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Deception - Biased Media? You Decide.
Masters of deceiving the public and feeding apathy

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"Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them." --Joseph Story

"I'm not political. I don't vote -- I don't believe journalists covering politics should. ... I have no more interest in the political outcome of an election than I did in the winner or loser of any ballgame I ever covered." Keith Olbermann - MSNBC

Burning Down the Media House Despite Newsweek reporter Evan Thomas' assumption that most media backed Kerry, and that the bias could translate into anywhere from 5-20 million votes, Bush won anyway. One study found media stories favoring Kerry by two-to-one.- Accuracy in Media

A bad election for old media by Michael Barone (11/15) Compare the campaign of 2004 with the campaign of 1980.

Lies and Moral Values in Old Media By Jan Ireland - In trying ever more desperately to throw the 2004 presidential election to John Kerry, America's mainstream media blatantly revealed corruption and a hidden agenda. The Old Media wanted conservative George Bush removed, and was willing to grievously abuse First Amendment freedoms to bring that about. Old Media lied incessantly, in what they were reporting and what they refused to report. Their biased campaign coverage in favor of John Kerry was worth millions. Old Media in fact boasted that their coverage could boost Kerry by 15 percentage points. While the flimsiest rumor about George Bush made front page headlines, Old Media never once addressed the very serious questions of character and integrity raised by the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. Nor did they ever question why twenty years in the US Senate produced a Kerry record consistent only on abortion, raising taxes, dismantling our military capabilities, and toadying to the United Nations.

The media vote by Cal Thomas (10/25) The Big Media - by which I mean the three broadcast networks and the most 'influential newspapers' have been 'voting' for the next president for much of the last two years. ...There are, and have been, countless examples of the most grotesque media bias against all things Bush and Republican by the BM (Big Media). But it doesn't matter anymore. The BM are the past. Cable, newspapers in "flyover country" and the Internet are the future. I seriously doubt whether anyone's mind is changed by the BM's predictable endorsements and their familiar reasoning, which goes something like this: Big government and high taxes are good, sex with anyone for whatever reason is good, abortion and gay rights are good, more regulation of "evil corporations" (but not the BM corporations) is good and all conservatives are evil. Anyone sharing the BM's platform gets their endorsement. Anyone who doesn't gets unfavorable treatment in the news pages and on the air.

ABC’s Leftist Media Bias Exposed October 14, 2004 – ABC’s Political Director Mark Halperin recently wrote a memo to ABC staffers telling them that they didn’t have a responsibility to fact check Senator Kerry’s statements as closely as they should fact check President Bush’s statements.

Liberal media bias: here's the proof by Paul Greenberg (10/22) Folks know what Liberal Media Bias is. Even those who deny it have to know what the rest of us are talking about. ...Liberal Media Bias isn't just a feeling anymore; it's a documented plan. Case closed. With a full confession.

The mainstream media constantly tries to muzzle conservative voices and distort the truth. When Chris Matthews shut down Michelle Malkin's interview on MSNBC's Hardball, she had Townhall.com to turn to. When Ann Coulter was shut out of USA Today during the Democratic convention, she had Townhall.com. And when Michael Moore unveiled his propaganda film, Townhall.com writers were there to correct the record. See subscriptions for more.

Why liberals rule academia and media by Marvin Olasky (9/23) For years, I've minimized any talk of conspiracies and emphasized the importance of the battle of ideas. But now along comes a book, "The Secular Revolution," edited by University of North Carolina professor Christian Smith and surprisingly published this year by the liberal University of California Press, that shows a whole lot of plotting going on. ...His bottom line: "The secularization of the institutions of American public life did not happen by accident or happenstance. ... (It was) an achievement of specific groups of people, many of whom intended to marginalize religion. The people at the core of these secularizing movements, at least, knew what they were doing, and they wanted to do it."

"...The New York Times has hammered Republicans for including conservative Christians in the American electoral process.... The New York Times "sanctimonious reporters and editorialists loudly declaim the mixture of religion and politics whenever conservative Christians are involved. But when the religious Left brings Democratic partisans to preach to the choir, the church/state separatists in the media are quieter than country church mice. The double standard echoes like a steel trap snapping in an empty cathedral." --Michelle Malkin

Kerry & Vietnam: Game, Set and Match for Media? By Lisa Sarrach ...The media once held their liberalism close to the vest and attempted to appear unbiased. Clinton's impeachment so outraged them, they were forced out of the closet and every day both in print and on television, their liberal views, biased reporting, and attacks on the president and support for Kerry are there for everyone to see. The reason the Democrats can lie, distort, and attack the president unchallenged, is that they have a loyal and trusted friend in the mainstream media. The same media that has a large segment of the American public duped into thinking they wouldn't ever lie to them. That they and they alone are the arbiters of truth and justice. And anyone who challenges them has an agenda.

Vets vs. Kerry on Vietnam by Thomas Sowell (8/24) Senator John Kerry's running mate, Senator John Edwards, has said melodramatically: 'Ask the men who served with him in Vietnam!' But now that men who served with Kerry in Vietnam are coming forward and contradicting Kerry's version of what happened there, Senator Edwards is calling it a "smear." ...The ferocity of Kerry's media defenders was exemplified in Chris Matthews' browbeating of columnist Michelle Malkin on his "Hardball" program when she questioned Kerry's Purple Hearts. Matthews repeatedly demanded to know if she was saying that Kerry had deliberately shot himself.  That was never the charge made by the Vietnam Veterans for Truth. Those who were there say that there was no enemy fire, that Kerry on two occasions accidentally injured himself when shrapnel from his own grenades nicked him, and later an enemy mine also got him. The doctor who treated Kerry said that he removed a tiny fragment with tweezers, put a Band-Aid on the spot -- and refused to certify it as a wound that merited a Purple Heart.  Kerry's commanding officer at the time likewise rejected Kerry's application for a Purple Heart, according to O'Neill. Later, Kerry got a Purple Heart through another commanding officer who knew nothing about the incident and took Kerry's word for it.  Maybe the media could put some of the energy that they spend trying to discredit Kerry's critics into finding out what the facts are. Or don't they dare risk finding out?

According to the Media Research Center, ABC, CBS and NBC devoted 75 news stories to Kerry's claims that Bush was "AWOL" from his National Guard service, yet only nine stories have been aired regarding Kerry's embellished war record since the Swift Boat vets announced their opposition to Kerry at the National Press Club in May

Sandy Berger in trouble? Send in the media! by Larry Elder (7/29/2004) Need another example of media bias?

Another Media Coverup: Berger's Archive Adventures By Joe Mariani 7/27/2004 - (Excerpt) The FBI began investigating when it was discovered that some documents were missing, and found some of the missing documents in Berger's home, on his desk. Some were missing, and Berger claims that he "inadvertently took a few documents from the Archives" and "accidentally discarded" a few of them. Nobody has been able to explain how one can "inadvertently" stuff papers into one's pants and socks and then, upon discovering them, "accidentally" discard them instead of returning them. The mainstream media isn't interested in Berger's illegal and potentially disastrous actions, however, nor his repeated breach of security and protocol.

Oil for Hussein by Debra Saunders (6/27/2004) As front pages report every bit of bad news on the Iraqi war front in bold type, newspapers are giving precious little ink to what could be the biggest kickback scheme in world history.

"Our networks are good at broadcasting how we have stoked the outrage of the Arab world. But those same networks never used the butchering of our contractors in Fallujah to discuss how the Arab world has stoked our outrage. Our enemies get no media investigations, no media scrutiny... There is no feeding frenzy on anyone who has opposed the Iraq war... CBS used the Fallujah attacks on contractors for a more desperate political ploy: to portray Bush’s economy as sinking. Dan Rather asked: 'What drives American civilians to risk death in Iraq? In this economy, it may be, for some, the only job they can find.' But the Fallujah attacks were a two-day story at best... And now the networks are back on Iraq, babbling endlessly, passing moral judgment, touting their own moral authority. They have none. They tout the 'right to know' as they exploit the right to sensationalize and propagandize. In return, we get the right to lose the war." --Brent Bozell The Federalist Brief 04-20

If you want to know what's really going on in over 40 countries where Christians are facing persecution, subscribe to The Voice of the Martyrs FREE monthly newsletter.

In 1995 at -- appropriately -- Abu Ghraib prison, nine Iraqi businessmen were surgically "relieved" of their right hands. While TV news producer Don North was in Iraq last year, he was shown videotapes made by Saddam's men of the amputations and determined that he would find these men and help them. He found seven of them and made his own documentary of their story including medical help. That help came in the form of state-of-the-art electronic hands, with fingers, that respond to trained muscular movements. The $50,000 hands were donated by Otto Bock, a German-American prosthetic company. The seven men were flown (with some difficulty) to Houston, where Dr. Joe Agris had to first repair the botched amputations and then give the men new hands. North has been trying for two months to distribute his documentary in the U.S., but not one broadcast or cable network will take it. Apparently, they're far too busy airing images of a few American soldiers humiliating terrorist captives at Abu Ghraib prison. Nevertheless, Dr. Agris will go to Iraq, where he hopes to help other such victims of Saddam's brutal regime. The Federalist Brief 04-20

...the Leftmedia has never shown any compunction about placing its political interests ahead of our national interests.
(The Federalist Brief 04-18)

"One reason Clinton got away with immoral behavior is that he wasn't a conservative Republican."
Barbara Anderson Massachusetts Citizens For Limited Taxation

"Be afraid, be very afraid, when elites use the phrase 'free expression.' It is actually invoked to shut you up. To the elites, 'free expression' is their right to offend, insult, and abuse you and your values as much as they like. But when you criticize them, this is known a 'censorship.'" Shut Up & Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the UN Are Subverting America by Laura Ingraham

"[N]or did I believe until lately,...that I should be accused of being the enemy of one Nation, and subject to the influence of another; and to prove it, that every act of my administration would be tortured, and the grossest, and most insidious mis-representations of them be made (by giving one side only of a subject, and that too in such exaggerated and indecent terms as could scarcely be applied to a Nero; a notorious defaulter; or even to a common pick-pocket)." --George Washington

"The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." --Edmund Burke

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crises. The great point is to bring them the real facts." Abraham Lincoln

RESEARCH REVEALS U.S. MEDIA LEANS LEFT, BLIND TO OWN BIAS - A new poll of the nation's journalists is providing more alarming evidence that the vast majority of them hold extreme liberal bias and are far less conservative than the general public. The survey found that the vast majority of those employed in the national and the local media describe themselves as liberals and moderates, with national media leaning far more toward the liberal side of the scale. More details:  http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/5/262004c.asp

   Failing to report the positive things that have been going on in Iraq

All those Lefties suggesting the U.S. has a "hollow military" will be sad to learn this week that the five Army divisions that have units deployed in the Middle East for the past 12 months have met virtually every re-enlistment goal. Retention targets for enlisted soldiers -- the 416,000 privates, corporals and sergeants of the Army's 490,000 active force, are standing firm. The all-volunteer force remains strong despite the stress of frequent deployments and hazardous duty.  "This tends to rebut armchair critics who said the sky is falling and the vultures are circling and the Army is gong to lose all its troops," said Lt. Col. Franklin Childress. "This is not true. The soldiers get it." Hooah! Federalist Brief 04-13

Prominent U.S. national defense analyst Oliver North believes the mainstream media is doing all it can to get rid of President George W. Bush, including failing to report the positive things that have been going on in Iraq. The retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel recently published War Stories: Operation Iraqi Freedom, which documents his experiences as an embedded reporter for Fox News during last year's military operations in Iraq. North says while in the field he talked with a frustrated news photographer from the Atlanta-based Cable News Network (CNN). North describes the photojournalist as "a very brave young guy" who has been putting himself on the line daily in Iraq to get photos and news out about what is happening there. North says the CNN photographer told him, "Man, I don't get it. I'm shooting the same stuff you are, and my stuff's not getting on the air." The Lt. Colonel says the reporter was not having a technical problem, a satellite problem, or a transmission problem. Rather, North says, "He was having an Atlanta problem." According to North, biased media powers-that-be had decided the American people "would rather hear from Baghdad Bob than Lance Corporal Jones." And North says this kind of censorship is all part of the media's effort "to separate the Commander in Chief from the troops that he leads." The retired military officer says the media obviously hates George W. Bush. For example, North cites how the press blasted Bush for visiting U.S. soldiers in Iraq last Thanksgiving, even though the troops loved that he had done so. (http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/4/22004h.asp)

Richard Clarke and the Media Elite...

Chair-Warmer On The Hot Seat -Ann Coulter -  March 24, 2004 When an FBI agent with close, regular contact with President Clinton wrote his book, he was virtually blacklisted from the mainstream media. Upon the release of Gary Aldrich's book "Unlimited Access" in 1996, White House adviser George Stephanopoulos immediately called TV producers demanding that they give Aldrich no airtime. In terms of TV exposure, Aldrich's book might well have been titled "No Access Whatsoever." "Larry King Live" and NBC's "Dateline" abruptly canceled their scheduled interviews with Aldrich. Aldrich was mentioned on fewer than a dozen TV shows during the entire year of his book's release -- many with headlines like this one on CNN: "Even Conservatives Back Away From Aldrich's Book." That's almost as much TV as Lewinsky mouthpiece William Ginsburg did before breakfast on an average day. (Let's take a moment here to imagine the indignity of being known as "Monica Lewinsky's mouthpiece.")  But a "tell-all" book that attacks the Bush administration gets the author interviewed on CBS' "60 Minutes" (two segments), CNN's "American Morning" and ABC's "Good Morning America" -– with an "analysis" by George Stephanopoulos, no less. In the first few days of its release, Clarke's book was hyped on more than 200 TV shows. Ann's  Complete Column...

Deceiving American voters with the aid of Viacom, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, NY Times, Boston Globe, LA Times, and others.

The Democrats will use the likes of Viacom publishing Dick Clarke's anti-Bush book in an election year, in which Clarke fails to mention: " that Bush ordered that we first strike the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and that he didn't attack Iraq for another year and a half, and then only after Saddam was given multiple "last" chances to comply with U.N. resolutions." And about the economy: "The Democrats will also play the perception game with the economy. It won't matter if we are experiencing 10 percent annualized growth in October and the misery index is below the radar screen. They'll say that the rich are enjoying a disproportionate share of the wealth, or we're excessively "outsourcing" jobs." Quotes from Perception versus reality in presidential elections by David Limbaugh (3/23/2004)

NewsMax's Report on Clinton and bin Laden Stuns White House

The Bush White House and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani reacted on Wednesday to news that President Clinton turned down an offer to arrest Osama bin Laden five years before the Sept. 11 attacks. During an interview with White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, radio host Sean Hannity played NewsMax.com's recording of Clinton explaining that after Sudan released bin Laden in 1996, "I did not bring him here because we had no basis on which to hold him, though we knew he wanted to commit crimes against America." Hannity asked Card, "Doesn't that statement clearly indicate that Osama bin Laden was offered to the United States?" The top Bush aide sounded stunned by the Clinton audio. "You ask a very important rhetorical question and I can't answer it," said Card. "I have no knowledge [of the Sudanese offer]. When I say I have no knowledge, I don't even have knowledge that I can't tell you about." When pressed on whether Clinton's comments indicated that the Sudanese offer was indeed real, Card told Hannity, "It would certainly be a credible reason to have that expectation." Later during the same broadcast, Hannity shared the Clinton audio with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said it confirmed reports of the Sudanese offer. "From President Clinton's answer it sounds like he was offered [bin Laden]," he told Hannity. "It sounds like the president and the administration came to the conclusion that there was no legal basis - if we had him - to hold him, which would make him just a free person here. That seems like the former president is probably correct about that." Giuliani continued: "But I don't know how you'd be having those discussions if [bin Laden] wasn't offered. ... I don't know why he'd be making those decisions if there wasn't some kind of viable offer being made." On Tuesday the 9/11 Commission said it could find no "reliable evidence" indicating that Sudan had indeed offered bin Laden to the Clinton administration.

"In the dozens and dozens of panic-stricken articles the New York Times has run on Mel Gibson's movie, 'The Passion of the Christ,' the unavoidable conclusion is that liberals haven't the vaguest idea what Christianity is. The Times may have loopy ideas about a lot of things, but at least when they write about gay bathhouses and abortion clinics, you get the sense they know what they're talking about. But Christianity just doesn't ring a bell. The religion that has transformed Western civilization for two millennia is a blank slate for liberals." Ann Coulter

CBS PUSHED BOOK IT OWNS; '60 MINUTES' DID NOT REVEAL PARENT COMPANY'S FINANCIAL STAKE IN CLARKE PROJECT  - CBSNEWS did not inform its viewers last night that its parent company owns and has a direct financial stake in the success of the book by former White House terror staffer turned Bush critic, Dick Clarke, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal. 60 MINUTES aired a double-segment investigative report on the new book "Against All Enemies" -- but did not disclose how CBSNEWS parent VIACOM is publishing the book and will profit from any and all sales!

Richard Clarke's misfire by Rich Lowry (3/22/2004) It seems one of the least plausible criticisms of a president who's often portrayed as one of the world's greatest warmongers since Caesar Augustus -- that George Bush has been too weak on the War on Terror.

The blame game by Cal Thomas (3/22/2004) At least two things should raise suspicions about the motives of Richard Clarke, the former anti-terrorism advisor to four presidents, whose name, face and book were all over the newspapers last weekend and on "60 Minutes" Sunday night (March 21).

It is clear that the liberal biased media of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR, NY Times, Boston Globe, etc. with liberal spin artists such as Dan Rather, Bryant Gumbel, Katie Couric, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Geraldo Rivera, Cokie Roberts, Bob Edwards, Linda Wertheimer, Robert Siegel, Noah Adams, Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer, etc. are determined to discredit President Bush, while these same leftists excuse all the Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore lies, scandals, and coercion. Take note, they are feeding you a socialist program that Stalin and Hitler would be proud of, with their lies, distortions, omitting facts if they discredit any liberal agenda, and attack the character of conservatives ONLY. Also listen close also to Hillary, Kennedy, Kerry, Frank, Daschale, Liberman,and Gephardt and you'll see the the socialist agenda as plain as day. Be careful what you vote for, you may get it.

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Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

The inscription "In God We Trust" on U.S. coins  --Approve: 90  --Disapprove: 8 --No Opinion: 2

Display of a monument to the Ten Commandments in a public school or government building
--Approve: 70 --Disapprove: 29 --No Opinion: 1

If you walked into a public school classroom and the teacher's desk had a Bible on it, would you consider that to be a good thing, or a bad thing?
--Good Thing: 71 --Bad Thing: 18 --Doesn't Matter: 9 --No Opinion: 2

The biased reporting does more than create discord at home, however; it also strengthens the resolve of terrorists targeting our troops in Iraq. And it's not just Republicans who understand this. Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) notes: "[The news media] are dwelling upon the mistakes, the ambushes, the soldiers killed, the wounded.... Fair enough. But it is not balancing this bad news with 'the rest of the story,' the progress made daily, the good news. The falsely bleak picture weakens our national resolve, discourages Iraqi cooperation and emboldens our enemy." The Federalist Brief 03-39/40

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

A conservative columnist says the liberal bias of The New York Times extends far beyond the environs of New York and should be a matter of concern to every American. More details:  http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/9/172003g.asp

Boston Globe Reveals Its Pro-Sodomy Bias - Summary: The head of the Parents Rights Coalition (PRC) in Massachusetts has recently published a series of emails exposing the pro-homosexual bias of The Boston Globe.  http://traditionalvalues.org/article.php?sid=1055

The Media Research Center (MRC) is praising MSNBC for firing talk-show host Michael Savage for wishing death upon a caller to his show earlier this month. MRC is also pointing out the hypocrisy of the media in not punishing liberals who spew the same kind of hateful venom. MRC spokesman Tim Graham says while Savage's comments have no place in civilized debate, neither do similar comments from liberal television commentators like CBS's Bryant Gumbel -- or National Public Radio's Nina Totenberg. A few years ago, Gumbel was caught on tape saying, "What a f***ing idiot," shortly after interviewing Robert Knight, who was then director of cultural studies with the Family Research Council (FRC), about the Supreme Court ruling that the Boy Scouts have the right to exclude homosexual scoutmasters.  Yet, CBS refused to censure Gumbel or offer an apology to the FRC. And Graham says that what Totenberg said on a talk show in the mid-90s -- when she suggested that if God had retributive justice, He would inflict Jesse Helms or his grandchildren with AIDS -- is analogous to Savage's remarks. Graham also referred to a quote from then-USA Today columnist and Pacifica Radio talk-show host Julianne Malveaux, who said she hoped Clarence Thomas's wife fed him lots of eggs and butter so that he would die of heart disease, as a similarly outrageous comment for which, again, the speaker was not held accountable. Graham suggests that there is an obvious double standard in use, by which liberal media representatives are allowed to utter hate speech without any fear of consequences. AgapePress News Summary (July 15, 2003)

What bias? "For every Israeli worried about the next bus bombing there is a Palestinian tonight worried about the next rocket attack from the air, from out of no where. Such is life in the current cycle of violence here in this region." --NBC's Brian Williams ++ "Cycle of Violence." --ABC news graphic **All the "mainstream" nets neglect to mention that Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups intentionally target innocents, while the Israeli military puts only terrorists in its crosshairs. The Federalist

"Yellow journalism deifies the cult of the mendacious, the sensational, the inane, and, throughout its wide but vapid field, does as much to vulgarize and degrade the popular taste, to weaken the popular character, and to dull the edge of the popular conscience, as any influence under which the country can suffer. These men sneer at the very idea of paying heed to the dictates of a sound morality; as one of their number has cynically put it, they are concerned merely with selling the public whatever the public will buy -- a theory of conduct which would justify the existence of every keeper of an opium den, of every foul creature who ministers to the vices of mankind." --Theodore Roosevelt

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

Liberal views are the only views the liberal media will proclaim in their effort or agenda to indoctrinate the public. This not only holds true for the mainstream media, but is more prevalent in the lessons of professors and even in our public schools. Beware, as they proclaim "tolerance" they are 100% intolerant of America's Christian Heritage, the Ten Commandments, God and morality. As you will see below, this agenda is blatantly obvious even to the casual observer.

Baptist minister Gerald Bell of Roxbury, Massachusetts, was a participant in the Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit in Washington. While disclaiming his being a political expert on world affairs, Pastor Bell did say he is intelligent enough to recognize the truth. "I do know this: 1.2 million Arabs are full citizens in Israel," Bell said. "I do know this: Israel is the only country in that region where an Arab women can vote in a real election. I do know this: people of any religion [in Israel] can practice their faith in peace." Bell says it is strange that none of those facts seem to have been perceived by the hardworking mainstream media of America.

Newsweek Probes Bennett's Gambling Instead of Hillary's 9/11 Lies While the establishment press won't touch bombshell allegations that U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton claims to have counseled 9/11 victim families in meetings that the families themselves say never took place, Newsweek has launched an investigation into the private gambling habits of private citizen Bill Bennett.

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

The popular media's true colors: Former presidential candidate and pro-family activist Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families says the mainstream media is losing credibility.  He says its recent coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom demonstrated a negative bias against the effort.  He shares that several people in Washington have asked him this hypothetical question: "Who looked more disappointed at America's military success in Iraq -- ABC's Peter Jennings or the ambassador from Iraq?"  Bauer says such negative coverage by most major networks -- along with CNN's disclosure that it "covered up" many of the atrocities of Saddam Hussein for a decade -- is drawing the ire of a majority of Americans, 80% of whom supported the military effort.  

"It finally comes down to what I've always said, Republicans always prosper when the public does understand, Democrats always prosper when the public doesn't understand.." Dick Armey, who recently retired from the House after representing a Texas district for nine terms, the last four as Republican majority leader, said the attempt by Democrats to distract attention from the public approval of President Bush's handling of the war on terrorism will backfire. Armey To Dems On Economy: ‘Go Ahead - Make My Day’ Capitol Hill (CNSNews.com) - The former majority leader of the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives says he welcomes attempts by President Bush’s opponents to steer public debate toward the issue of the economy...(January 20, 2003)

Politics and Faith Institute founder and director, Tony Nassif, says alternative news media outlets have become a strong rival to America's mainstream news media. He is pleased by that fact and feels that further growth is necessary to educate the citizenry. Nassif says this is because these newer, smaller outlets provide a multi-dimensional perspective on current issues of the day whether they be local or international. Nassif says the whole truth has not been reaching the people because the mainstream media has been filtering it through a liberal bias for decades. (From AgapePress News Summary January 6, 2003)

The "bandwagon psychology" effect of a pollagandized electorate is an intentional undermining of democracy. Leftmedia polling is nothing more than deceitful, insidious lies masquerading as news -- with the intended effect of influencing public opinion. In political cycles, media polls can lead public opinion rather than reflect public opinion, and are, ultimately, self-fulfilling. (From the Federalist.com 02-47 Brief)

Where is the outcry against statements made by Senator Byrd (D-WV), and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. These incidents aren't all over the media for only one reason: The popular media outlets are so liberally biased its pure deception, which equals propaganda. Murray is telling the students that  people who live in Third World countries might have a better view of the United States if Americans followed Osama bin Laden's example of  being "better neighbors out in other countries so that they have  a different vision of us.... rather than just being the  people who are going to bomb in Iraq and go to Afghanistan." Democrats like Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE), were quick to defend her statements as simply a "very bad choice of words."

A Challenge to the News Media, Television and Movie Industry, and Music Industry

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)

"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." Jesus (Matthew 18:5-6 NIV)

Are you leading children astray and into a world of sin and darkness, with biased reporting of news and issues, or with sensual, immoral, and violent entertainment? Have you considered Christ, not as a threat to your greed or pleasures, but to the Way of "knowing the Father" and the "peace that passes all of man's understanding."