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The Coercive Liberal US-UN Agenda
It's time to get the U.S. out of the U.N. -- and YOU can help - click here.
Also see United Nations- The Untold Story by Katy Kiser

"Under Kofi Annan's leadership, the UN had its Millennium Summit in the year 2000 with the attendance of 152 World Leaders, which is the largest gathering of world leaders ever held. Its stated purpose was 'to make the 21st Century free of war, poverty, ignorance, and disease.' Notice no mention of making the 21st Century free of oppression, totalitarianism, dependence, persecution, and dictatorships....The prime purpose of the UN has been itemized in Article One of its Charter: 'To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace.' That prime purpose is part of the problem. The accent is on peace, rather than on liberty. But peace without liberty is surrender. With a substitution of the word 'liberty' for 'peace' the organization might have had real worth. ... But the word 'liberty' was not used. The lack of that word served as an invitation to totalitarian governments. To this day there are over 70 governments represented in the UN that do not believe in liberty. This coming October, the United Nations Organization will celebrate its 59th birthday. One year after its founding, its first Secretary General, Trigvie Lie, praised that organization as 'a fire-station ready with a hose on the world-stage.' At the time, he didn't know that the fire station would be controlled by arsonists and financed by the residents who lived in the best house in the neighborhood." --Bruce Herschensohn --The Federalist Brief 04-29

"My policy has been, and will continue to be, while I have the honor to remain in the administration of the government, to be upon friendly terms with, but independent of, all the nations of the earth." --George Washington

The United Nations Agenda of Deception: One World Government, Universal Identification, "special" rights for homosexuals, Human Rights Commission against Christianity, International Tax, Carbon Tax, Currency Tax, Internet Use, Global Welfare, Global Gaia Religion, Abortion (Death) Rights, The Brahimi Doctrine for a Global Army, Global Police, International Criminal Court, Gun Control, Global Environmental Controls under the guise of "Sustainable Development,"  Take over control of American National Parks and US Landmark under UNESCO and false environmental claims. UNESCO Stealing American Land The United Nations through their deceptive World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves agenda, Deceptive CEDAW Treaty which allows for prostitution, and more. See below for details.

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

The United Nations wants global control over all nations and citizens.
The UN policies detailed below are a direct assault against U.S. Sovereignty.

"It is a basic principle of a tyrant to unarm his people of weapons, money and all means whereby they resist his power." - Sir Walter Raleigh

The deceptive UN Agenda consists of:

  1. March 23, 2004 - The United Nations is trying a power grab, at the expense of the sovereignty of the United States of America -- and this time, they want to allow international bureaucrats to TAX the American people. This "Law of the Sea Treaty" (LOST) gives the United Nations *control of the sea*. It compromises U.S. national security, siphons U.S. corporate and taxpayer dollars  for global interests in the form of new levies, stifles U.S. Development, and gives away hard-earned U.S. technology to even non-friendly nations. This treaty represents the "largest transfer of sovereignty to a UN body ever," says Brandon Wales, a senior associate with the Center for Security Policy. If this treaty is ratified, the United States will no longer hold the right to board and search all suspect vessels -- a prohibition that will greatly endanger our nation's security and impede our progress with the war against terrorism. The United States will no longer hold jurisdiction to freely explore the ocean's beds and waters for oil and precious magnesium without first obtaining permission and receiving quota limitations from the International Sea Bed Authority, a U.N. body. The United States will be required to pay a tax on all ocean discoveries to this same UN body, and the U.S. will also have to share its mining and exploration technology with the likes of China and North Korea -- nations that in turn can use this technology against our own military defenses! Blast Faxes to ALL 100 U.S. SENATORS -- a fax to every single one of them! -- demanding that they REJECT the "Law of the Sea Treaty", which would practically eliminate U.S. sovereignty in this area. It's up to the FULL Senate now to put this terrible treaty to rest, once and for all. The cost is ONLY $21 -- about what it would cost you in time & long distance fees to do it yourself. Go to http://www.campaigncontribution.com/alerts/lost/
  2. United Nations push for universal identification
  3. A report says a United Nations group promoting homosexual rights met to sharpen a multi-pronged strategy that includes a "showdown with religion."  While the Episcopal Church was meeting in Minneapolis to confirm a homosexual bishop and approve same-sex wedding ceremonies, the United Nations group known as "UNGLOBE" -- U.N. Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees -- held a forum in New York where panel members singled out Roman Catholics and evangelical Protestants as opponents.  According to WorldNetDaily, Paula Ettelbrick, representing a San Francisco homosexual group, announced a coming "showdown with religion," vowing to fight a Catholic Church campaign against homosexual marriage.  Another panel member, Princeton University professor Anthony Appiah, wondered whether limits should be imposed on religion because it poses a "challenge" to the homosexual agenda.  Meanwhile, the meeting was told that homosexual, bisexual, and transgender lawmakers from around the world will meet in San Diego this fall to coordinate their efforts.  Those efforts include changing age-of-consent, obscenity, and pornography laws. The United Nations is also reportedly considering a change in policy that would alter the definition of "family" from "married heterosexual parents and children" to families "in various forms," which includes unmarried cohabiting couples and homosexual partners.  This veiled attempt to embrace the "families of today," as one U.S. official called it, is nothing less than an effort to bolster the immoral liberal agenda to undermine marriage. Historically, two-parent, heterosexual married homes have been the backbone of Western culture.  The U.N. has other ideas, but  no amount of tolerance or diversity can overcome the disastrous consequences of building a society on a weak foundation of "anything goes." The agenda of the UN is to replace all religions and all forms of government with the New World Order of their own idea of a "backbone" of culture in which the masses comply and bow down to the unelected elite of the UN under the false premise that they are protecting mother earth and scaring the public into its  acceptance under the unscientific claims of environmentalism and clean air and water preservation. And the ultra-left wing of the Democratic Party is behind it all the way - Daschle, Gore, Clinton, Jeffords, Leahy, Gephardt, Frank, Kennedy, Kerry, etc.  As the Senate considers funding for the UN-sponsored Global AIDS initiative to the tune of $1-billion, a few not-so-surprising facts have emerged. Among them, the UN Secretariat's office employs 63 staff at an average salary of $174,603 (the average American brings in $36,000 annually, while the average income in the African nations targeted by the Global Fund is $3,020). Federalist 03-21 Digest
  4. A spokesman for a Washington-based think tank says it is quite disturbing that Libyan dictator Mu'ammar al Qadhafi has been selected to head the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Although it has not been highly publicized in the United States, British television network Sky News has reported that Qadhafi has been picked to head the organization that is supposed to be an international watchdog on human rights. Nile Gardner, a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, says it is a very serious development when the leader of a nation which has a long record on human rights violations -- and support for terrorism -- becomes chairman of what is a very influential organization. Gardner thinks the story is very serious and suggests the United Nations is, increasingly, becoming an organization catering to the whim of Third World extremists. Qadhafi's one-year term begins in March 2003. The UN commission on human rights is now simply a front for undermining America's moral authority. And to prove it, the current commission is now going after US based human rights advocacy groups that fight against abortion, sex trafficking, slave trading, genocide, infanticide, and child labor. And who will ensure Iraqi democracy's coming of age? Certainly not the UN. As if more evidence of that body's passage from moral ambiguity to certain evil was needed, note a recent exert from the Wall Street Journal: "The [UN Commission on Human Rights] is the primary UN organ responsible for human-rights protection. The current chair is Libya. ...[T]hree of the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism are current members -- Cuba, Sudan and Syria. On April 15, the commission adopted a resolution sanctioning the use of 'all available means including armed struggle' -- which includes suicide bombing -- as a legitimate tactic against Israelis. Only five countries, including the U.S., voted against." This is the same UN Human Rights Commission which this week exonerated Cuba for the life-sentences of 78 anti-Castro dissidents, as well as the execution of three others captured in their attempt to flee to the U.S. Afterward, Cuba was re-elected to its seat on the commission. (The Federalist 03-18 Brief) The UN committee that kicked the US off of the Human Rights Commission, which the US was a leader of this commission since it was first established in 1947, was replaced by Sudan, where humans slave trading, and slaughter is taking place. The UN commission on human rights is now simply a front for undermining America's moral authority. And to prove it, the current commission is now going after US based human rights advocacy groups that fight against abortion, sex trafficking, slave trading, genocide, infanticide, and child labor. What this commission rally wants is our American money without our voice or vote. Much like the ultra-liberals in Congress like Kennedy, Clinton, Daschle, Gephardt, Leahy, Lieberman, Kerry, etc. they want our hard earned money to spend as they want, without representation, or coerced undermining of our freedoms and sovereignty. Iraq, Iran, Russia, Cuba, Sudan, and China are guilty of human rights violations and would like nothing better than to silence the US using the UN. And the UN is conniving with these these countries just to further there agenda towards a New World Order - the UN order.
  5. Impose a global government and taxation. All for a New World Order in which the U. S. will have to make available private financial data to member governments, including Iraq, Syria, and Iran. This International Tax Organization (ITO) vote is coming up at the UN summit in Johannesburg. If it passes, the UN could take $420 billion in new taxes each year - a 600% increase! - from Americans. This is over three times the amount of President Bush's tax cut last year. Let President Bush know you want him to prevent this ITO. Taxes will include support of United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) which promotes abortion, an Air Transportation Tax, a Carbon Tax, a Currency Tax for every international transfer, Gun Exports, Internet use, extend the failed US Welfare Program to include the entire world, International Fishing, Space Exploration, etc. Kofi Annan calls it his "Global New Deal." (UNFPA promoting abortion in Afghanistan) The Senate Foreign Appropriations Committee is trying to reverse the effects of the president's decision to zero out the United Nations Population Fund.  Rather than accede to President Bush's decision, Senate abortion advocates are threatening to take action that would force the president to not only fund UNFPA, but also up the ante to $50 million a year.   Any such legislation must first pass the full Senate and House.  If abortion zealots succeed, we urge the president to put his veto power to good use.
  6. "The time for a North American Monetary Union has come. More and more countries are looking to the dollar as an economic anchor." Reuvan Brennar, The American Spectator - In other words, Reuvan wants the American dollar to attach itself to the weak Canadian dollar and the even weaker Mexican peso, and as an anchor keep all three currencies stagnant.
  7. Establish a global army with power to interfere with the military operations of any nation.
  8. Form a global police force and be able to arrest and convict anyone.
  9. Alter the US criminal system and capital punishment to that of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC essentially eliminates U.S. sovereignty by abolishing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  UN Court Orders Halt to Executions in Texas, Oklahoma London (CNSNews.com) - The top U.N. court has ordered the United States to stay the executions of three Mexicans while judges consider a case that could have implications for more than 50 death row inmates. Mexico sued the U.S. government last month in the International Court of Justice, alleging that 51 of its citizens currently on death row in nine U.S. states were deprived of their right of access to consular officials... Bill Clinton, in his last days in office signed the ICC treaty which would give away our U.S. sovereignty. On April 11, 2002 when the ICC treaty became law, which could A. Make all of us criminals -- the police arm of the ICC would have the power to arrest (without warrant or due process) any citizen for any violation they name.   Charges of "crimes against the environment" could be levied against land developers, or even just someone building their "dream home." B. All our military actions would have to be first approved by the U.N., or our soldiers could be prosecuted for war crimes and "crimes of aggression." Our military actions in Granada or Panama, for instance, could be deemed criminal. C. We would loose our Bill of Right protections, like the requirements for a search warrant, trial by jury, and a speedy trial, when charged by the ICC. D. Loose protection against "double jeopardy," being tried for the same crime twice, would be gone.  The ICC can try someone over and over until they get the result they want. And there is no appeal. On May 6, 2002, President Bush formally renounced Bill Clinton's world court agreement.
  10. Eliminating the US Constitutional right to bear arms - the first step of any socialist takeover. A UN's conference dubbed to "Prevent, combat, and eradicate the Illicit Trade in small arms and Light Weapons in All Aspects" concluded this week. Once again, the theme was how the UN can eliminate private-gun ownership around the world, particularly in the U.S. We are reminded by Yale researcher John Lott that his colleague, Jeff Miron at Boston University, examined homicide rates in 44 countries and found that countries with the strictest gun-control laws also tended to have the highest homicide rates. For example, in Britain, incidents involving criminals with guns rose 40% in the four years after handguns were banned in 1997. (Federalist Brief 03-29)
  11. Impose global environmental rules based of false claims and impose taxes on the U.S. under the deception of "sustainable development." The push for the UN Global Solidarity Fund proposed by the African Union at the Sustainable Development Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, is actually just another attempt at "taxing" Americans for another $70million and giving the money - not to private aid organizations, but instead to the third-world dictators, who blame third-world poverty on the "rich" nations.
  12. Continue to take over American National Parks and US Landmark under UNESCO and false environmental claims. UNESCO Stealing American Land The United Nations through their deceptive World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves agenda already control the National Parks: Yellowstone, The Florida Everglades, The Grand Canyon, Thomas Jefferson's Home at Monticello, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, The Statute of Liberty, Redwood, Mammoth Cave, Great Smokey Mountains, Yosemite, and more American landmarks. Are you concerned? Can't be bothered? "If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made not for the public good so much as for the selfish or local purposes." Daniel Webster  "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine Ask yourself? What's the alternative if you do not undergo the fatique of supporting your free American lifestyle? UNESCO's influence in U.S. schools
  13. Impose a global new-age religion of Gaia pagan worship targeted specifically at their deceptive "sustainable development" agenda.
  14. Force U.S. Armed Forces to serve under the UN, wear UN uniforms, swear allegiance to the UN (not the US Flag),  and use the UN flag over coffins of U.S. personal who die under a UN mission.
  15. The Brahimi Doctrine - A United Nations "war department" which threatens America's sovereignty, creating a permanent war department with military operations equipped with the latest technologies, requiring yet another "tax" to pay for what Kofi Annan coercively calls a "peace keeping" plan. He is using words like all ultra-liberals do, to deceive the unsuspecting public in order to trick them into supporting something what the liberally biased media doesn't reveal - the fine print.
  16. CEDAW Treaty - Convention on the Elimination Against All Forms of Discrimination Against Women - except, as with the Brahimi Doctrine, CEDAW is again "described" as a benefit, when in fact it is a ploy to legalize prostitution, drive women from the home and children into the daycare of Hillary's Village, redefine the Biblical role of men and women, promote lesbianism. etc. What CEDAW already done: Directed China to legalize prostitution, criticized Belarus for establishing Mother's Day, directed Ireland to legalize abortion, directed Kyrgyzstan to legalize lesbianism, directed Libya to reinterpret the Koran to fall within CEDAW guidelines. And Senator Joseph Biden, after stalling on many Bills wants to rush a vote on this while Senator Helms is out recovering from heart surgery. The process is working for whom? For you, or the ultra-liberals.
  17. Ratify a treaty that allows UN inspectors to "examine" any American prison by asking prisoners if their personal dignity is being violated! What do you think a prisoner would answer? This is a yet another ploy to coercively support the UN's plan for the ICC.
  18. The United Nations spent $1.4 billion of American dollars in 2003 for its own operations.

The UN`s Dangerous Agenda – read NewsMax.com special report – Click Here

The ultimate goal of this orchestrated socialist agenda: "national sovereignty would be gradually eroded until it is no longer an issue" (WFA Pamplet) and a One World Government is established.

U.S. Constitution <OR> UN - America, what's your preference for our descendents?

The Liberal U.S./United Nations agenda is relying on the apathy of the American public to continue. And if it does, America will have been conquered without a shot ever being fired, and the liberals handing over the greatest Nation in a hand basket.

Some liberals in Congress want to:

  1. Place the U.S. Military under UN control, disarm and trust the UN to keep world peace.
  2. Give the UN power to try U.S. servicemen for "war crimes" under the ICC.
  3. Give the UN power to redistribute America's money to Third World socialist regimes.
  4. Give the UN power to regulate America's industry under the guise of "sustainable development."
  5. Let the UN replace American currency with a single world currency.
  6. Give UN power to override the U.S. Constitution and Laws.
  7. Eliminate the right to bear arms at the request of the UN unelected officials.
  8. Give the UN authority to regulate how parents raise their children under the UN Treaty On The Rights Of The Child. (Led by Hillary Clinton)

Founding Father Warnings

"But if we are to be told by a foreign power...what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little." --George Washington

"A universal peace, it is to be feared, is in the catalogue of events, which will never exist but in the imaginations of visionary philosophers, or in the breasts of benevolent enthusiasts." --James Madison

"Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty." --Samuel Adams

If Kofi Annan and Maurice Strong have their way, July 4 would be replaced by the date the UN takes control of U.S.A.

The United Nations: It’s Time to End the Farce  By Tom DeWeese The world is in chaos and, quite frankly, it’s the United Nations’ fault. The U.N. gives validity to zealots and petty bigots. It helps to keep tyrannical dictators in power. It provides money and aid to international terrorists. And it sets itself up as the international economic and environmental standard that all nations are to mirror. The United Nations is the root cause of international trouble, not the answer…

More reasons for the U.S. to get out of the UN and the UN out of the U.S.

New Book Details U.N. Incompetence, Scandal - 'Emergency S-x and Other Desperate Measures: A True Story from Hell on Earth' - U.N. officials, including General Secretary Kofi Annan, are so afraid of a new book detailing stories of U.N. incompetence in its peacekeeping operations - including s-x stories and drug parties - they have threatened the authors with disciplinary action, including termination if the book ever gets published. Already, the book, "Emergency S-x and Other Desperate Matters" (Miramax Books) by Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait and Andrew Thomson - two current and one former employee of the U.N.'s peacekeeping operations - has provoked a storm of controversy inside the world body. As U.N. officials scurry to stop publication of "Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Matters" (Miramax Books) by Kenneth Cain, Heidi Postlewait and Andrew Thomson the book's galleys have already hit the street. NewsMax recently reviewed the galleys. While the book centers on the "interpersonal" relationships of the three U.N. peacekeeping employees as they traverse from one hot spot where U.N. peacekeeping operations were underway, the trio details exactly how U.N. operations work. You might be shocked by what you learn. See story here. May 2004

WATCHDOG CLAIMS LIBERAL MEDIA WEAR BLINDERS WHERE U.N. CONCERNED United Nations officials are angry about a new book that reportedly exposes scandals and corruption in the international body. The book, titled Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Matters: A True Story From Hell on Earth, was written by a former member and two current members of the U.N. Peacekeeping Administration and is poised to hit the bookstores. More details: http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/5/102004f.asp

In the Senate, Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar has secretly pushed through the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) to come up for a full floor vote. The treaty would give the UN total and absolute control over the seas (and possibly the air as well), allow the UN to impose taxes on Americans, cripple our Navy, and severely restrict fishing, drilling and mining operations (raising the cost of fuel). In 1982, President Reagan refused to sign the treaty ceding control of 70% of the earth to the UN, but in 1994, President Clinton signed it and sent it to the Senate, where it was wisely buried for 10 years by Jesse Helms. It's high time for LOST (appropriately named, if nothing else) to be permanently torpedoed, jettisoned, deep-sixed, or any other nautical metaphor you prefer. The Federalist Brief 04-17 --

However, the Law of the Sea Treaty is going down in flames in the Senate. The latest blow came in the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works of which Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is chairman. During testimony it was revealed that the treaty not only gave to the United Nations authority to control all the oceans, but to control the air above the oceans as well. If the Senate ratifies the treaty, the U.S. must ask permission from the United Nations to intercept a hostile ship or aircraft before it enters our 200 mile economic zone. The UN will be able to tax any exploration in ocean waters and tax the product of the exploration. This would give the UN billions in revenue. In the last few months it has been discovered that United Nations officials may have taken as much as $5 billion (yes billion) in graft payments from Saddam Hussein, money that was supposed to go to feed children and provide them with medicine. Many UN, French and Russian officials became very wealthy from the Iraqi "food for oil" program. Just think how well they would do for themselves if they were able to tax anything that moved in or over the oceans of the world. Let's get real: most member nations of the UN are dictatorships and monarchies. They are a band of thieves who should have no authority at all over any democratic nation. The Law of the Sea Treaty needs to be LOST. Religious Freedom Coalition

Do you think U.S. Students should be taught:  1. Primarily as American citizens or global citizens? 2. That the U.S. is an independent sovereign nation or under the United Nations? 3. The "New Civics" curriculum while eliminating teaching the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights? 4. The UN's Declaration of Human Rights as being superior to the Bill of rights? With the American History and Civics Education Act (deceptive terminology) which replaces the teaching of traditional American history and civics with the "New Civics" curriculum of a global village, one world government, and open borders?

President Bush's Labor Secretary Elaine Chao warned a gathering of conservatives that Americans must pay more attention to the United Nations and its related organizations, which she noted were chipping away at U.S. sovereignty and threatening freedoms. These efforts are being made without the knowledge of most Americans, she pointed out.

Veteran U.N. bureaucrat Maurice Strong of Canada is being positioned as the next U.N. Secretary-General. He founded the U.N. Environmental Program, which has an "Environmental Sabbath" project that aims to set aside a day of the week as a day of rest for the earth, not God. The project encourages young people to sit around a tree and meditate. Strong, an associate of Vice President Albert Gore, has openly speculated about a collapse of Western industrial society being necessary to usher in a more environmentally-sustainable civilization. He is working with former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev to develop an "Earth Charter," another U.N. treaty, to save the planet and the earth spirit "Gaia" from plunder. Gore himself writes about "Gaia," the earth spirit or Goddess, in his own book, Earth in the Balance. According to this religious worldview, the interests of plants, animals and things are put above the needs of human beings. The use of natural resources becomes blasphemy against the earth spirit "Gaia." http://www.usasurvival.org/next-sg.html

In President Bush's recent address to the United Nations, the main focus was on the war in Iraq.  However, presidential advisor Tim Goeglein says the president's challenge to the member nations to clamp down on sex trafficking was an important part of the address.  "The State Department's best numbers indicate that about 800,000 women, men, and children are brought illegally across borders for the purposes of prostitution and the sex trades," Goeglein says.  "This is horrific; it's one of the major human-rights issues of our time -- and George W. Bush was right to highlight this, denounce it, and call on others in the U.N. to do the same."  Reports have indicated that many U.N. member states not only turn a blind eye to the issue, but even support and encourage sex trafficking because it provides funding for the government. AgapePress News Summary (October 2, 2003)

Should the U.S. President have sole authority for committing U.S. Troops to UN missions? Currently there are are nearly 70,000 American soldiers are in UN "peacekeeping" operations under UN Officers, not American Officers! Many are FORCED to remove the US Flag from their uniforms and replace it with the UN's blue banner, and carry UN ID's, and refer to themselves as "UN Fighting Persons" not American Soldiers!

Should the U.S. continue to pay 25%, the bulk, of UN dues, plus millions more on "peacekeeping" missions?
Kofi Annan stated at the UN's financial summit in Mexico: "It is particularly shameful that the United States, the most prosperous and successful country in the history of the world, should be one of the least generous in terms of share of its gross national product it devotes to helping the world's poor." What Kofi Annan didn't say was, currently American taxpayers are paying OVER 25% of the UN's budget, over $300million per year. Over $1Billion annually is also coming from American taxpayers for UN "peacekeeping." From 1992 through 1997. American taxpayers spent over $11Billion on UN "peacekeeping!" And the UN claims America is indebted to the UN by more than $1.2Billion. UN employees living in the U.S. DO NOT pay U.S. taxes? Yet the liberal media will only report on what Kofi Annan says.

Reports that France, Germany, Russia, China, Jordan, and other United Nations member countries have managed to pocket billions of dollars through the "Oil for Food" U.N. program in Iraq is further proof of corruption in the organization. That is what Cliff Kincaid of America's Survival says.  He also believes the corruption stems from U.N. General Secretary Kofi Annan, who recently ordered the Bush Administration to quit saying bad things about Syria.  Kincaid calls it another example of the U.N. secretary general intervening in world affairs to the detriment of the United States -- and "more evidence of how Annan has functioned as a mouthpiece or a foreign agent for the Arab-Muslim bloc of nations."  Kincaid says Annan tried to save Saddam Hussein's regime, and is now trying to save Syria's terrorist-supporting leaders. AgapePress News Summary (April 28, 2003)

A former U.N. weapons inspector says Hans Blix was a total failure as director of the current U.N. inspections program. Bill Tierney worked as a weapons inspector in the mid-1990s before the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) was replaced by the current United Nations Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC). Tierney says when the Iraqis, the Clinton Administration, and U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan managed to bring about the end of UNSCOM, they talked about the new organization coming to pass. He reports that those on UNSCOM did not "want to have anything to do with it." According to Tierney, Annan picked Blix to head the new team because he knew Blix would do everything he could to discourage war against Saddam Hussein. Tierney adds that Blix was a complete failure as director of the International Atomic Energy Agency -- and yet, Annan appointed him to lead UNMOVIC. So, as Tierney puts it:  "Kofi Annan gets what he wants -- complete and total failure." He adds that Annan knows the Iraqis have no intention of ever complying with U.N. demands -- but does not want to do what is necessary to make that clear because it would clear the way for the U.S. to remove Saddam from power, thereby making the U.S. stronger. Tierney believes President Bush is wasting his time dealing with the United Nations. AgapePress News Summary (March 14, 2003)

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It's time to get the U.S. out of the U.N. -- and YOU can help. For nearly 60 years, the United Nations has marched relentlessly towards its vision of a socialistic, one-world government, all the while being financed by U.S. taxpayers.

Terminate U.S. Membership in the UN - PatriotPetitions.US, the nation's leading public opinion advocate for U.S. national security and sovereignty, has released its newest campaign entreating President George Bush, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist "to terminate all participation by the United States in the United Nations, terminate any and all U.S. taxpayer funded support for the UN, and prohibit American Armed Forces from serving under the command of the United Nations anywhere in the world." Link to --  http://PatriotPetitions.US/TerminateUN

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