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 (Matthew 11:15-30)
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Dr. Charles S. Price
     May 7, 1887 -  March 8, 1947

It is not our faith in God, but the faith of God in us


The hallmark ministry of Dr. Charles S. Price, still used by the Holy Spirit to relate the Gospel of the Kingdom. It is not "faith in God," but the "faith of God" in us. Golden Grain Sermons, books, and more.

Dr. Charles S. Price
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 Dr. Charles S. Price was privileged to minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit in a ministry with "signs following." His hallmark ministry of faith continued until three days before his death. Dr. Price was known for his simple preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom. He was know for his analogies which bring to light the understanding of God's Word with clarity, as revealed by the Spirit. Thousands have been transformed and many healed by the Blood of Jesus through the faithfulness of Dr. Price. 

Concerning Dr. Price, Rev. Gordon Lindsay wrote: "The ministry of Dr. Charles S. Price is unique in the history of revivals and must be ranked with that of Wesley, Finney, and Moody in its impact upon the church. I personally have a special interest in his work as I was a pastor of a church for three years that came out of his revival. The Story of how [Dr. Price] was led from modernism into a born-again experience with God is a thrilling one. Under the influence of certain teachers, he was led away from the simplicity of the Gospel until, as he said, 'I very soon got to the point where I could explain every religious emotion from the standpoint of psychology.' But these theories all vanished when he came to his glorious experience with God and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit." 

Unfortunately, EarsToHear.net does not have any of these items to sell. Note though, that Dr. Price’s ministry, through his books and Golden Grain Magazine, were a great influence on why EarsToHear.net exists and instrumental in writing Lessons of the Holy Spirit, A Guide for Entering the Kingdom of God and Discover Why it Pleased God to Hide His Kingdom from the Wise - Click here for Press Release and lesson content. Available on Kindle as well. 

For books by Dr. Charles S. Price, Amazon links have been provided for books by Dr. Price here. You can also search for "Charles S. Price" at https://www.amazon.com/ or https://www.abebooks.com/.  Be diligent, as you will find the same books with different pricing,  based on condition. Most of Dr. Price's books are out of print, and you will find some quite costly.  Also be aware that all search results are not the same Dr. Price. Do not limit your search to this one site. You may want to see what the latest Google search results have.


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