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"Virtue Terrorism"

This Spring: Tens of Thousands of Teens Rally Against 'Virtue Terrorism'
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Some forty years after rebellious youth started a cultural revolution rejecting rules and boundaries, American teens are once again challenging societal norms. Only this time, the young rebels are in “reverse rebellion.”

“We’re sick and tired of pop culture telling us it’s cool to sleep around, dress like tramps, get high on drugs and alcohol, and behave badly,” said 18-year-old Amanda Hughey from Orange County, Calif., who, along with tens of thousands of other teens, will take part this spring in the BattleCry movement. “Life is not MTV, and if we continue to live like we’re starring in those outrageous music videos, our generation is doomed.”


“It’s ‘virtue terrorism’ and teens have had enough!” said Ron Luce, founder of Teen Mania, one of the world’s largest youth organizations, which is advancing the BattleCry movement and message. “The media and retailers who peddle this garbage for the sake of cash and controversy are doing so at the expense of our kids.”

Teens Respond with BattleCry
An initiative of Teen Mania, BattleCry is a national movement of hundreds of thousands of teenagers who, fueled by their Christian faith, are taking a stand against the pop-culture forces contributing to the unprecedented spread of STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and suicide among the teenage generation.

Integrating high-voltage live stadium events (produced primarily by teens), interactive teen- inspired Web technology, and a powerful coalition of youth and adults, BattleCry is inspiring, empowering, and equipping teens to value godly character over culture. Stadium events feature:



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