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    : Click here for Social Security. Click here for Medicare/Medicaid.


    Seven Social Security Myths - By Charles Blahous - Among public policy issues, Social Security is especially beset by myths and urban legends. These myths inhibit the enactment of legislation necessary to close its substantial financing shortfall. Press, public and policy makers alike would do well to disabuse themselves of the following widely circulated canards.
    (See article for discussionon each bullet.)
    ...Myth #1: Social Security is not an entitlement.
    ...Myth #2: Social Security wouldn’t be in financial trouble if politicians hadn’t stolen and spent its money.
    ...Myth #3: Participants have paid for their benefits.
    ...Myth #4: Social Security is solvent until the 2030s, so there is still plenty of time to fix it.
    ...Myth #5: Because Social Security is self-financing, it doesn’t add to the federal budget deficit.
    ...Myth #6: Taxing rich people more by raising the cap on taxable wages will fix the problem.
    ...Myth #7: Social Security privatization is a live option. 

    Americans Face a 'Retirement Security Crisis' (NewsMax.com Aug. 10, 2014) More than half of new retirees will not be able to maintain their standard of living in their retirement years, according to a troubling new report. The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College estimates that before the Great Recession, 43 percent of households would not be able to maintain their standards of living. That figure has now risen to 53 percent. It stood at just 30 percent as recently as 1989.
       The center also estimates that the nation faces a "retirement income deficit" of $6.6 trillion — the gap between what Americans have available through Social Security, employer pensions, 401(k)s, home equity, and other forms of saving, and what will be needed to maintain standards of living in retirement.
    Social Security Works, a coalition of more than 300 state and national organizations, warns that America "is facing a formidable retirement security crisis," and the retirement income deficit can be traced to four major factors. First, less than half — 48.8 percent — of all private sector employees worked for an employer sponsoring a retirement plan, leaving 55.5 million workers without the opportunity of enrolling in one.
       Even among the minority of households that had a 401(k) plan in 2010, the median balance in households headed by a person aged 55 to 64 was just $120,000 — enough to buy an inflation-indexed lifetime annuity of less than $600 a month. Second, with wages stagnating in recent years, many workers have been unable to save for retirement. From 1979 until the beginning of the recession in 2007, the top 1 percent of earners received nearly two-fifths of all gains in household income, while men in the bottom 60 percent saw their real wages decline. Today, about half of all workers have personal savings of less than $10,000, according to Social Security Works. Third, home equity is no longer a reliable source of savings for retirement, due to a reduction in home ownership to the lowest levels since 1965 and the drop in home values.
       Finally, Social Security benefits will have declined 25 percent by 2030 as the full retirement age rises and Medicare premiums continue to increase.
    Americans without substantial resources are already struggling to get by on Social Security alone. The average monthly payout this year is $1,294, and $2,111 for couples. Social Security collected $752 billion in non-interest income last year, while spending $822.9 billion, according to the American Action Forum. Since 2010, the program has run a cumulative deficit of nearly $220 billion. Social Security Works concludes that the retirement income crisis "can be addressed most effectively by expanding Social Security and addressing its projected shortfall, not by cutting benefits, which would only compound the crisis. 

    Economist: Social Security in Worse Shape than Detroit’s Pension Funds - By Barbara Hollingsworth - (CNSNews.com July 2014) – “Social Security is insolvent,” Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff told the House Subcommittee on Social Security at a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday. “And it’s not bankrupt in 30 years, or 20 years, or 10 years. It’s bankrupt today.” “This is not my opinion. This is the only conclusion one can draw from Table IVB6 of the 2013 Social Security Trustee’s Report."
       "This table reports that Social Security has a $23 trillion fiscal gap measured over the infinite horizon,” noted Kotlikoff, who also served as a senior economist on President Ronald Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers. (See kotlikoff_testimony_7-28-2014.pdf) “Twenty-three trillion dollars is 32 percent of the present value, also measured over the infinite horizon, of Social Security’s future revenues.
       Hence, Social Security is 32 percent underfinanced, which means it is in significantly worse financial shape than Detroit’s two pension funds taken together.” Social Security’s debt also “swamps the $13 trillion of official debt in the hands of the public,” Kotlikoff testified. And “the system’s off-the-books debt is growing at leaps and bounds – by $1.6 trillion between 2012 and 2013 – thanks to the approaching retirement of vast numbers of baby boomers.”
       ...The economist also accused the system’s trustees of a “disinformation” campaign to keep Americans from finding out that “Social Security is in dire financial shape.” “To their great credit, Social Security’s actuaries have been reporting the system’s infinite horizon fiscal gap every year since 2002. And to their great shame, Social Security’s Trustees have been ignoring this comprehensive measure of the system’s insolvency every year since 2002.” “Unfortunately, those who proclaim the strongest desire to preserve and protect Social Security, particularly its Trustees, are doing their level best to destroy the system by ignoring or substantially understating its financial problems,” he said. Although he praised Social Security for being a “lifeline for generations of Americans who would otherwise have spent their retirements in abject poverty,” Kotlikoff testified that “nothing short of a fundamental reform of the system” will save it.

    Give low income Americans exit option from Social Security - By Star Parker - In 20 years there will be no funds to pay one third of the benefits of retirees. America is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. But as we become bogged down in our many problems, I see, unfortunately, a mentality in which we are becoming increasingly a nation of the unfree – the victim – and the timid, in how we’re approaching these challenges.
       ...But why, in the land of the free, should government tell us when we can retire? And if the wealthier pay taxes but don’t collect benefits, Social Security becomes just another big national welfare program. I have been a long time supporter of changing the whole system, turning Social Security into a retirement savings program. Instead of paying a tax and getting a government benefit in the future, just let everyone invest those funds in their own personal retirement account.
       My organization, CURE, is now floating an idea that would help transition into this type of reform. We’re calling it the 30/30 plan. Give every working American 30 years old or younger, earning $30,000/year or less, the option to stop paying payroll taxes and use all those funds to invest in a personal retirement account. Not only would this begin to unwind a hopelessly broken Social Security system, but also it would start building an ownership society in the parts of our country where the welfare state has done and is doing the most damage – among low income Americans.
       The stock market is surging today, but little benefit accrues to low-income earners. According to a Pew Research survey, 80 percent of households earning $75,000/year or more own stocks, but in households earning $30,000 or less, only 15 percent do. Average savings in retirement accounts in white households is $115,990. In black households, it is $17,620. The 30/30 plan starts to solve our Social Security crisis and also starts building ownership and wealth in low-income households. This is a time to return to the first principles of our free society, to re-embrace those principles, and move forward with courage and faith. The 30/30 plan is an approach worthy of the land of the free and the home of the brave.  
       (See also: Saving for Retirement — Without the Government - By Amy Payne and DOW at 17,000 – But You're Not Invited - By Larry Elder to see how Chile recently celebrated its 33rd year of private retirement accounts.) 

    Social Security Insolvent, Voters Say 'Do Nothing' (PatriotPost.us) The main driver of the ballooning federal debtis wealth transfer payments. Indeed, more than two-thirds of the federal budget is money that goes from one taxpayer’s pocket into someone else’s. Some of this is naked wealth redistribution, like food stamps and other welfare. But much of it is what some call “earned” payments, like Social Security and Medicare – money that has been taken from workers' paychecks for decades with the promise of a retirement return. The solvency of these programs, however, is in jeopardy.
       Social Security already runs an annual deficit – about $200 billion this year – which will only grow worse as fewer workers support more retirees. From the start, politicians have raided the Social Security “trust fund” and spent the money on other general fund projects, leaving the program as a wealth transfer one instead of an investment as it’s billed. Economist Walter Williams explains, “What the Treasury Department does is give the Social Security Trust Fund non-marketable ‘special issue government securities’ that are simply bookkeeping entries that are IOUs.”
       Now that benefits paid exceed taxes collected, the problem has become acute. According to the Social Security board of trustees, in 1945, there were 42 workers for every retiree; the current ratio of three workers to every retiree is unsustainable. Strictly speaking, Social Security is not a Ponzi scheme, in part because it’s not against the law. Indeed, it is the law. (Try not paying payroll taxes – a.k.a., “investing” in the system.) But it is structured exactly like a Ponzi scheme, and it will eventually fail for the same reasons.
       Of the gap between Social Security taxes collected and benefits paid out, The Wall Street Journal’s William Galston writes, “To close that gap while maintaining scheduled benefits, we would need to enact an immediate increase in the payroll tax rate from 12.4% to 15.9%. For workers earning $50,000 a year, that would mean a tax increase of $900, nearly 2% of gross income. And employers would have to match it. For workers making the maximum now subject to payroll taxes (a bit under $120,000), taxes would rise by $2,100.”
       If the income cap were lifted, workers at higher incomes would face an even more staggering tax increase. And yet as it stands, the payroll tax is regressive in that it hits lower income families disproportionately. If the income cap were doubled, it still wouldn’t fix the problem. Galston notes, “One might imagine that such a sizable increase in covered earnings would be enough to stabilize the system for the long term. In fact, the CBO calculates, it would reduce the imbalance by only 30%. Indeed, eliminating the cap and taxing all earnings would solve just 45% of the problem.”
       Meanwhile, the expected return on the 12.4% in Social Security withholding from our income is practically criminal. Consider the potential return of investing 12.4% of a typical middle class income in indexed mutual funds, where decent investments would yield perhaps multiple millions of dollars over 30 years. Over a retirement span of 20 years or so, annual withdrawals could be six figures while still leaving a good chunk of change making money. Compared to that, Social Security looks like the poorest investment ever concocted. In fact, from that perspective, Social Security is stealing our money by mandating that it do something for us in a worse way than we can ourselves. Or put it another way. Financial advisers often recommend putting 10% to 15% of your income toward “retirement” (whatever that means to you). The potential return on that 15% over 30 years is fantastic. Unfortunately, Social Security is already taking over 12%, while giving us miserable returns. So for savers, Social Security is costing us significant returns that we could have realized but won’t. What a “safety net.”
       In spite of the facts, Social Security has always been one of the most popular programs the federal government runs, and the overwhelming choice of voters is to do nothing to fix it – let alone returning to the constitutional norm of the federal government staying out of your retirement. So we understand politicians desperate for votes not wanting to touch this beloved system. But Social Security is built on a half-truth at best, and it’s unsustainable.

    Chart of the Week: How Social Security Is Contributing to the Spending Crisis ---  Spending on the three entitlement programs could consume one-half of the economy by 2056.

    Dirty little secrets by Herman Cain (3/15/2005) There are three dirty little secrets congressional Democrats don't want you to know about Social Security.

    WILLisms describing our current Social Security system: The government confiscates your money, keeps it for decades, gives you back a terrible return on your money, then taxes you for the privilege.

    More Social Security deceit by Walter E. Williams (3/9/2005) A fortnight ago, I explained some of the congressional deceit that has become part and parcel of Social Security. ...There's more to the deceit and dishonesty about Social Security. Congress tells us that one half (6.2 percent) of the Social Security tax is paid by employees and the other half paid by employers. The truth of the matter is that all of it (12.4 percent) is paid by employees. You say, "What! It says on my pay stub that I pay 6.2 percent." Let's look at it.

    Just Facts Publishes Fact-Based Analysis of the Social Security Program - Just Facts has published a compendium of objective and thoroughly documented facts surrounding the Social Security program. This original research includes scores of facts concerning one of the largest government programs in the world. Just Facts, a non-profit research and educational institute, has completed an extensive analysis of the Social Security program. With over 250 easily accessible footnotes containing direct quotations from the Social Security Trustees Report, federal statutes, vote records, transcripts, federal agency reports and other primary sources, this research places a storehouse of thoroughly documented information at readers' fingertips. Holding to strict standards of credibility, Just Facts has taken an exhaustive look at this topic and published the results at " Social Security Facts."

    FYI - Congressional Pension Plan - Compare to Social Security, and consider asking your Congressmen to terminate their pension plan and go under Social Security and Medicare instead. Fewer than 4 out of 10 Americans have a pension, with an average fixed pension of $7,500 a year.



    Services: Government & Private Resources

    Elder Care & Abuse Resources

    Alternatives to Liberal/"Progressive" AARP (links below)

    AARP accepts Federal funds, does not oppose raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, does not support a Balanced Budget Amendment, supports tax increases, lobbies for a bigger federal government, etc. (A few articles before the alternative list.)

    John Carlisle, Director of Policy at National Legal and Policy Center, had this to say about AARP:

    "It's outrageous that taxpayers are being used to advance [AARP's] liberal agenda to expand government and thwart Social Security reform. Ending federal subsidies to AARP would put an end to the unjust practice of publicly funding a highly partisan and controversial interest group."

    Meanwhile, author and political commentator, Jane Chastain, had this to report:

    In the past, the AARP has lobbied for:

    • Higher taxes on gasoline
    • A new consumption tax
    • The abolition of corporate deductions for advertising
    • Higher income tax rates
    • The creation of a fourth income tax bracket

    Chastain continues,

    "Even more troubling, AARP members recently discovered that the organization is lining up with the Obama administration and the Democrats to try to put our health care completely under the thumb of the federal government, and the AARP stands to benefit."

    Backing this up, in September, 2012, the Wall Street Journal published a column written by Kimberley A. Strassel, entitled, "The Love Song of AARP and Obama." In the column, Strassel reported:

    "Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-10 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP's awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the "nonpartisan membership organization" chose to serve the president's agenda.

    The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president's talking points, working to keep its board "in line," and pledging fealty to "the cause." Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election."

    Is that the organization you want representing you? If the answer is no, then join AMAC instead. We need to unite to neutralize the effects of liberal power brokers like AARP.

    AARP: Did You Know? The managing editor of AARP The Magazine, John Stoltenberg, lives an openly homosexual lifestyle. The AARP website contains articles like, "No Straight Answers," indicating their belief that "straight" laws are not beneficial for same-sex couples and that public policies should be radically changed to accommodate the so-called "gay community." In addition, AARP's website provides links to five homosexual organizations and listed Gay and Lesbian Pride Day in the annual calendar of events, right in between National Senior Citizens fitness Day and Independence Day.


    o Quit the AARP by Rich Lowry (2/28/2005) The debate over President Bush's proposed Social Security reform is spawning new pro- and anti-groups nearly every day. The latest is Conservative Republican Seniors Against Bush.

    o AARP: One More Big Brother? By Patty Ellis - AARP has consistently managed to package itself as a critically needed, beneficent organization "just trying to help the old folks get by." They persistently claim to have no political agenda even in the face of obvious financial and editorial support for Obama in both presidential elections. They have come under fire time after time from conservative groups incensed by AARP's left-leaning rhetoric and agenda. Still, AARP feigns innocence. This from a Wall Street Journal article updated September, 2012... "Thanks to just-released emails, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-10 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing.
       We know that despite AARP's awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the "nonpartisan membership organization" chose to serve the president's agenda". Now that ObamaCare is having an enormously detrimental effect on the health care seniors can expect, it is most assuredly time for us to give credit where credit is due. The role our devoted AARP has played in this national fiasco is without question. From that same article... "What motivated AARP, given its membership of 37 million people 50 years old and older was clearly opposed to ObamaCare? The answer appears to be: pure ideology." Ideology, indeed. In breathless anticipation of an unrealistic nirvana some wacky professor opened their childish eyes to many moons ago, these radicals sworn to "fundamentally change America" are salivating as their socialist daydreams come true. And we hard-working, taxpaying schmucks, who, by the way, embody most of AARP's membership, get to finance their silly pipe dreams.  

    o Why AARP Loves Obamacare By Philip Hodges - AARP isn’t really an insurance company in the way we normally think of an insurance company. The way it makes its money is by licensing its name out to private insurance companies who sell “Medigap” policies and keeping 4.95% of the premiums paid to these insurance companies. AARP calls this 4.95% “royalties.” This comprises over half of its income, while only 20% of its income is from membership dues. Medigap policies are policies that supplement Medicare by covering Medicare’s deductibles and coinsurance. They also cover catastrophic care.


    Avik Roy is a health care policy advisor to the Romney campaign and also a contributing writer to Forbes. He points out that there were Medigap reform plans that were proposed that would have saved policy holders hundreds of dollars in premiums. But AARP blocked these reforms because AARP would have lost $1.8 billion if they had been enacted. So, in keeping these reforms out of Obamacare, AARP was able to hold on to that $1.8 billion at their senior members’ expense.


    Roy also pointed out that AARP supported Obamacare’s proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage plans because in so doing, it would force seniors out of those plans, into traditional Medicare and therefore in the market for Medigap policies. And AARP makes a majority of their income from these Medigap policies. In fact, AARP would stand to gain about $1 billion in additional revenue because of Obamacare’s cuts. That’s a total of about $2.8 billion that AARP gained by lobbying for and supporting Obamacare. Roy explained that it got even worse because AARP is exempt from Obamacare’s insurance mandates:


    o Why I Refuse To Join the AARP by David L. Goetsch - The answer is simple: Because what was once known as the American Association of Retired Persons no longer has anything to do with helping retired people. Rather, it is about using its access to the elderly to make money—a lot of money—and using that money to pay its executives exorbitant salaries while lobbing for leftwing political causes such as Obamacare. ...The AARP’s most effective political strategy is using scare tactics to convince seniors that Congress is trying to take away their Medicare benefits, even though the organization’s executives know better. What is widely known in the halls of Congress as well as the halls of the AARP’s corporate headquarters is that even the most aggressive Medicare reform recommendations apply to no one over the age of 55.


    Ironically, AARP executives understand as well as anyone that Medicare reform must be part of the equation for solving America’s budget woes. In spite of this knowledge, AARP executives—in league with liberal politicians who operate with the same disregard for the future—stubbornly cling to their selfish goal of getting mine now. Obamacare would not have passed without the strong support of seniors who were egged on by the purposefully deceitful scare tactics of the AARP. Telling seniors that they must support Obamacare or see their Medicare benefits reduced, the AARP was able to generate a tidal wave of grassroots support from seniors nationwide.


    The truth, known to AARP executives who deceitfully stirred up fear among the elderly in America, is that Obamacare not only fails to protect Medicare benefits, its cuts them by $500 million dollars annually to help finance other aspects of President Obama’s signature legislative “victory.” If seniors heard the truth rather than the propaganda spread by the AARP, would they really support leftwing policies that will leave the country their grandchildren will inherit bankrupt? Although I hope this would not be the case, I cannot answer for other seniors. I can, however, answer for this senior and my answer is a resounding “NO!” 

    o Dark secrets of AARP finally exposed to light Executives, employees backed Obama, Dems by 14-to-1 ratio - But while many seniors believe AARP offers worthwhile discounts on health and car insurance, vacations and advice on financial planning, the group has a history of left-leaning political stances and activism. Why the AARP health 'reform' endorsement? AARP collects royalties on "Medigap insurance," a privately purchased insurance coverage that helps pay some of the health-care costs that Medicare doesn't cover. However, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Medicare website, seniors have the option of joining Medicare Advantage plans, allowing them to use Medicare funds to purchase private insurance plans that offer extra benefits and lower copayments than the Original Medicare Plan. An estimated 10.2 million seniors have enrolled in Medicare Advantage. When seniors enroll in Medicare Advantage plans, they often drop Medigap policies. Therefore, the switch may slash Medigap revenues and simultaneously impact AARP royalties from Medigap insurance.

    ...AARP's federal funding - AARP is a private, nonprofit group, but the AARP 2008 annual report shows that of the $1.1 billion in revenue AARP received last year $90 million came from a variety of grants, including a substantial amount of federal aid. Its two largest grant programs offer tax counseling for the elderly and job training for low-income seniors. ...In a March 2001 letter to the Department of Health and Human Services on federal aid, the AARP Foundation reported receiving money from the Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice, according to NLPC.

    ...Former President George W. Bush attempted to reform Social Security through the use of private retirement accounts in 2005. His plan sought to permit workers to redirect 4 percent of their Social Security payroll taxes into private accounts that would invest in mutual funds and other securities. But AARP reacted to Bush's proposal by slamming its members with mass mailings and spending $5 million on full-page advertisements in 50 newspapers and an additional $5 million on print ads opposing Bush's plan.

    ...According to NLPC, AARP combated tax cuts during the Reagan and Bush administrations. It also fought the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1991 and helped the Clinton administration defeat a balanced budget amendment in 1995. ...A search of campaign contributions by AARP executives and employees reveals they overwhelmingly gave to Obama's campaign and Democrats during the 2008 election cycle by a ratio of 14 workers to one.

    ...In its March/April 2003 magazine, AARP honored billionaire George Soros as one of its 50 "top innovators" in a "Fearless 50" article. Robert Knight of Concerned Women for America reported that while the list featured a few conservatives, it was "top heavy with liberal luminaries." House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, blasted AARP in an interview with the Hill just days ago. "AARP is one of the most liberal organizations in Washington, D.C.," Boehner said. "Obviously, most seniors aren't aware of that."

    ...AARP declared in its 2007 policy book, "Congress should eliminate gaps in and strengthen enforcement of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and other federal gun laws."

    ...AARP also supports entitlements for "migrant workers." In the same Dec. 10, 2004, press release, AARP stated: "Migrant workers are among the most poorly paid and ill-housed workers in the nation. They often do not qualify for Social Security or income assistance programs. AARP supports efforts to meet the needs, particularly of older and disabled workers, including making them aware of low income assistance programs for which they may be eligible." ...In 2004, AARP partnered with the National Council of La Raza a group that has promoted driver's licenses for illegal aliens, amnesty programs and no immigration law enforcement by state and local police to "educate elderly Hispanics and their families" on the Medicare prescription drug program.

    ...Pro-homosexual agenda - Focus on the Family's Steve Kipp published a 2-page analysis on AARP and what he considers a pro-homosexual agenda. He notes that by 2004, AARP was openly referring to multiple homosexual activist organizations, referencing a "web exclusive" AARP article written by Randy Hecht, titled "No straight answers." Kipp wrote that Hecht's article promoted gay sensitivity training sessions that essentially served as "re-education" sessions. A sidebar titled "Sites to see: Organizations and resources for older gays, lesbians" offered the five referred links on AARP's website:...

    ...Shredding the AARP membership card According to news reports, at least 60,000 AARP members canceled their memberships from July to August of this year amid anger over the group's position on health care. AARP said the members represented a small percentage of its total membership and that during the same time period, 400,000 people joined AARP and 1.5 million renewed their memberships. Some members destroyed their AARP cards and switched to the American Seniors Association, the New York Times reported. The alternative organization is offering former AARP members a year of free membership if they send in their torn AARP cards. AARP has recently announced its endorsement of the Affordable Health Care for America Act, or H.R. 3962, and the accompanying Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act, H.R. 3961.

    • National Association of Conservative Seniors (NAOCS) is the conservative alternative for seniors. Membership is free and we have many exclusive benefits and services for our members. As a group we can hold politicians and elected officials accountable. Seniors Exercise Political Influence, Earn Membership Benefits. (See Christian Newswire coverage below.)
    • The Alliance for Retirement Prosperity Association is an association of advocacy groups ("Allies" or "Alliance Partners") and their members working to ensure a prosperous, enriched and secure retirement for today's seniors and the seniors of tomorrow while working in the political arena to promote conservative American values, principles and public policies that affect the quality of our members' lives. Read more: http://wethealliance.com/alliance/mission#ixzz1B7RntoDf
    • Christian Seniors Association - CSA is 100%committed to defending the traditional marriage-based family. AARP's official magazine, Modern Maturity, has promoted same-sex gay couples raising children. Unlike AARP, CSA opposes ACLU and organizations which support groups which want to eliminate Christianity from public life and instead promote immorality.
    • The Seniors Coalition is a non-profit, 501c(4), non-partisan, education and issue advocacy organization that represents the interests and concerns of America's senior citizens at both the state and federal levels. 
    • TREA Senior Citizens League (TSCL) Our mission is to promote and assist members and supporters, to educate and alert senior citizens about their rights and freedoms as U.S. Citizens, and to protect and defend the benefits senior citizens have earned and paid for.
    • Sixty Plus Association A non-partisan seniors advocacy group with a free enterprise, less government, less taxes approach to seniors issues. 60 Plus has set ending the "death" tax and Saving Social Security for the young as its top priorities. 60 Plus has been described as an "anti-tax advocacy group" and an "increasingly influential lobbying group for the elderly...often viewed as the conservative alternative to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)."
    • American Seniors Association - We are driven by a uniquely American philosophy that starts with the understanding that government doesn't tax and regulate "things." It taxes and regulates people and individuals like you and me. That' why we treat every member as an individual, with a different story and different priorities, freely united as individuals to provide each other with better values in the services we want and need. At American Seniors Association, we don't just take the government's side like some other associations. We are not some big liberal bureaucracy here to try to scare you into going along with Big Government all the time or telling you what to think.
    • American Retired People with Conservative Values ARPCV is an organization created to promote and foster Conservative Values, Free Enterprise and Individual Initiative. We find the core Values, which have defined our country, being compromised and being replaced by "politically correct," incorrect rhetoric. We believe in Equal Rights, Justice and Opportunity for Everyone, regardless of age, sex or race. We believe in the Constitution, including the Right of every American to Bear Arms. We feel that Americans have lost the ability to control the officials they have designated as their spokespersons in Washington and the State Capitols. ARPCV will work toward making our Representatives responsive to their constituency. We believe that American Values are best served by a strong Constitution and a Government that is responsive to its Citizens. We are joining together, in strength, to make a difference through our Commitment to America's Core Values.
    • The Association of Mature American Citizens Looking for an alternative to AARP?  You've come to the right place. The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is a conservative, nonpartisan organization looking out for the interests of Americans 50 years of age and older.  We believe in the traditional values of Faith, Family and Freedom that have made the United States of America the greatest of nations.  We believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not empty words, but the fulfillment of the American dream. AMAC will endeavor to be your advocate to promote commonsense government and to let you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket, not the government's.

      AMAC takes the following positions:


      • Taxes - AMAC strongly feels that American citizens are excessively taxed. There should be a reduction in income tax rates for all wage earners. Likewise, corporations are over taxed. When a corporation is taxed they simply increase the cost of their product or service and the people wind up paying for the tax when the price is increased.

      • Growth in Government - AMAC favors a reduction in the number of Federal departments and employees. Our government has grown at the Federal, State and local levels. In Washington we now have twice as many Departments as we had 100 years ago. As government grows and each year more laws are passed, the individual citizen slowly has their rights taken away.

      • Balanced Budget & the National Debt - The annual budget has gone out of control. The President and the congress have lost sight of their responsibilities. If we do not manage our fiscal and financial condition our nation is put in serious jeopardy. By continuing to borrow we are putting a huge burden on our children and grandchildren.

      • Medical Care - AMAC believes it is a serious mistake to have the Federal government interfere and dictate how medical care is provided in this country. The present system of State regulations and free enterprise has proven satisfactory for over 85% of our citizens. A simple change in state regulations can solve most of the problems with people being covered. Medicare should continue as-is with minor improvements, and more competition should be encouraged.

      • Abortion - Our position is that we are pro-life. We are against abortion in principle and feel it is improper to allow government funding of abortions, except to save the life of the mother.

      • Gay Marriage - We are against gay marriage. We feel it contributes to the destruction of the traditional family and offends the religious beliefs of many Americans. AMAC has not taken a position on civil unions or other legal issues affecting gays and lesbians.

      • Second Amendment- the right to bear arms - Amac believes that the Constitution clearly gives the right to carry arms to the citizen. Attempts to infringe upon that right should be defeated.

    National Association of Conservative Seniors Offers Americans Alternative to AARP  /Christian Newswire/ -- The National Association of Conservative Seniors (NAOCS) now offers American senior adults a conservative alternative to AARP for collective political influence, insurance and healthcare discounts, and travel benefits. Seniors gain membership benefits while working together to protect conservative American values. "These are the best years of American seniors' lives," said John White, NAOCS founder and president. "Our goal is to provide them with services that will enhance these years, making it easier for them to focus on the things that matter most to them: family, friends, faith and country."

    National Association of Conservative Seniors was founded to provide exclusive services and benefits to people age 60 and over, ranging from travel to quality-of-life opportunities, while enabling them to participate in protecting conservative values in the U.S. NAOCS advocates for members, and in turn, members are enabled to hold politicians and elected officials accountable. NAOCS members have access to numerous online resources, including top news stories that affect American seniors, links of assistance to families of fallen veterans and online voter registration. Benefits include financial planning services, health and wellness offers, Medicare insurance plans and competitive pricing on auto insurance and roadside assistance.

    In addition, travel bonuses and retail coupons provide day-to-day savings on items from food to entertainment for seniors in their prime years. NAOCS offers two levels of membership: Silver and Gold Patriot. Silver membership gives immediate access to NAOCS's exclusive benefits. Gold Patriot members receive all the features of Silver membership, with the added bonus of "Click to Call." "Click to Call" gives members direct connection to government officials, including the White House, cabinet members, Supreme Court, senators, representatives and governor. This unique interfacing of phone and Internet places these calls with the simple, one-step click of a mouse. Members are further empowered to influence their elected officials. Silver membership is offered free for the first year. The added benefits of Gold Patriot membership are $5 per month.

    Online registration for both is available at www.naocs.us. "We believe in America now, and we believe in America's future," said White. "Together we can assure that the values our nation is built upon will continue for our children, grandchildren and generations to come." To join National Association of Conservative Seniors, call 1-800-570-7769. For more information, visit www.naocs.us.

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