedicated to helping individuals seek recovery from alcohol addiction. Speak to one of our treatment specialists to learn more about alcohol rehab centers, treatment options, insurance, and more.

  • Alcohol Rehab Guide (Treating Alcoholism) - We can help you find the best treatment program for your needs, location and budget. Most insurances accepted. When you're struggling with an alcohol use disorder (AUD), you may feel as though there's no end in sight, but you don't have to suffer alone. There are many treatment options available today that will help you recover from alcoholism and get back to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Alcohol Rehab Guide is an organization that provides comprehensive, reliable information on the various aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction. We offer support and guidance for those who are struggling, as well as their parents, family members, friends, and community members. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 3.3 million people die each year from alcohol abuse. Our goal is to provide helpful information to as many people as possible on alcohol abuse, addiction, and recovery options.

  • Alcohol Detox and Sleep - We're trying to promote awareness of sleep disorders in high-risk populations. My team has been researching the reported rates of sleep disorders in alcoholics in active addiction and recovery, and we've found that many alcoholics are not prepared for dealing with insomnia during and after detox. ...As anyone who's been through alcohol detox can attest, sleep problems are one of the largest obstacles to recovery. Not helping matters is the fact that detoxing from alcohol isn't an overnight process. It takes time for your body to adjust to living without alcohol, and you'll experience sleep problems during that time. By the end of this guide, you'll understand how alcohol disrupts sleep, what causes sleep problems during detox, and coping tips so you can sleep better during this tough time, and stick it through to the end. ...Table Of Contents: How alcohol disrupts sleep  ...Detox timeline and symptoms ...Sleep problems during alcohol detox ...Alcohol detox and insomnia ...How to get better sleep during alcohol detox

  • How Alcohol Impacts Sleep - What You Should Know (Alcohol and sleep guide) - by Katie Golde - Expert Verified By: Caleb Backe, CPT - This piece will cover all the different ways alcohol affects sleep, including making us fall asleep quicker, decreasing the amount of time spent in REM sleep, contributing to vivid dreams and nightmares, increasing the number of times we wake up during the night, and upping our risk of obstructive sleep apnea. It will also touch on how hangovers can affect sleep and the links between alcohol use disorder and sleep. Finally, our alcohol and sleep guide will offer resources for anyone who wants to learn more about how alcohol affects sleep, as well as resources for anyone concerned about their drinking or seeking assistance for alcohol use disorder.

Rehabilitation & Treatment Facilities

  • Addiction Network is a comprehensive drug rehab directory. This company helps people with drug and alcohol abuse that best fits their unique situation and unique lifestyle. Someone who is looking for rehab, either for themselves or a loved one, will find this resource useful.

  • Banyan Treatment Centers - Nationwide Addiction Treatment from Banyan Treatment Centers Banyan Treatment Centers is one of the fastest growing networks of detox, mental health, and addiction treatment facilities in the nation. We also offer addiction treatment for veterans and active-duty members, as well as faith-based services.

  • Telstone IOP - We believe that simply treating symptoms is an incomplete approach. Our program is founded on the philosophy that addiction, relationship turmoil, and emotional issues are symptoms of a deeper and more complex problem. Our mission is to provide a modern approach to emotional and behavioral healing by treating each individual wholly through empowerment, connection, and evidence-based therapies. We aim to heal the entire person; who they were, who they are, and who they will become.

  • KillTheCan.org exists to help people quit smokeless tobacco. We were founded on the principle of accountability and we tackle our addiction one day at a time. Refer to the menu options o the navigation bar.

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Directory - Find a Detox Rehab Center Near You. DetoxRehabs.net has compiled an extensive directory of alcohol and drug detox rehab centers located throughout the United States. Begin your search by selecting the State in which you are looking for treatment. We also provide information for different community needs, such as help for our veterans, LGBTQ+ friendly programs, free or Medicaid accepting treatment, and pet-friendly facilities.  We recognize the importance of educating yourself during your recovery journey, and so we pride ourselves in providing free educational guides that answer questions such as: Can Marijuana Treat Postnatal Depression? Telltale Symptoms of Children Using Drugs. How to Identify the Early Signs of Mental Health Issues

  • Military Veteran Alcohol & Drug Rehab - JourneyPure - a CARF Gold Seal Accredited drug and alcohol treatment provider with 18+ locations across the country. A way to help our military members overcome alcohol and drug addiction at little to no cost to them. We have a military program that is in-network for Tricare and VA Choice. Many veterans never seek out treatment because of cost and many don't know that their cost can be covered. Veteran Alcohol & Drug Rehab: A New Approach Treating Military Trauma & Addiction You can only stop your reliance on drugs and alcohol by processing what you've seen and been through. To do that, you need someone that understands what it means to serve and knows how to live in peace after seeing the horrors that go on in this world. (See also Military & Veterans resource page.)

  • Free Contingency Management Helps Veterans Stay Drug-Free. Proven Addiction Treatment Free to Veterans at the VA Promotes Abstinence From Drugs and Alcohol. Contingency Management (CM) is simple, and boasts a high success rate when combined with evidence based treatment. Contingency management (CM) is a reward or reinforcement technique to bolster abstinence from drug or alcohol use.

  • New Directions for Women We Welcome All Women Seeking Help from Addiction Transforming lives one day at-a-time in a healthy, safe and trusted environment. Putting the Pieces Back TOGETHER: We have a profound effect on the recovery process for women across the country who need our help.

  • American Addiction Centers (AAC) - We take pride in offering the most up-to-date and helpful information about addiction. In fact, all of our articles are reviewed by a medical team so that we can make sure we're providing the best information to people looking for addiction help. We take a big picture approach to addiction treatment, by addressing each client as a whole person. We work to consider how factors such as your lifestyle, environment, health, and co-occurring mental health disorders may play a part in your addiction involving drugs or alcohol. By partnering with you and your loved ones throughout the rehabilitation process, we can prepare you for recovery by customizing a program of research-based addiction therapy, individualized treatment, and aftercare planning designed to anticipate the challenges you may encounter. Our treatment doesn't just focus on the problem of your substance use; we use a positive, hopeful approach that focuses on bringing out your individual strengths, motivation, and desire to make positive changes in your life.

  • Delphi Behavioral Health Group, an organization dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming addiction. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected people's mental health and we are seeing huge increases in substance abuse. The CDC reported that in late June, 40% of adults admitted to struggling with substance abuse or mental health. We've spent years addressing patient's thoughts and behaviors that lead to a life of addiction. We'd love to be an additional resource where individuals and families struggling with addiction can find helpful tips and support.

  • Elite Rehab Placement is a no-cost, rehab placement service that helps people of all backgrounds get into the rehab. This company helps people with drug and alcohol abuse that best fits their unique situation and unique lifestyle. I think that someone who is looking for rehab (either for themselves or a loved) may find Elite Rehab useful. Get Help with Finding the Best Rehabs for Teenage Substance Abuse. Find Out How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Can Help with Beating Addiction.

  • Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, also called residential rehab, is a form of addiction treatment in which a person stays within a treatment facility for a specified amount of time. During that time, the person receives care and support to overcome addiction issues. The most effective inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs afford individuals access to some key program components: licensed and experienced staff and treatment specialists, evidence-based therapies and treatments and a private environment in which to heal. A person within an inpatient rehab program will remain in the rehab center for the duration of the program, receiving a number of treatments depending on his or her needs and the availability of treatments within the facility.

  • Rehab Spot has served as a critical source of information on addiction and recovery for those who are struggling with substance abuse disorders and co-morbid mental health conditions. Rehab Spot is owned by Recovery Worldwide, a national informational marketing umbrella for several addiction recovery-related properties. Rehab Spot works with a nationally recognized drug and alcohol treatment facility that provides treatment consultation and counseling, placement and enrollment into a treatment program, and payment/insurance information. All content included on Rehab Spot is created by our team of researchers and journalists. Topics are selected after consulting with recovering addicts, treatment professionals, and leading addiction resources to determine what information is most valuable to those seeking help for themselves or a loved one. All of our articles are fact-based and sourced from relevant publications, government agencies, and medical journals. Every page includes the date on which it was last modified. Included are Family: (Addiction truly is a family disease. Rehab Spot is here to help family members of those struggling with substance abuse.)  and Self-Love makes it possible for patients in recovery to resist the temptations of addiction by improving mental and physical health, as well as increasing satisfaction and self-esteem.

  • Addiction & Mental Health Resources for Seniors -  First Recovery Center is a facility that helps individuals, including older adults, navigate substance use challenges through various professional approaches. You can choose outpatient addiction treatment, partial hospitalization treatment, or intensive outpatient treatment. In addition, there are specialized behavioral therapies ideal for elderly people to revert to their normal healthy lives.

  • Help for Seniors Struggling with Addiction (Denver Recovery Center) - A guide for seniors struggling with addiction. It's a great post that gives advice to seniors suffering from addiction, how they can seek help as well as a list of support groups at the bottom of the page that they can use to find help and guidance.

  • Inner Bonding a 6-step spiritually based therapeutic modality that heals shame, and the resulting self-abandonment, that is often the root cause of anxiety, stress, depression, low self-worth, addictions and relationship problems. INNER BONDING creates profound connections with Self, Spirit, and others that heals emptiness and aloneness, unleashing creativity, imagination, passion and purpose, love and joy!

  • Abbeycare Scotland

  • Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab in California with Monarch Shores

  • Bedrock Recovery Center, located in Canton Massachusetts

  • Chapters Recovery Center in Danvers, Massachusetts

  • Live Free Recovery Services and structured sober living Homes in New Hampshire

  • Casco Bay Recovery Portland, Maine

  • Luna Recovery Houston Texas

  • Willow Springs Recovery - Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Austin, Texas

  • Makana Path: Medically-Supervised Detox in Austin, Texas

  • Bringing Real Change (BRC) Manor, Texas

  • Banyan Texas - Waelder Texas (Banyan has Nationwide Facilities)

  • Magnolia City Detox Conroe, Texas

  • Phoenix Rising Recovery Phoenix, Arizona

  • Harmony Place Resources Los Angeles, California

  • Westwind Recovery  Los Angeles, California

  • Montare Behavioral Health Southern California

  • Monarch Shores: California

  • Sunshine Behavioral Health (San Juan Capistrano, California)

  • Lido Wellness Center (Newport Beach, California)

  • New Directions for Women (Costa Mesa, California)

  • Tulua Health - Resources for Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Santa Monica, California

  • Free by the Sea Ocean Park, Washington

  • North Carolina recovery programs

  • The Best Drug Rehabs in Florida: What Resources Are Available?

  • Palm Beach Institute West Palm Beach, Florida

  • Luxury Beach Rehab: Addiction Treatment Center Hutchinson Island, Florida

  • Riviera Beach Treatment Centers in South Florida Mangonia Park, Florida

  • Florida Center for Recovery Fort Pierce, Florida

  • Riverside Recovery of Tampa Tampa, Florida

  • Orlando Treatment Solutions Oviedo, Florida

  • Kingsway Recovery Center Mullica Hill, New Jersey

  • North Jersey Recovery Center Fair Lawn, New Jersey

  • Discovery Institute - Marlboro Township, New Jersey

  • Achieve Wellness & Recovery Northfield New Jersey

  • North Jersey Rehabs Cliffside Park, New Jersey

  • Sana Lake Recovery Dittmer, Mousouri

  • Grace Land Recovery Center Memphis, Tennessee area

  • Nashville Tennessee Detox Nashville, Tennessee

  • Brentwood Springs Detox Nashville, Tennessee

  • Detox Nashville Madison, Tennessee

  • Detox West Tennessee Jackson Tennessee

  • Little Creek Lodge – Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

  • Northern Illinois Recovery Center Crystal Lake Illinois

  • Harmony Ridge Recovery Mid-Ohio Valley and West Virginia - Walker, West Virginia

  • Owls Nest Recovery Florence, South Carolina

  • Ohio Recovery Center Van Wert, Ohio

  • Legends Recovery Center - Cleveland and Green Springs, Ohio

  • Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center - Maryland Heights, MO & Kansas City MO. 64151 

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