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Tim Gill
(Wealthy Gay LGBT Activist = "Reprobate Mind" of Romans 1)

"The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made." Groucho Marx

LGBT Mega-Donor Reveals Next Goal: 'Punish the Wicked' Gay Marriage Opponents - By Samuel Smith ...A prominent LGBT activist who has donated more than anyone else to LGBT causes has said that "wicked" people who advocate for laws protecting the religious freedom of conservative Christians to act in accordance with their views on marriage and sexuality need to be "punished." ..The Rolling Stone recently published a lengthy profile piece examining the contributions of Tim Gill, a software entrepreneur who has quietly been at the forefront of the push for same-sex marriage and LGBT rights in the United States over the past several decades. ...The article explained how Gill, who is gay, has spent over $422 million to advance the LGBT cause and explained the impact that his associated organizations such as the Gill Foundation, Gill Action, and OutGiving have made on LGBT advocacy in America. ..."Gill's fingerprints are on nearly every major victory in the march to marriage, from the 2003 Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health case, which made Massachusetts the first state to allow same-sex marriage, to the Supreme Court's Obergefell v. Hodges decision two decades later that legalized it in all 50," Andy Kroll explained for Rolling Stone. "'Without a doubt,' says Mary Bonauto, the attorney who argued the Obergefell case, 'we would not be where we are without Tim Gill and the Gill Foundation  

Millionaire Gay Activist Declares War on Christians With 3 Awful Words - By Allen B. West - If anyone wants to tell me there is no war against Christians in America, I can put on a face on it. I find it unconscionable that the radical progressive socialist gay agenda deems Christians more of an enemy than Islamic jihadists. As reported by GOPUSA.com,  The megadonor bankrolling the LGBT movement and its allies in the Democratic Party says he will continue to "punish the wicked" who hold traditional views about sexual morality. Despite the legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states, tech millionaire Tim Gill said he is not satisfied with the movement's progress. He plans to use his immense wealth, corporate influence and political network to target red states with laws protecting religious people who disagree with the LGBT movement's worldview.
Just think about this: we hear the liberal progressive media decry all the right-wing money involved in influencing politics. Why is it that we don't hear the left talk about the billions from men such as George Soros, Tom Steyer, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg and Tim Gill? You want to know who the folks are behind every single radical progressive socialist movement in America, I just gave you six names. And you can clearly see in Mr. Gill's assertion that he intends to "punish the wicked." ...So, here we are America, being a Christian is now "wicked." ...

Tim Gill is is a multi-millionaire hardcore homosexual activist in Colorado who funds pro-homosexual candidates in legislative races in order to push pro-gay and sexual-radical causes across America. These are direct donations from Gill; according to reports he also funnels money to candidates through others.  If you don't know about Tim Gill, you need to find out.  Read articles:  HERE and HERE and HERE.


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 o Millionaire ‘Gay’ Tim Gill Gets Behind Hillary Clinton Run - By fyork - Tim Gill, the co-founder of Quark, the software company has just become one of the first donors to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. At this point, he has contributed the legal limit of $25,000. Gill is a rabid homosexual activist who has used his millions to help elect “gay” candidates around the country – and to fight for the legalization of so-called “same sex marriage.” Before the 2008 presidential election, Gill decided to back Obama and other leftist, pro-homosexual candidates who could be placed in positions of power to promote homosexuality.
   An article posted in The Atlantic in 2007 revealed Gill’s stealth strategy of funding political candidates to promote his vision of a nation that embraces sodomy as a positive virtue. Of course, Gill isn’t the only homosexual to promote Obama’s first presidential run. It was Hollywood homosexual David Geffen who urged Obama to run for office – and vowed to raise millions on his behalf. Geffen’s role in pushing Obama is chronicled in Hollywood Hypocrites by Jason Mattera. Geffen had previously supported Bill and Hillary Clinton in their joint run for President of the United States. The Clinton’s were enthusiastic supporters of the sodomy movement and continue to be so today.
   We can expect Gill and Geffen to pour millions into the coffers of Hillary’s political campaign for the presidency – and hundreds of thousands of other sodomy activists will undoubtedly line up behind Hillary. Of course, while “gays” will rush to support Hillary, there are “Republicans” who are also working to normalize homosexuality in America. One of them is Paul Singer, the president of the New York-based Elliott Management. He just gave $1.75 million to the American Unity PAC, a political action committee that is pushing Republicans to support so-called “same-sex marriage.” Singer has also given to the Republican Governors Association, which is led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Expect Gill’s and Geffen’s millions to be used by Hillary to puff her candidacy – and be used to smear social conservatives who oppose her. (See the Hillary page on EarsToHear.net.)

Tim Gill: Dark Money Master - BY: Bill McMorris - November 13, 2012 - One of the most influential gay rights advocates in the country has also pioneered the practice of distributing so-called “dark money” at the state and national level. Tim Gill has become one of the left’s most potent political donors. The Gill Foundation he created with the $400 million he earned during the tech boom dishes out more than $10 million per year to liberal causes. The organization disbursed more than $14 million last year. Recipients include groups involved with the shadowy collection of liberal advocacy organizations that comprise the Democracy Alliance (DA). Gill used his vast wealth to flip the Colorado state legislature in 2004 through the Colorado Democracy Alliance (CoDA), a group he founded with three liberal millionaires and billionaires. He emerged as Colorado’s second largest political contributor over the next four years and pumped more than $3.6 million into Colorado politics to overwhelm Republicans with negative ads from nonprofits unregulated by the state’s strict campaign finance laws. “In 2006, it was reported that Tim Gill and his friends put $16 million into Colorado in one year,” said Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute. “There is no one on the right who is willing to invest those kind of dollars.”

Tim Gill,  ‘Gay’ Millionaire Targets South & West Elections In 2014/2016 - By fyork - Millionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill, former owner of Quark Software, has vowed to put $25 million into targeting five states for political action during the next five years. Gill hopes to turn states like Mississippi into rainbow-colored havens for homosexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites and transsexuals – just like he’s done in Colorado and numerous northeastern states. According to Gill, “We can’t allow two distinct gay Americas to exist.”  In short, Gill wants to use his millions to homosexualize even the most conservative, Bible-believing states in the union – so that sodomy becomes a universal human “right” and is protected by the powerful of local, state, and the federal government.
   Gill’s effort will push for passage of local “non-discrimination” ordinances and for legislation permitting homosexuals to adopt. In other states, he will fund the election of openly homosexual candidates for office. And, of course, at the federal level, he will fund sodomy candidates or pro-sodomy candidates for the House and Senate.
The effort in the South and West will, as the New York Times reports, “rely heavily on outreach to Republicans and clergy, as well as to African-American civil rights organizations.” Read more about Tim Gill’s political strategy now – and in the past when he was working to get Barack Hussein Obama elected. He is now putting millions behind the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, a woman whose sexual preferences appear to be wider than heterosexual monogamy to a man. (Read The Truth About Hillary by Edward Kline.)

Behind the scenes, software mogul Tim Gill and his friends are ambitiously campaigning to remake American politics in accord with homosexual activism.

HumanEvents.com recently wrote about Gill.

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The Gay Mogul Changing U.S. Politics Philanthropist Tim Gill Gill Foundation - In a new list of the most powerful gay men and women in the country, Out magazine has lots of household names at the top: David Geffen, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Barney Frank and a couple of allegedly closeted stars. But high among the rich and famous is Tim Gill. Huh? Who is he, and why is he ranked as the fourth most powerful gay person in the country? Gill is a 53-year-old snowboarder, retired computer programmer and multimillionaire. He made his fortune (estimated at $425 million by Forbes magazine) by founding Quark, the pioneering desktop publishing software company. After selling the firm, he started the Gill Foundation, which has invested $110 million nationwide in gay causes over the past decade. The Gill Action Fund threw $15 million into a dozen states during the 2006 midterm elections, targeting 70 politicians regarded as unhelpful to gay causes: 50 went down. And the fund is helping transform the political face of Colorado. ...And recognizing that most anti-gay initiatives are born at the state level, Gill has developed a national political strategy based on successes in Colorado. "They've taken an in-state model and applied it to the entire country," says Denver political analyst Floyd Ciruli. "Gill [and his people are] incredibly strategic. They simply don't waste money. They put their funding where they can take control of legislatures." Ciruli adds, "People were unaware of what was going on for quite awhile, but now I think everybody knows that they have really changed the direction of the state. I'm not sure that everyone really understands how potent [Gill] is, but he now has to be the number one gay rights advocate in the country in terms of funding and strategy. They're taking significant contributions and putting them brilliantly in legislative environments where a few seats changing will change the entire control of a state."

They Won't Know What Hit Them - The software mogul Tim Gill has a mission: Stop the Rick Santorums of tomorrow before they get started. How a network of gay political donors is stealthily fighting sexual discrimination and reshaping American politics - Together, Gill and Trimpa decided to eschew national races in favor of state and local ones, which could be influenced in large batches and for much less money. Most antigay measures, they discovered, originate in state legislatures. Operating at that level gave them a chance to "punish the wicked," as Gill puts it, to snuff out rising politicians who were building their careers on antigay policies, before they could achieve national influence. Their chief cautionary example of such a villain is Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who once compared homosexuality to "man on dog" sex (and was finally defeated last year, at a cost of more than $20 million). Santorum got his start working in the state legislature. As Gill and Trimpa looked at their evolving plan, it seemed realistic.

"The strategic piece of the puzzle we'd been missing, consistent across almost every legislature we examined, is that it's often just a handful of people, two or three, who introduce the most outrageous legislation and force the rest of their colleagues to vote on it," Gill explained. "If you could reach these few people or neutralize them by flipping the chamber to leaders who would block bad legislation, you'd have a dramatic effect. "...If you want a majority, you have to change people's minds," he said, noting that in Colorado, Republicans outnumber Democrats. "Just because you're conservative doesn't mean you're antigay." With that in mind, he assembled a bipartisan team of political operatives and tested his theory in 2004, quietly targeting three antigay Colorado incumbents; two of them went down. Through the combined efforts of a host of progressive interest groups, including many supported by Gill, Democrats captured both chambers of the legislature for the first time in forty years. Gill's decision to back Democrats in Colorado was the only choice that would produce the gay-tolerant leadership he's pursuing. But ten years from now, he told me, he hopes he'll be able to give evenly to Republicans and Democrats.

Convinced his approach was sound, Gill decided to go big. When I visited his headquarters last fall, liberals were working alongside conservatives on a list compiled by his top consultants, one a national Democratic consultant, the other a former Karl Rove protoge of seventy races in which a key antigay candidate was vulnerable or the outcome of a race was likely to affect control of the legislature. The list included state legislators, governors, and judges, not just Republicans but Democrats as well, like Philip Travis, the Democratic legislator leading the push to overturn gay marriage in Massachusetts. ...One component of Gill's strategy includes courting that element of the Republican Party that's open to compromise, while at the same time making clear that gay bashing will now come at a price. "You have to create an atmosphere of fear and respect" said Trimpa, "and set up the proper context for them to do the right thing." But neither Gill's checkbook nor the Republicans' woes have stopped social conservatives from pressing their agenda. Last year, when it became clear that Colorado Republicans intended to back a ballot initiative banning gay marriage, Gill and his allies moved first to frame the debate by pushing Referendum I, a bill endorsing domestic partnerships, and spending $5 million to promote it.

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