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Military & Veterans Resources

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Veterans Day, we encourage teachers to visit the official Veterans Affairs website for instruction and learning aids on the history and significance of Veterans Day. 

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"It is the soldier, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.

"It is the soldier, not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.

"It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

"It is the soldier, who salutes the flag,
Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag."

Charles M. Province

A Guide to Veterans Benefits - By Jessica Thomas - A quick reference to available benefits vs. the complexity of the VA.gov website. Our aim was to make it easy to quickly understand what is available and point people in the direction of additional help. The U.S. military�s men and women have sacrificed so much to keep our nation and way of life safe. To honor this, the United States� government has set up a variety of benefit programs and incentives to help them in a wide range of areas.


The Special Operations Warrior Foundation was founded 29 years ago to provide support and assistance to the U. S. military's special operations community, which consists of Army Special Forces (Green Berets), the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Navy Small Boat Teams, Navy SEALs, Air Force Combat Controllers, Air Force rotary and fixed wing squadrons, and Marine Corps special operations personnel.

Building Homes for Heroes
provides individuals, corporations and others with an opportunity to help our severely wounded and disabled veterans and their families rebuild their lives.  

The Veterans Airlift Command provides free air transportation to wounded warriors, veterans and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. Our priority is on the veterans of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). As capacity allows, our mission will expand to serve veterans of other conflicts.

Wounded Warrior Project
At WWP, we're committed to supporting not only our wounded warriors, but also the individuals who sustain them on their path to recovery. In the spring of 2008, we launched our Caregiver Retreats to support this unique, devoted group of family members who are helping their wounded loved ones face a range of physical and mental (PTSD) challenges.

Military Veteran Alcohol & Drug Rehab - JourneyPure - a CARF Gold Seal Accredited drug and alcohol treatment provider with 18+ locations across the country. A way to help our military members overcome alcohol and drug addiction at little to no cost to them. We have a military program that is in-network for Tricare and VA Choice. Many veterans never seek out treatment because of cost and many don't know that their cost can be covered. Veteran Alcohol & Drug Rehab: A New Approach Treating Military Trauma & Addiction You can only stop your reliance on drugs and alcohol by processing what you've seen and been through. To do that, you need someone that understands what it means to serve and knows how to live in peace after seeing the horrors that go on in this world.

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund
Honoring the Sons and Daughters of America's Heroes
These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Guardsmen have sacrificed life or limb defending our country. We care for their families by helping their children achieve the dream of a college education. The scholarship not only provides much needed financial assistance; it is also a reminder to the student that their parent's sacrifice will never be forgotten by a grateful nation.

At Campus Crusade Military Ministry, our privilege and responsibility is to assist chaplains and commanders with caring for the spiritual well-being of troops and their families. We do this in many ways, but all focus on the gospel because faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes by the Word of God.

The International War Veterans' Poetry Archives (IWVPA) website is a living and growing memorial, dedicated to all warriors who paid the supreme sacrifice for their Country during all occasions where, whilst wearing the uniform of their country, they were placed in harm's way.  

Veterans Affairs:
To fulfill President Lincoln's promise "To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan" by serving and honoring the men and women who are America's veterans. Veterans Health Administration - Veterans Benefits Administration - National Cemetery Administration - The Fourth Mission: VA's "Fourth Mission" is to improve the Nation's preparedness for response to war, terrorism, national emergencies, and natural disasters by developing plans and taking actions to ensure continued service to veterans, as well as to support national, state, and local emergency management, public health, safety and homeland security efforts.

SupportOurTroops - Our name says it all. Nobody knows the needs of the troops like we do, and comprehensively addresses them like we do. Nobody else has built a collaborative network to meet their needs like we have. We are a nationwide 501(c)(3) public purpose charity that provides an easy-access framework that enables individuals, local groups, companies, schools, colleges, clubs, and churches to quickly and without complexity do good works for the troops and their families. Registered in 50 states, the District, and working internationally, SOT has the comprehensive ability to serve the troops and their families worldwide wherever located. If they're there, we're with them!

The Department of Defense provides the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation's security.

Move America Forward is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization committed to supporting America's efforts to defeat terrorism and supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. (MAF) is a nonprofit military charity based in Sacramento, California and the nation's largest grassroots pro-troop organization dedicated to supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. Our principal mission today is to provide care packages and letters from grateful Americans to the troops deployed in combat areas around the world.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Oath Keepers Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders, who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

That oath, mandated by Article VI of the Constitution itself, is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and Oath Keepers declare that they will not obey unconstitutional orders, such as orders to disarm the American people, to conduct warrantless searches, or to detain Americans as "enemy combatants" in violation of their ancient right to jury trial.

Oath Keepers reaches out to both current serving and veterans to remind them of their oaths, to teach them more about the Constitution they swore to defend, and to inspire them to defend it.

PatriotPost.us is proud to be one of the nation's leading advocates for our Armed Forces and their mission -- not only by providing countless Americans with the right perspective on that mission and the demanding tasks our military personnel have carried out with unfailing courage and professionalism, but also through efforts such as our Profiles of Valor, Support and Defend pages, Operation Shield of Strength and the Patriot Shop, which carries an extensive collection of products bearing official military insignia, the proceeds of which support our mission of service to our Armed Forces.

Distinguishing between Patriots and cowards, our favorite Founder, Samuel Adams, said: &"Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say, 'What should be the reward of such sacrifices?' ... If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom...crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!"  PatriotPost.us

Honoring those who risked, sacrificed, and paid the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may enjoy life, liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness and MTV. More than 41 million men and women have served in the Armed Forces of this country and over a million have died defending it.


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