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Gospel of John Quiz
Answer these questions while reading through the Gospel of John.


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Read each question while reading through the Gospel of John, looking for an answer. Once you have an answer, read the next question.

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1. Why is Jesus referred to as "the Word of God?"

2. John the Baptist baptized in water. What is the baptism Jesus offers?

3. How many men did Jesus "know?"

4. How is eternal life obtained?

5. Did Jesus condemn the world?

6. What did Jesus mean when He said: "...for every one that does evil hates the light."

7. How does the Father want people to worship Him?

8. Can you honor the Father without honoring the Son?

9. Jesus said: "Whosoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood, has eternal life." What did He mean?

10. Why did the disciples stay with Jesus, when others left Him?

11. If you are not "of God," can you still understand the Word of God?

12. What does John 9:41 mean?

13. Who is the "thief" in John 10:10? Does God cause destruction, or kill?

14. What was Jesus' opinion of the Old Testament Scriptures?

15. How can you get to see the "glory" of God?

16. By what means will those that reject Jesus be judged in the last day?

17. If you "know" Jesus, who else do you "know?"

18. Who is the "comforter?"

19. Where does the Spirit of Truth dwell?

20. What is required to have Jesus and the Father come live with you?

21. Who will "teach" you the things of God?

22. Who brings to memory what Jesus has said?

23. Is there a difference between the "peace" the world gives, and the "peace" Jesus gives?

24. Jesus said: "I have many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now." Why can't you bear them? What is needed to understand?

25. How did Jesus define "Eternal Life?"

26. What name did Jesus declare concerning God?

27. "He breathed on them, and said unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost." Why? How?

Bonus question: In regards to Question 25 above and Matthew 7:23, what is the key word in both these verses?

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