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o Has Biden checked the polls recently? The things Biden is attacking Trump for are the things the American people want.

o  No One Is Coming to Save You ...Scott Mann talks about the division and tribal behavior that permeate our country now, as well as the death of honor, shame, and consequence.

o Just 46% of new immigrants are working, census data show (Washington Times)

o Milwaukee is being uncooperative as it prepares to host the RNC. ...When GOP officials expressed their concerns, one Milwaukee police captain said some people were concerned that the RNC delegates would “terrorize Milwaukee’s citizens” and “harass minorities.” The RNC has even asked the Secret Service to extend the perimeter, but they refused. GOP leaders asked to meet with Kimberly Cheatle, the director of the Secret Service, but she refused to meet with them. ...[T]he Biden administration still refuses to provide Secret Service protection to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as it refuses GOP requests for more security at the RNC convention. Just more examples of the weaponization of federal law enforcement.