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 ( Matthew 11:15-30)
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Obituaries and Genealogy Resources


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  • ObituariesHelp.org - There are times when all you need is a Newspaper Obituary of someone you know or a Celebrity Obituary but having to go through pages of search results can be so time consuming. And, the best way find out about your ancestors is to search old obituary archives and other vital statistic reports. This site includes the following resources:  Obituaries Resources -  Sympathy Resources  - Funeral Resources - Genealogy Resources

  • Genealogy Resources: A comprehensive guide on getting started in genealogy. If you’re new to this hobby, however, you may find it a little intimidating. There is no shortage of resource available, but many seek your credit card number in exchange for information. It’s true that genealogy can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t need to be. If you’re blessed with a curious mind and sufficient patience, you can engage in genealogy without breaking the bank. Resource includes: Getting Started in Genealogy, Genealogy DNA Tests, Researching Family History, Genealogy Charities and Organisations, Careers in Genealogy, Summary of Useful Links

  • How To Start Your Own Family Tree -  Several free templates and way to create a family tree. The page has been endorsed by several institutions like Brigham Young University, Auburn University and various state and federal agencies, helpful to anyone that is starting the task of researching their own family.  

  • The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy - With a DNA test kit and some simple resources, you'll have no problem tracing your roots and building a family tree. We want to serve as the ultimate DNA guide. We recommend that you first look at the number of chromosomes and genes that you have. You’ll also want to look at our genealogy guide, which provides you with some great resources that you can use on your hunt. You might not realize that you can access public records online and view both birth and death records as well as marriage and military records. We included links to the best resources whenever possible. Finding out who you are is easier today than you might think. Many people come from confusing backgrounds because their families changed their names or records over the years. Even if your ancestors changed their last names when they arrived at Ellis Island, you can still trace your roots to one specific country or region. Your genes carry all the genetic materials that research labs look at to confirm your heritage We understand that the world of at-home DNA tests is confusing, which is why we suggest looking at a comparison chart such as our  23and Me vs. Ancestry DNA comparison. 

  • KnowYourDNA - DNA testing can be confusing; we’ve relied on experts and doctors to administer and decipher these kind of tests since their invention. Now, anyone with some money and a saliva sample can explore the vast world of genetics, ancestry and personalized health from the comfort of their own home. Access is only the first hurdle to pass when it comes to genetic testing at home; a good coach or guide is the best way to get the most out of your DNA test.  Using a simple, FDA approved test like 23andMe (or one of the others tested), women are empowered to take their health into their own hands and see if they are at higher risks for things like breast cancer. At-home DNA tests are at an exciting time, with consumers using them to find out Carrier status, Health Predispositions, and Wellness information like never before. Adopted children can find long lost siblings and reconnect with families. We have no affiliations to any services we cover, we don’t get sponsored, we pay for the tests we take, and we have no obligation to anyone other than our readers. Our mission is to empower the average consumer to take their health into their own hands. 

Disclaimer: EarsToHear.net is not affiliated with, nor does not professionally or personally endorse organizations and services posted. EarsToHear.net simply provides all resource listings as tools for visitors to research and utilize at their own risk and discretion.