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 (Matthew 11:15-30)
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Massachusetts Conservative Resources
Resources for a conservative in a "Blue State"
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Massachusetts Conservative Related Links

VoteCoreValues™ - Massachusetts Site 2010 "Because they lie™"

Campaign for a New Direction on Beacon Hill The Legislature has stopped listening to people. It has stopped respecting people who work hard and play by the rules. It has paid too much attention to special interests without ever focusing on our interests as citizens. This can't go on. We need to go in a new direction. Put simply, we need to take back Beacon Hill.

MassResistance.org (Formerly Article8.org and Parents Rights Coalition) Had enough? You can make a difference. Get involved! We're the pro-family action center for Massachusetts -- and beyond!

MassResistance Blog The citizens of Massachusetts have had enough! End judicial tyranny, same-sex "marriage", and homosexual activist recruitment of our children in the public schools!

Fight Back (MassResistance.org Action)

Vote Your Choice Very few parents want their 11-, 12-, or 13-year-old child to have sex. So why is it that many middle school students are not given a strong message to postpone sex and taught the skills needed to make that choice?

The Coalition for Marriage and Family A group of organizations and individuals dedicated to many issues impacting families, uniting together to raise awareness of those issues and advocate for positive change. In particular, we are committed to ensuring that the people of Massachusetts have the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage.

Massachusetts Family Institute Recognizing that healthy families are indispensable to the preservation of a strong and free society, the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is dedicated to strengthening the family and affirming the Judeo-Christian values upon which it is based.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life

VoteOnMarriage.org - Massachusetts law requires the collection of 65,825 certified signatures to place a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment before the constitutional convention. This signature drive is to take place during a 60-day period from September 21 to November 23, as mandated by the state constitution. To ensure that the necessary number of certified signatures is collected, VoteOnMarriage.org plans to collect 120,000 raw signatures. This effort will require significant grassroots participation and we look to you, the people of Massachusetts, to support us in this effort.

MAConstitutionReform Web site Our goal is to make available to the general public the information they need to make educated and well informed decisions on upcoming issues. We plan on making available a copy of the Massachusetts constitution and breaking it down into easy to read language so the general public can once again become involved in participating in the government process

The North Central MA Faith-in-Action Team is an educational, grassroots group dedicated to preserving traditional values based on Judeo-Christian principles.

FIAT of Pioneer Valley Mission: To work with local congregations, faith-based, and citizen action groups to inform and educate the citizens of the Commonwealth on the critical moral, social and political issues of our time so we can support and elect representatives at all levels of government who espouse Biblical values and who will craft legislation based on Judeo-Christian principles. Emphasis is on holding accountable the institutions of representative government -- in particular our elected representatives -- that are failing to exercise their constitutionally-mandated responsibilities and oversight in dealing with the substantive moral issues that powerfully impact and determine the course and direction of society and life in the United States.

The Promise Post - Westminster, MA - Monthly Christian newspaper for and about Bible-believing churches here in north Worcester County, modeled after those in the Christian Newspaper Assn.

MassNews.com A Conservative Voice

Massachusetts Catholic Conference

Citizens for Limited Taxation is the largest taxpayers association in Massachusetts. CLT was founded in 1974 to defend state taxpayers against a proposed state graduated income tax, which it defeated on the 1976 statewide ballot and again on the 1994 ballot. CLT also limited property taxes with Proposition 2½ in 1980 and created a state tax cap in 1986. CLT is staffed by Barbara Anderson (executive director), Chip Ford (director of operations), associate director Chip Faulkner. Please consider joining CLT by downloading and submitting this form.

Massachusetts Government Related Links

The Capitol View Live

MassOpenBooks, your online tool to find out how Massachusetts State government is spending your tax dollars! MassOpenBooks puts the tools in your hands to find out what state employees’ make, who is getting what kind of pension and payments made by government agencies to businesses and people. With this site, you can obtain data about specific people or departments, make comparisons between departments and access a range of analytical tools.   MassOpenBooks gives you easy access to public, objective information—you dig as far as you want to go. And you draw your own conclusions.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Home Page
Secretary of the Commonwealth information page
Politics1 (Massachusetts Candidate/Elected Representative Information)
Massachusetts State Senators, Representatives and Bills
Massachusetts Secretary of State, Elections Division
Massachusetts Democratic Party
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Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

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