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   Guide to Buying Vacation Property

By Karyn Winrich


Image courtesy of Pexels

What do you anticipate for your future? We all want to enjoy health and happiness throughout life, but as we get older and experience various changes, that can sound like an unattainable goal. Read on for some top strategies to help ensure your golden years are the best ever.


A Safe Place to Land


An important aspect of life all seniors should consider is their living environment. Does it provide a safe place to grow older in, or could it use some sprucing up? This could come in the form of downsizing to a smaller abode, reorganizing and decluttering your spaces to make them safer and put your mind at ease, or making some senior-friendly home modifications, like grab bar installation and widening doorways.


Many seniors opt for a few tech-oriented improvements as well. There are plenty that boost safety and security but don’t cost a lot and are simple to operate. For instance, a smart doorbell may make you feel safer, since you can see who’s at the door without answering it. You can even use it to check on your home when you’re away.


Another worthwhile choice is independent living. It’s an ideal solution for someone interested in having transportation options, a built-in social life, and a senior-friendly, safe environment. If you’re considering this solution, be sure to visit in person to find the one that suits you best.


Get Away from It All


We commonly think of the necessity of “getting away” as relating to the workplace, but retirees should also keep their suitcases handy. The Global Coalition on Aging explains travel is a major boon to seniors, promoting healthier aging both physically and mentally. Seniors who travel enjoy things like better cognitive function and heart health, and they reduce their risk of getting cancer.


Some of the top destinations for seniors are places like Alaska, the Carribean, Tuscany, and Williamsburg, VA. Think about what appeals to you most, whether it’s taking in nature, soaking in the sun, exploring a culture, learning about history, or something else entirely. And for the sake of your well-being, be sure to book a getaway on a routine basis.


Whatcha Got Cookin’?


Travel isn’t the only thing that sometimes gets away from seniors. Eating a healthy diet can also fall by the wayside, and there are many reasons for this. Sometimes medical conditions or medications can make food less interesting. Also, caloric needs decline as we get older, so seniors who don’t adjust their diet accordingly can experience weight gain.


That also means we need to make every calorie count. It’s important to avoid foods with a lot of empty calories, like sugary cereals and soda. Instead, consume whole grains, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and aim for meats and dairy products that are low in fat.


Finding foods that meet that criteria can sound challenging, but one solution is to make healthy soups regularly. A recipe packed with various veggies, whole grain noodles or brown rice, and a lean meat can be a standalone meal, and you can even make a big pot and freeze some for later.


If you don’t enjoy cooking, Food For Net notes there are health-focused meal delivery services that provide discounts and special selections for seniors, many of which are under $10. And for those seniors who are homebound, Meals on Wheels provides free or low-cost meals.


What does the future hold for you? Make your home a safe and secure space, be certain to get away now and then, and enjoy a nutritious, balanced diet every day. With these simple tips, you’ll have the health and vitality to make your golden years shine bright!

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