He That Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear

Archived: Last Updated November 9, 2004
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Senator Patrick Leahy(D-VT) (Contact Senator Leahy)
Hypocrisy, Lies, leaks, and the unjust way.

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

Estrada Watch: Leahy's Hypocrisy

"I have stated over and over on this floor that I would...object and fight against any filibuster on a judge, whether it is somebody I opposed or supported.... If we don't like somebody the president nominates, vote him or her up or down. But don't hold him in unconscionable limbo, because in doing that, the minority of senators really shame all senators." --Sen. Patrick Leahy, Vermont Democrat, back in 1998

From: Ken Connor, President
Date: February 25, 2003 - Tuesday
To: Friends of Family Research Council

When Bill Clinton was in the White House, Senate Democrats furiously opposed even so much as a hint that Republicans might filibuster any of the president's judicial nominees. The GOP never did filibuster Mr. Clinton's nominees.  But Democrats such as Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont nevertheless castigated even the remote prospect of such a filibuster. That was then; this is now.  Today, Sen. Pat Leahy, who in 1998 swore eternal opposition to the filibuster, is among those Democrats continuing to filibuster a confirmation vote for Miguel Estrada, President Bush's nominee to the DC Court of Appeals.  Sen. Leahy has gone from thundering that every judicial nominee deserves a Senate vote to blocking such a vote for Miguel Estrada.  Of course, hypocrisy is hardly a rare commodity among politicians.  But Sen. Leahy's blatant double standard is breathtaking even by Washington's cynical practices.  Beginning tomorrow, American Renewal, FRC's associated grassroots lobbying organization, will be airing radio ads in Vermont, alerting citizens of the Green Mountain state to their senator's rank hypocrisy.  To hear the hard-hitting ad, click the following link: Vermont Radio Ad : http://www.frc.org/?i=LK03B09&f=WU03B19&t=e

For more than a year, ultra-liberal Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) when head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, managed to stonewall dozens of President Bush's federal judge nominees. These are judges who respect the Constitution and are committed to judicial restraint. They aren't judicial activists who seek to use their powers to engage in social engineering for liberal causes. This is why they're being held up by the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Senator Leahy. His hypocrisy is showing on the Pledge issue. A year ago, he had dropped the words "so help me God" from the oath administered to Senate witnesses. Now, he's claiming to be alarmed at the court's decision banning the Pledge of Allegiance. It must be an election year.  Rev. Lou Sheldon Traditional Values Coalition


Pat Leahy: Without All Due Respect (Wahington Update Oct. 9, 2002) - FRC

Senator Rick Santorum couldn't have said it better when he told reporters, "Senator Leahy continues to reach new lows in senatorial courtesy and ethics."  After giving his word to the esteemed Strom Thurmond, who is 99 years-old and   retirement-bound, Pat Leahy reneged on an agreement to grant the elder Senator's final request to confirm Judge Dennis Shedd, Thurmond's former chief of staff, to the 4th District Court.  Sources say that Mr. Leahy was so upset when Sen. Thurmond unexpectedly approached the floor that he threw a stack of papers at his staffers in a tantrum.  After which Sen. Thurmond told the Judiciary Committee, "I took you at your word.  In 47 years, I have never been treated in such a manner.  I am hurt and disappointed by your actions."  For years, it's been Senate protocol to approve former staffers and nominees supported by a former chairman.  However, Pat Leahy's massive ego and disregard for common courtesy continues to sully Senate tradition.

What the media does not report about the breach of trust and ethics of Senator Leahy

The real goal of Senator Leahy is to diminish the constitutional rights of American citizens and free speech, and proceed towards a police state, where your thoughts will be illegal if spoken.

Long before the 9th Circuit Court took God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, Senator Leahy took "so help me God out of the oath sworn by those testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senator Leahy, it has been purported, is the source of, or involved in, several leaks of classified or confidential intelligence information at different points of his Senate career.

Senator Leahy disclosed one top-secret communication intercept during a television interview. This information involved Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the possible capture of Arab terrorists who had hijacked the cruise ship Achille Lauro and murdered an American citizen. The report apparently cost the life of at least one Egyptian operative involved in the operation.

In July 1987, Senator Leahy leaked secret information about a 1986 covert operation planned by the Reagan administration to topple Libyan leader Moammar Gaddhafi. First, Leahy, along with another panel chairman, communicated a written threat to expose the operation to then-CIA Director William Casey. Later, news of the secret plan appeared in the Washington Post, causing it to be aborted.

In 1988, Patrick Leahy decided to open the Citizens United confidential draft report on the Iran-Contra scandal to a reporter. This leak was considered to be one of the most serious breaches of secrecy in the committee's recent history and led to Leahy "voluntarily" stepping down from that committee post.

Senator Leahy led the charge against Attorney General John Ashcroft, accusing him of everything from racism to homophobia.

Patrick Leahy has threatened to block ALL Bush nominees to the federal bench and the Supreme Court, unless they pass a liberal litmus test.

Patrick Leahy has threatened to stage "walk outs" throughout confirmation hearings for Bush appointees.

Washington insiders have speculated that Senator Leahy was a conspirator in the drive to have his fellow Vermont Senator, Jim Jeffords, abandon the Republican Party and give control of the Senate to the Democrats.