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After Election 2004:

--Kerry Trashes Bush in Baghdad

--Bad Loser: Kerry Skips Vote Certification

You cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: you cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils. 1 Corinthians 10:21

"Kerry would act as if America were just another nation in the U.N."
Peggy Noonan
- Why Democrats Become Republicans

EarsToHear.net urges you to Call Kerry's Campaign Headquarters at 202-712-3000 and ask them why Kerry won't sign form Standard Form 180 to release his military records.

With a wink and a nod by David Limbaugh (10/22) Here we are less than two weeks from the election and John Kerry is still playing "hide the ball." The last thing he wants most of us -- excluding his loony, militant base -- to know is who he really is. Here we are less than two weeks from the election and John Kerry is still playing "hide the ball." The last thing he wants most of us -- excluding his loony, militant base -- to know is who he really is. Kerry knows that if he releases his military records or is forthright about his true beliefs on the issues, he won't stand a ghost of a chance. His entire campaign, therefore, has been little more than an extended "wink and a nod."  ...What is Kerry so afraid of? Why doesn't he want you to find out the identity of that man behind the curtain? Why doesn't he want you to read his book "The New Soldier"? Why doesn't he want you to see "Stolen Honor"? Why won't he release his medical records? Why won't he talk about his Senate record? Why won't he address specific charges about his Vietnam tour? The answer is that without convincing millions of voters he is someone that he is not, he would suffer the biggest landslide defeat in American history -- bar none.  (EarsToHear.net urges you to Call Kerry's Campaign Headquarters at 202-712-3000 and ask them why Kerry won't sign form Standard Form 180 to release his military records.)

It was disappointing after the first Presidential debate to hear some say, that they are not even going to vote, because they were disappointed with both candidates. Senator Kerry was also said to have "won" this debate due to "style and composure." Hopefully, substance is what voters will use when they cast their vote. Most importantly, America's sovereignty and strength is in jeopardy. Democrats place the United Nations above America, as evident from their support if the International Criminal Court (ICC)The ICC would alter the US criminal system and capital punishment to that of the ICC. The ICC essentially eliminates U.S. sovereignty by abolishing the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  UN Court Orders Halt to Executions in Texas, Oklahoma London (CNSNews.com) - The top U.N. court has previously ordered the United States to stay the executions of three Mexicans while judges consider a case that could have implications for more than 50 death row inmates. Mexico sued the U.S. government in the International Court of Justice, alleging that 51 of its citizens currently on death row in nine U.S. states were deprived of their right of access to consular officials... Bill Clinton, in his last days in office signed the ICC treaty which would give away our U.S. sovereignty. On April 11, 2002 when the ICC treaty became law, which could: (1) Make all of us criminals -- the police arm of the ICC would have the power to arrest (without warrant or due process) any citizen for any violation they name.   Charges of "crimes against the environment" could be levied against land developers, or even just someone building their "dream home." (2) All our military actions would have to be first approved by the U.N. as touted by Senator Kerry, and our soldiers could be prosecuted for war crimes and "crimes of aggression." Our military actions in Granada or Panama, for instance, could be deemed criminal. 3. We would loose our Bill of Right protections, like the requirements for a search warrant, trial by jury, and a speedy trial, when charged by the ICC. 4. Loose protection against "double jeopardy," being tried for the same crime twice, would be gone.  The ICC can try someone over and over until they get the result they want. And there is no appeal. On May 6, 2002, President Bush formally renounced Bill Clinton's world court agreement. Keep in mind that the UN Security Council is not elected and is not a limited form of government, and is not a republic with three branches of government with checks and balances. I challenge any Democrat to go on the record and dispute these claims. This issue alone is worthy of those who have embraced apathy, if they are looking out for our descendents.

"We will not quickly join those who march on Veterans' Day waving small flags, calling to memory those thousands who died for the 'greater glory of the United States.' We will not readily join the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars." --John Kerry from his 1971 book, "The New Soldier" **To see the entire text of this anti-American diatribe by Mr. "Stronger America", link to http://kerry-04.org/new_soldier.php

National NFRA: Kerry Lied in Debate

Question candidate Kerry

"...the veteran whose testimony is doing John Kerry the most damage is...John Kerry." --The Wall Street Journal

The text of John Kerry's nearly-impossible-to-obtain book about his war experiences is now available free for download. "You can get a free copy of John Kerry's book in PDF format here: http://freekerrybook.org/.  Some guy has typed it up and put it online in Adobe PDF."

"Saddam Hussein took us to war once before. In that war, young Americans were killed. He went to war in order to take over the oil fields. It wasn't just an invasion of Kuwait. He was heading for the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. And that would have had a profound effect on the security of the United States. This is a man who has used weapons of mass destruction, unlike other people on this Earth today, not only against other people but against his own people. This is a man who tried to assassinate a former president of the United States, a man who lobbed 36 missiles into Israel in order to destabilize the Middle East, a man who is so capable of miscalculation that he even brought this war on himself. This is a man who, if he was left uncaptured, would have continued to be able to organize the Ba'athists. He would have continued to terrorize the people, just in their minds, because of 30 years of terror in Iraq." and "Those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein and those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture don't have the judgment to be president." John Kerry

Click here for a petition urging Senator Kerry to release his FBI files.

KERRY: "I've been involved in this for a long time, longer than George Bush. [sic] I've spent 20 years negotiating, working, fighting for different kinds of treaties and different relationships around the world. [sic] I know that as president there's huge leverage that will be available to me, enormous cards to play, and I'm not going to play them in public, George. I'm not going to play them before I'm president. ...I don't care what it sounds like, it's truth. I don't care what it sounds like. The fact is that I'm not going to negotiate in public, today, without the presidency, without the power. I'm going to do that as president, and people will have to judge my 35 years of involvement in foreign affairs, my 20 years as a senator fighting to make things happen." In other words, you must vote for Kerry without knowing his "plan."

If Kerry Can’t Handle the “Swiftees,” How’s He Going to Handle the Terrorists? By Debbie Daniel - I've had more people chastise me for defending George Bush. They say they should have the right to say what they want about the President and he should not be above criticism. Oh, I get it . . . we should have the freedom to besmirch the President of the United States, but how dare anyone malign John Kerry. John Kerry whines to the President, demanding that he make some war veterans stop talking about him; it's okay to impugn George Bush's name, but not his. Well liberals, you've just shown us your colors . . . yellow, yellow, yellow. And it looks so natural on you. Why don't 254 veterans, who served this country, have a right to speak out? They have something to say, but John Kerry doesn't want to hear them.

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Upfront: "Values" As a Catholic? As a Neighbor?
Willing to violate the "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"
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Kerry Waffles Confused about where Kerry stands on Iraq?

Question candidate Kerry
"Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others." --Groucho Marx
John Kerry insisted that he will stand by his principles, so it could go either way.
--Argus Hamilton

Excellent Articles

Kerry's campaign theme: judge me by my words alone by David Limbaugh (8/3/2004) This is the first of two columns -- one won't be enough -- addressing the audacious statements in John Kerry's convention speech. On divisiveness after 9-11, Kerry said he was proud that all Americans were unified after September 11 and "How we wish it had stayed that way." This self-serving formulation ignores that the Democrats' Bush-hatred preceded 9-11 by almost two years and merely took a short, required sabbatical following the terrorist attacks. ...

Kerry will not release his medical records, military records, records of the investigation conducted about his anti-war, anti-American activities, and his IRS records which would show the source of his wealth. What does this say about his character and values?

The "values" debate?

Kerry's "Values" in question:

"He that has ears to hear, let him hear."

In his acceptance speech before the Democratic National Convention, Senator John Kerry said, "For four years, we've heard a lot of talk about values. But values spoken without actions taken are just slogans. Values are not just words. They're what we live by. They're about the causes we champion and the people we fight for."

Kerry’s Second Religion Advisor Has Resigned August 6, 2004 – Senator John Kerry’s second religion advisor, Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson, has just announced her resignation amid criticism that she had signed a legal brief asking that the words "under God" be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance in the Michael Newdow case. http://www.traditionalvalues.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1801

In Our Enthusiasm for Missouri’s Vote Against Gay Marriage, We Can’t Forget that Mass. Did the Same in 2002 until John Kerry Illegally Scuttled It In the enthusiasm about Missouri’s approval of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, we shouldn’t forget that Massachusetts was one of the first states in 2002 to approve a ban of both gay marriage and civil unions, until our Democratic legislature refused to vote on the measure (which had gained more than twice as many signatures as required), because its leaders knew it would gain more than the necessary 25% to send it on to the people for a vote in November 2004. John Kerry is one of those responsible for that violation of our Constitution and was questioned as such by Tim Russert on Meet the Press. Kerry certainly knew what was happening as the transcript shows:
   Kerry: Well, we actually have a ballot referendum [in Massachusetts] this year that will go to the heart of the matter with respect to gay marriage.
   Russert: But it's being blocked by leaders of the state legislature. Do you believe that the people of Massachusetts deserve a right to vote on it?
   Kerry: I think people always deserve a right to vote, and if you have a referendum process, Tim, people have a right to exercise it.
But it became clear a few months later that Kerry really didn't want a vote to take place. The Democrats made a mockery of our democracy by refusing to allow legislators to cast votes on the issue, even though the Constitution required it. However, the Senator was nowhere to be seen after he appeared on the television show. But he was heard. He signed a highly unusual, and some say illegal, letter from the state’s Congressional delegation officially telling Party members of the state Legislature that they should vote against this state measure. The letter was delivered on Monday, July 15, two days before the vote of the Legislators. Kerry hasn’t been heard since about this egregious violation of our state Constitution in 2002. The state legislature has repeated its illegal conduct in 2004 by refusing to allow a vote of legislators on the Removal of Judge Marshall and three other judges even though that is also required by the state Constitution. But Kerry is trying to avoid any knowledge of that illegal conduct also. MassNews.com

In 1996, when John Kerry was one of the few U.S. senators to oppose the antigay federal Defense of Marriage Act, he wrote for The Advocate a passionate column on the civil rights struggle for gay and lesbian equality. That article is reprinted here.

By Sen. John F. Kerry  - From The Advocate, September 3, 1996 - The misnamed and misguided Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is as unconstitutional and unnecessary as it is mean-spirited and malicious. The authors of the bill mistakenly claim that Congress has the authority to allow one state to ignore a legally recognized marriage in another. But the U.S. Constitution is unequivocal on this point: "Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State."  Imagine the confusion if we didn't have such a clause: A child-custody decision in California could be ignored by Illinois; a divorce concluded in Nevada could be rejected in New York. DOMA does violence to the spirit and letter of the Constitution by allowing the states to divide. Unconstitutional. Unnecessary. Premature. Presumptuous. What is this debate really about? It seems no coincidence that every election year a few politicians gang together for some legislative gay bashing. This behavior panders to the basest instincts of the human condition--scapegoating and ostracizing.  But we are a better nation than that. Echoing the ignorance and bigotry that peppered the discussion of interracial marriage a generation ago, the proponents of DOMA call for a caste system for marriage. I will not be party to that. As Martin Luther King Jr. explained 30 years ago, "Races do not fall in love and get married. Individuals fall in love and get married." This is the essence of the American pursuit of happiness and the core of the struggle for equality. With no openly gay person serving in the Senate, the burden of this struggle rests squarely with the gay community itself. For every letter I receive from a gay or gay-friendly constituent, I get ten from well-organized and well-funded opponents of gay rights. And some national gay organizations inside the beltway seem out of sync with my gay and lesbian constituents in Massachusetts. At a time when the debate turns decidedly personal, I fear some gay and lesbian Americans find it easier to remain apolitical or put too much faith in Washington, D.C.-based gay organizations. Gays and lesbians need to speak out, and not just on issues that have obvious importance to the gay and lesbian community. I have long believed that gay people have a role in all public policy. Each gay man and lesbian in urban centers and small towns across this country brings a wealth of experience to the discussion of civil rights and discrimination. Strategically, the national groups would be better served to move away from single-issue politics and to invest themselves fully in education and tax policy, in housing issues and laws affecting our environment. If we are to believe--as I fundamentally do--that the gay community is part of the American social and political fabric, the community itself must engage fully in all aspects of the national dialogue.  After all, we all bring our unique experiences to public policy. When the Senate debated the outrageous ban on gays in the military, I knew firsthand from my tours of duty in Vietnam the bravery and distinction with which gay soldiers served their country. And I testified before the Committee on Foreign Relations to urge Congress to lift the ban. When AIDS emerged as the most devastating epidemic we have seen in centuries, I knew as the father of two young daughters that all young people would need to educate themselves to prevent infection. And I continue to fight for a comprehensive, responsible national battle against AIDS.
When I first came to the Senate in 1985 as part of a new generation of young Democrats, I authored the federal gay and lesbian civil rights bill. At that time only five other senators would join me in this effort.  The struggle for equality and justice is a long one. I returned from Southeast Asia as a young, disillusioned veteran and organized the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. We protested, we agitated, and we raised our collective voice to demand an end to the war. Then as now, individual battles were won and lost, but in the end struggle gives way to victory.  Antigay forces might have their day with the Defense of Marriage Act, but as my friend Rep. Gerry Studds declared on the floor of the House, "We are going to prevail just as every other component of the civil rights movement in this country has prevailed. There is nothing any of us can do today to stop that. We can embrace it warmly, as some of us do; we can resist it bitterly, as some of us do, but there is no power on earth that can stop it." Gerry has it right. We will win this fight for civil rights. We will win the fight for equal protection under the law. We will win the right for all Americans to live with whom they love without the fear of discrimination and violence. I learned from the struggles of the '60s and '70s that the wheels of progress turn slowly. We must all push together as one powerful force to roll over the obstacles of hatred and bigotry in this country. The strongest menace we face is not DOMA but our own inertia and complacency. John Kerry

"Values" of Kerry/Edwards must not mean morality and virtue when it comes to "action"

"It is entirely within ethical bounds to do embryonic stem-cell research without violating one's beliefs at all about what life is and what matters." John Kerry

Kerry Says He Personally Believes Life Begins At Conception.  "I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception."  (Jonathan Finer, "Kerry Says He Believes Life Starts At Conception," The Washington Post, 7/5/04)  However Kerry's action depicts just the opposite:

Kerry Opposes Gay Marriage Due To "Personal Belief" That "Marriage Is An Institution Between Men And Women."  "I do not support [gay] marriage ... it's just a personal belief about what the relationship of marriage and how it works ... Marriage is an institution between men and women for the purpose of having children and procreating. That's my belief and some people may not like it."  ("Kerry: Worst Jobs Record' Since Hoover," The Washington Post, 7/11/03)  Again however Kerry's action depicts just the opposite:

"He that has ears to hear, let him hear."

John Edwards, baby defender by Terence Jeffrey (8/18) Who has allowed more harm to come to more babies during childbirth: John Edwards or the doctors he sued? ...Edwards the Lawyer sued doctors for harming babies during childbirth. Edwards the Politician voted to let doctors kill babies during childbirth.

During his acceptance speech last night, Democratic Nominee John Kerry tried to challenge President Bush on the issue of "values." Kerry said, "For four years, we've heard a lot of talk about values. But values spoken without actions taken are just slogans...it is time for those who talk about family values to start valuing families." Well if we can judge values by examining actions, let's take a closer look at Sen. Kerry. Listening to his speech you would never know he was the same guy who has voted repeatedly to affirm partial-birth abortion, to grant homosexuals special rights, and to block the Defense of Marriage Act. If Sen. Kerry has his way the institutions of marriage and family will be completely dismantled. In fact, last night he sent a coded message to the homosexual lobby to tell them he's on their side, promising that he won't "misuse for political purposes the Constitution of the United States," (in other words, he won't support a Constitutional Amendment protecting marriage). Is this how he values family? Kerry tries to excuse his liberal votes by saying, "I don't wear my own faith on my sleeve...I don't want to claim that God is on our side...I want to pray humbly that we are on God's side." Does he think that God is pleased by the destruction of the institution of marriage, or by the gruesome killing of more than 43 million unborn children? We're not asking Sen. Kerry to wear his faith on his sleeve. It doesn't take public religious fervor to be a family-friendly President. What it takes is being a man of character who will defend the most fragile among us, the unborn, and who will protect the very bedrock of our society, marriage. Judging by his record, it looks like Sen. Kerry still has a lot to learn about family values. Tony Perkins Family Research Council Washington Update July 30, 2004.

Kerry: Abortion, gay marriage, separation of church and state. Bush: Sanctity of life, Marriage between one man and one woman, faith and virtue is what made America great. How do you define "values?"

An article in July 29, 2004 Washington Times, as well as a speech at last night's DNC convention shows that if there is one group of Americans who will benefit from a Kerry victory this November, it is those who are pushing the gay agenda. Speaking to a group of homosexual delegates in Boston, Teresa Heinz Kerry said, "If nothing else, you will have a mom in the White House." She went on to praise them for "pushing the envelope" and promised that a Kerry Administration would push for "cultural acceptance" of their agenda. Mrs. Kerry was followed by Hollywood types like Rob Reiner, who said that in light of President Bush's support for the marriage amendment, this has become "the most important election in our lifetime." And not to be outdone, Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), who proudly admits to being a lesbian, declared Sen. John Kerry "the most pro-gay nominee in U.S. history." I tend to agree with Rep. Baldwin, as it certainly seems that her label for Sen. Kerry is accurate if for no other reason than his giving Human Rights Campaign President Cheryl Jacques a convention speaking slot last night - an opportunity she used to push for "marriage equality." When asked, Kerry says he opposes same-sex "marriage." Don't believe it. All you have to do is look at the people this presidential campaign has surrounded itself with to see what their administration will look like. When it comes to protecting marriage, a future with "President Kerry" looks pretty bleak. Tony Perkins Family Research Council Washington Update.

When May I Be Offended? By Debbie Daniel - (Excerpts) Maybe I was born at the wrong time and was misinformed about respect, but it has certainly proved to be an incorrect lesson plan in today's society. Trust me, I'm learning anew the "acceptable-speak" to another human being, and so are our children. Our parents don't have a chance as long as "Hollywood" is regarded as "the heart and soul of the American people." Mr. Kerry couldn't fawn enough over what he had just witnessed. He loved it! For a Presidential/Veep team that's been touting "values" as the benchmark of their campaign, Mr. Kerry, you blew it. You did nothing to distance yourself at the time it happened. You patted everyone on the back for their fine performances of songs well sung and words well spoken. Songs calling Mr. Bush a "thug," and words spoken with disdain against a man I thank God for everyday: my President, George W. Bush. Mr. Kerry, you were "proud as punch," or was it the 75 million dollars in your pocket for the night's take? Excuse me, Mr. Values, but did you hear what that woman, Miss Goldberg, said? Either you chose to ignore it in light of the millions coming your way; or, if so, you might need to revamp your "values" speech.

Kerry Deluged With Invitations to Speak to Conservatives Several groups have invited Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) to speak to their members as the result of a statement made at the recent NAACP convention. But Kerry may have opened a Pandora's Box when he declared that as president of the United States, "you need to talk to all of the people." >> Read Full Story

FRC Invites John Kerry to Meet About Social Issues - During a speech to the NAACP in Philadelphia yesterday, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) said, "I will be a President who when he is invited into your home, will always say yes." Today, I took Sen. Kerry up on his offer, and invited him to a meeting at FRC's "home" in Washington, D.C. In a letter to the Kerry Campaign this morning (which you can read at the link below), I wrote: "On behalf of the millions of families represented by (FRC) I would like to invite you to a roundtable discussion at FRC's Washington, DC 'home' to discuss a number of issues on which you have proclaimed similar positions to those we represent. You have proclaimed that you are adamantly against same-sex marriage, as are we. You have proclaimed that you believe in stem cell research and FRC, alongside Senator Sam Brownback, has been a leading advocate for stem cell treatments that have shown great promise. In addition, you have stated that you believe life begins at conception - a view shared by the mil! lions of families we represent." Of course, as any political observer knows, Sen. Kerry voted against the Defense of Marriage Act, he opposed the partial-birth abortion ban, and he favors embryonic stem cell research - positions which directly contradict his stated personal beliefs. It is our hope that a meeting with the Senator will help clear up the differences between his recent public comments and his voting record.  Additional Resources
Open Letter: Invite to Senator John Kerry http://www.frc.org/index.cfm?i=LH04G04&f=WU04G12&t=e

Kerry Receives Communist Endorsement The Associated Press reported Monday that the head of the communist movement in Nicaragua and Sandinista Leader Tomas Borge announced his support for Sen. John Kerry's (D-MA) presidential bid. >> Read Full Story

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

"Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism." George Washington

A vote for Kerry is a vote for the United Nation New World Order of Socialism and to relinquish America's sovereignty. As President he will work to weaken America's homeland security and place the military under UN control. Kerry is more a United Nations global citizen than an American, as is Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy, and numerous other Democrats.

John Kerry is blaming the reason President Bush, most Democrats as well as himself were "misled" on Iraq was due to the inadequacies of our intelligent organizations. He does not tell you however that he had consistently voted to weaken not only America's intelligence-gathering, but also our military defenses by supporting cutbacks in the funding of both. Why? A weaker America will make it that much easier to "outsource" our intelligence and defense to the United Nations. This is how he plans to re-gain the "trust" of the world, by destroying America's sovereignty.

Kerry, by his own account, violated the UCMJ, the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Code while serving as a Navy officer, and he further stands in violation of Article three, Section three of the U.S. Constitution. Upon entering the Navy in 1966, John Kerry signed a six-year contract (plus a six-month extension during wartime) and an Officer Candidate contract for five years of active duty and active Naval Reserve. This indicates that Kerry was clearly a commissioned officer at the time of his 1970 meeting with NVA Communists in Paris -- in direct violation of the UCMJ's Article 104 part 904, and U.S. Code 18 U.S.C. 953. That meeting, and Kerry's subsequent coddling of Communists while leading mass protests against our military in the year that followed, also place him in direct violation of our Constitution's Article three, Section three, which defines treason as "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of warfare. (As General Vo Nguyen Giap is his witness....) Thus, we refer our readers to the Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3, which states, "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President ... having previously taken an oath ... to support the Constitution of the United States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."  It is for this reason -- for his record of giving aid and comfort to the enemy while a member of the U.S. Armed Forces in violation of his oath -- that we insist John Kerry resign his seat in the U.S. Senate. He has dishonored his family, dishonored his state and dishonored our nation. He is not fit for public office at any level of government, much less, the highest office in the land. John Kerry should resign. The Federalist Brief 04-25 Please join fellow Patriots and sign the petition demanding John Kerry's resignation. Link to -- http://PatriotPetitions.US/Kerry

Lightweight and lighter weight by Cal Thomas (7/7/2004) One of the things people hate most about politics is politicians who don't tell the truth and change their positions at the drop of an opinion poll. Only five months ago, Sen. John Kerry said of his chosen running mate, Sen. John Edwards: "I think the American people want an experienced hand at the helm of state. This is not the time for on-the-job training in the White House on national security issues."

JFK, Then and Now

"Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country."--John F. Kennedy, 1961

"In a Kerry Administration, if you believe in yourself enough to work hard and do what's right, your country will invest in you."--See John F. Kerry plan.

"It would be a mistake... to think John Kerry has no principles or agenda. He just does not have any that he would dare reveal in an election year... It is hard to believe there is much room on the political spectrum to the left of Ted Kennedy. But Mr. Kerry has found it. Now he has to hide it before the voters find out." --Thomas Sowell ++ "I don't think it's bothersome to people that John Kerry thinks he's very smart. That's fine. I think what's bothersome is he thinks the rest of us are stupid." --RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie - The Federalist Brief 04-25

John Kerry refuses to release his medical, military, and FBI files to the American public. Why? Why did Kerry get an early leave from his four months in Vietnam and after only eight months of service for "injuries" even though he was in perfect health? In that short time Kerry put in for three Purple Heart medals, what is required to to request an early discharge. How did Kerry avoid a court martial after beaching his CTF-115 swift boat, shooting a wounded Viet Cong soldier in the back, and endangering the lives of his crew? Does his FBI files of 14 boxes of records with more than a year of monitoring, contain any evidence of his anti-American activities with communist sympathizers? See Americans For Truth About Kerry.

As a Catholic, Christian?

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is the only presidential candidate who voted against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 1996.

Kerry's Catholic problem by Brent Bozell (7/7/2004) Most of the discussion about religion and politics in America ignores the establishment clause of the First Amendment, which instructs that the state should recognize no particular faith as the church of the state.

Kerry Scolds Vatican Over Gay Marriage - Accusing the Vatican of meddling in American politics, U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday said Pope John Paul II crossed the line when he said Catholic politicians have a moral duty to oppose legalization of gay marriage. Full Story: http://www.mcjonline.com/news/03a/20030804a.shtml

Defying his church's declaration that Roman Catholic politicians must oppose abortion, Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry has pledged only to appoint Supreme Court justices who would keep abortion fully legal.  Kerry professes a strong Catholic faith, but refuses to impose it on anyone, including himself.  The Massachusetts senator has said, "I don't make decisions in public life based on religious belief." He also supports civil unions for homosexuals.  Another Roman Catholic in Congress, Republican Congressman Michael Ferguson of New Jersey, notes that all of the Democrats running for president "support abortion on demand."  At last week's March for Life, Ferguson noted that American law currently protects developing turtle eggs, but not "developing baby humans." (http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/1/272004h.asp)

"I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, but...but...but I believe it's important in the United States of America that we recognize that we have a Constitution which has an equal protection clause. ...Let me tell you something, when Matthew Shepard gets crucified on a fence in Wyoming only because he was gay, when Mr. King gets dragged behind of a truck down in Texas by chains and his body is mutilated only because he's gay...I think that's a matter of rights in the United States of America. ...I've read the Bible, and I know you can find the clauses that go both ways. ...I've talked to many...who didn't discover their own sexuality until they were 35, 40 years old, and it wasn't because they made a choice, it was because they found out who they were. And I think you have to respect that that is the nature of it. And you can look at it and argue it, but you know what, that's irrelevant to the argument. American citizens deserve the protection of the equal protection clause." --John Kerry getting the details completely backwards, and not only about the racially motivated dragging death of James Byrd ++ "[W]hat I believe personally as a Catholic as an article of faith is an article of faith. And if it's not shared by a Jew or an Episcopalian or a Muslim or an agnostic or an atheist or someone else, it's not appropriate in the United States for a legislator to legislate your personal religious belief for the rest of the country." --John Kerry on how his political views take precedence over any religious beliefs. The Federalist Brief 04-10 -- EarstoHear.net asks, what does John Kerry say about the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, which bases all rights upon "the laws of nature and of nature's God?" And what about 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising? (September 2013 update: No H8? -- Bombshell Book: Matthew Shepard Tortured, Murdered by Gay Lover)

"Federalist No. 04-09 reprinted Kerry's tortured response to a reporter's query about the rightness of America's cause: 'Well, God will -- look, I think -- I believe in God, but I don't believe, the way President Bush does, in invoking it all the time in that way. I think it is -- we pray that God is on our side, and we pray hard, And God has been on our side through most of our existence.' As a comparison, I recall The Federalist published Donald Rumsfeld's prayer at the Cabinet meeting on 12 Sept 2001, which concludes: 'We pray ... America's enduring prayer: Not that God will be on Our side, but always, O Lord, that America will be on your side.' I prefer to stand with the man of humility."

John Kerry, the "nominally Catholic," pro-abortion, pro-welfare state, pro-homosexual civil union, pro-Saddam, anti-gun, anti-military, anti-intelligence multi-millionaire-heiress-hopping man of the people said: "Once again, the message rings out loud and clear. Americans are voting for change: East and West, North, and now, in the South," J. F. Kerry said in his victory speech. "You showed that the mainstream values we share [sic] -- fairness [sic], love of country [sic], a belief in hope [sic] and in hard work [sic] -- are more important than boundaries or birthplace." -- "They don't know John Kerry's record.... He is the Olympic gold medalist when it comes to special-interest money," said Senator Zell Miller, the Georgia Democrat who's campaigning -- in earnest -- for George W. Bush's second term. "I also think that he is very vulnerable on the issues of national security. If you look at his voting record, it is terrible as far as it comes to national defense and helping fund a good intelligence unit." The Federalist Brief 04-06

An Ohio pro-family advocate who promotes the idea that homosexuals can change says he receives thousands of hateful messages from homosexuals and their supporters who do not like his message. Greg Quinlan heads the Pro-Family Network of Ohio and runs a ministry that helps homosexuals leave their lifestyle if they so desire. "I've received incredible hate mail from the tolerant intolerant on both sides," Quinlan says, "even those who are not necessarily homosexual, but those who are extremely liberal. In fact the Kerry campaign sent me a nasty e-mail, telling me that I was crazy and I'm really gay and denying my change. My change came as a result of me wanting to change and seeking Jesus Christ for that change." Quinlan says his message is simple: that forgiveness and escape from the homosexual lifestyle can be found through a relationship with Jesus. Still, he says, it is ironic that many homosexuals who claim to champion tolerance respond to his message with anger and hate. (http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/3/112004h.asp)

Kerry Lies About Homosexual "Marriage" - By Cliff Kincaid February 6, 2004 - Desperate to shed the label of Massachusetts liberal, Senator and presidential candidate John Kerry claims that his position on homosexual marriage is the same as that of Vice President Dick Cheney. Kerry says, "Vice President Cheney has the same position I do." The media have failed to note that this is a blatant lie. In an exclusive interview published by the Denver Post on January 11, Cheney said "he would support a presidential push to ban same-sex marriage" and that "recent action by courts in Massachusetts and other states that recognize gays' rights to the civil benefits of marriage has caused the administration to revisit the need for a constitutional amendment." By contrast, Kerry opposes any federal action to stop homosexual marriage.

John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and at least 74 other U.S. Representatives and Senators have signed a GenderPac "Diversity Statement" in support of so-called "transgender" rights in hiring and employment policies for the U.S. Congress. This means that 76 of our representatives in Washington, DC have agreed to hire individuals who are cross-dressers, transsexuals, or even shemales (individuals who maintain both male and female sexual characteristics) as employees if one of these sexually confused individuals applies for a job in Congress. GenderPac is working closely with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a radical leftist homosexual group based in Washington, DC. With this new alliance of cross-dressers and homosexuals, they are lobbying for federal legislation designed to provide special legal protections for transgenders in the workplace. This means that any businessman will be forced to hire a drag queen, transvestite, or even a shemale if the person is qualified for the job offered. GenderPac is headed by Riki Wilchins, a male-to-female transgender who has written Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender. Wilchins believes that male and female are "socially constructed" and really don't exist as genetic realities. GenderPac's goal is to destroy any concept of male and female in U.S. law and culture.

Santorum Defends Constitution Homosexual groups are demanding that Sen. Rick Santorum (R.-Pa.) resign his GOP leadership post. His crime -- publicly agreeing with Supreme Court precedent on whether there is a constitutional right to all adult consensual sex. (Read Human Events article ...and from NewsMax...What Sen. Santorum Really Said Sen. Santorum is not the bigoted meanie that the pro-Democrat media establishment would have you believe. On the full transcript of his interview with the Associated Press, he says, on at least three occasions, that he has no issues or problems with homosexuals, the American Spectator points out. So why didn't AP report that? Because, as NewsMax.com and Fox News Channel and only a few other media voices dared to point out, the AP reporter, Lara Jakes Jordan, who intentionally inserted the word "[gay]" into Santorum's comments to make it appear that he was gay bashing, just so happens to be the wife of Jim Jordan, who just so happens to be the campaign manager of Sen. Kerry, who just so happens to be one of the loudest Democrat voices trying to exploit the issue. Santorum Defends Constitution Homosexual groups are demanding that Sen. Rick Santorum (R.-Pa.) resign his GOP leadership post. His crime -- publicly agreeing with Supreme Court precedent on whether there is a constitutional right to all adult consensual sex. (Read Human Events article ...and from NewsMax...What Sen. Santorum Really Said Sen. Santorum is not the bigoted meanie that the pro-Democrat media establishment would have you believe. On the full transcript of his interview with the Associated Press, he says, on at least three occasions, that he has no issues or problems with homosexuals, the American Spectator points out. So why didn't AP report that? Because, as NewsMax.com and Fox News Channel and only a few other media voices dared to point out, the AP reporter, Lara Jakes Jordan, who intentionally inserted the word "[gay]" into Santorum's comments to make it appear that he was gay bashing, just so happens to be the wife of Jim Jordan, who just so happens to be the campaign manager of Sen. Kerry, who just so happens to be one of the loudest Democrat voices trying to exploit the issue.

Kerry's Pro-Abortion Litmus Test

Judicial activism issue favors GOP by David Limbaugh (10/8/2003) - Democratic presidential contender Sen. John Kerry said last week that he is concerned that if President Bush is re-elected he will appoint pro-life judges to the federal bench. That, he says, demonstrates Bush's "unwavering commitment to refashioning the court in the ideological image of the far right."  So we now have a powerful senator, a major player seeking the highest office in the land, going on record saying that anyone who supports the unborn's right to life is "far right." Translation: Those who support human life are extremists.  Kerry did not attempt to deny that he would attempt to block the nominations of all judges who are pro-life. Up to this point, most Democratic politicians have talked around the issue, vigorously opposing pro-life nominees, but denying they were engaging in a de facto litmus test to that end. With Kerry out of the closet, it will be more difficult for the left to deny its anti-life judicial agenda.

Give presidential candidate John Kerry credit for honesty. In Iowa last week, Sen. Kerry of Massachusetts made it clear that as president he  would impose a pro-abortion litmus test on federal judges.  Sen. Kerry told an audience of Democratic women that he would only appoint judges who support Roe v. Wade.  "Litmus tests are politically motivated tests," Sen. Kerry said.  "This is a constitutional right . . . I want jurists to agree,  who swear to uphold the Constitution.  If some people want to call it a test, they can call it a test."  So, there it is: Sen. Kerry would appoint only those who pledged allegiance to abortion.  Of course, no Supreme Court ruling is final. The court has been wrong in the past and rulings that once were regarded as constitutional subsequently were overturned, racial segregation being a prime example. Plessy v. Fergusson (1892) ruled that segregation was constitutional until Brown v. Board of Education reversed it fifty years later.  By Mr. Kerry's judicial logic, America today still would be a segregated country.  As a practical matter, however, the Senate Democrats already  have imposed a litmus test on judicial nominees.  It's why they refuse to give DC Appeals Court nominee Miguel Estrada, nominated almost two years ago, a fair up-or-down vote.  FRC Washington Update - April 15, 2003

Kerry's Beacon Hill Neighbor Talks to NewsMax

As the cliché goes, sometimes the best advertising is word of mouth ... or, sometimes not. At a Palm Beach luncheon this week we were fortunate to sit in the company of an interesting Bostonian woman, who just happens to be a neighbor of John Kerry. Oh, perhaps we'd better clarify which of Kerry's neighborhoods we mean, as he does have five different ones. This lady is a Beacon Hill neighbor. Of course, we couldn't help but ask - and we won't mention her name - "What do you think of John Kerry?" She told us. "I think he's the rudest, ugliest, most arrogant man I've ever met," she replied without a second's hesitation. She then went on to inform us that Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz had a fire hydrant removed from the street near their home, so they would have an extra place to park. The last anecdote she gave us was about a visit to the grocery store. It seems the Beacon Hill neighborhood has a popular little market, which is nearly always quite crowded with long lines of shoppers waiting to check out. On one of this neighbor's shopping trips, she said, Kerry appeared with his groceries and went straight to the front of the line demanding, "I'm a senator. Take these."

But what may become the enduring exemplar of the Kerry style was his spontaneous expletive on the ski slopes when his Secret Service guard bumped into him by accident (while guarding him): 'I don't fall down. The S.O.B. knocked me over.' To instinctively say that about the man who is sworn to put himself between Mr. Kerry and a bullet, paints a lasting and contemptible character portrait. Contrast that with what Ronald Reagan said shortly after he was shot: 'Honey, I forgot to duck.' It was at that moment that 60 percent of the American public fell permanently in love with the Gipper. As Ernest Hemmingway put it in another time, that is grace under pressure -- and Mr. Kerry doesn't have it." --Tony Blankley

Willing to violate the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God 

In 1996, Senator John Kerry was one of just 14 Senators to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act even as 85 Senators and President Clinton supported the measure.  In opposing the Defense of Marriage Act, John Kerry said "This i! s an unconstitutional, unprecedented, unnecessary and mean-spirited bill."

Senator John Kerry continues to push hard for the "gay vote" which represents less than 1% of all registered voters. There is an unspoken "gay recruitment quota" for the Democratic National Convention which is generally understood to be 10% of all delegates. At his Internet site Senator Kerry has defaced Old Glory, the flag of the United States of America to accommodate homosexuals. The flag at left was copied from the official John Kerry campaign Internet site and can also be viewed at that site directly through this link. If you really want to get mad (or disgusted) download Kerry's "LGBT tool kit" pdf. (LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Religious Freedom Coalition  

In His Own Words
Standing up with Pride by John Kerry

"As we enter the season of celebrating Pride in the LGBT community, Americans should embrace the diversity that makes our nation strong and recommit ourselves to ensuring that all Americans receive equal rights. I am proud to have fought for equal rights for gay Americans, but unfortunately so much still remains to be done.  I am committed to using the power of the White House to advance equal rights for all Americans, including gay Americans. Together we can help America keep her promise of liberty and justice for all. The Bush Administration repeatedly uses gay rights as a political tool to divide the nation.  That’s just wrong.  We don’t need a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.  We need civil unions with full and equal rights.  We don’t need opposition to hate crime legislation.  We need to reject hate and embrace tolerance.  And we don’t need a President who plays politics with gay adoption.  We need a President who works everyday to protect and support all children and families.  The LGBT community contributes to our nation in so many ways, in every corner of this country.  Hard working citizens, these Americans are our family members, our co-workers and our neighbors – they are, I am proud to say, my friends.  Just like all Americans, they care for one another and they contribute to our communities, to our economy, to our national security and to our future. And in return, they ask only for equal treatment. Gay Americans deserve the right to make medical decisions for one another in times of crisis, the right to inherit a house purchased together and equal access to health insurance, social security and retirement benefits. Together we can provide this simple justice. We have come so far over the past decade but we have further still to go.  I voted against DOMA, but too few others joined me.  I voted for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and Hate Crimes legislation, but again, too few others stood with me.  And of course, we have to end the discriminatory policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  The bottom line is this:  we can ensure equal rights for all, but only if we work together. As we salute Pride across the country, I remember the words of Congressman Barney Frank: “Why do we talk about gay pride? The answer is that what we are proud of is our individual and collective willingness to beat back a terrible prejudice.”  I am proud of what we have accomplished, but I believe we can and must do better.  I want to lead an America where the inscription “Equal Justice Under the Law” has both meaning and value for all Americans, not just some Americans.  But I need your help to make that happen.  Join with me and let’s work to make an America where all Americans are celebrated with pride and treated with dignity and fairness." - John Kerry, May 3, 2004

What Kerry and supporters of immorality avoid is equal rights are "entitled" if they do not violate "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God." The first paragraph of the Declaration lays the foundation of the second paragraph for theses "unalienable rights" as being entitled. Click here for a lesson on the foundation of America's laws, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Unlike President Bush, Kerry favors Gay Marriage, Partial-Birth Abortion, keeping prayer out of schools, does not support the Boy Scouts resistance to keeping their organization moral and wholesome, supports ACLU's radical anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-family agenda in the filibuster on judicial nominations, attacks Bush for proclaiming his faith, and participated in the assault on Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" movie before he even saw it.

It appears John Kerry is working hard to get the homosexual vote this fall -- and hundreds of thousands of dollars of their money. In what some supporters are calling an unprecedented effort, Kerry's campaign has launched an outreach drive that includes "Kerry for President" booths in more than 60 "Gay Pride" events nationwide. And in what the Kerry people are calling the "Pride Across America" campaign, Kerry will promote the fact that he opposes a constitutional marriage amendment protecting Bible-based marriage, supports Vermont-style "civil unions," and supports lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military. Baptist Press reports Kerry has also launched what is called a "Ripple of Hope" campaign in an effort to raise $500,000 within the homosexual community by the end of June. [Fred Jackson] (http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/6/72004h.asp)

Campaigning for President

"I just haven't had time." That was the response John Kerry gave on Larry King Live about why he hasn't had a real-time national security briefing . . . the same day that Tom Ridge warned the nation that Al Qeada was planning major attacks in the U.S. Instead, Kerry spent his time at a rock n' roll fundraiser with Hollywood liberals.

This week's "Hyper-Hypocrisy" Award: "Had I been reading to children, and had my top aide whispered into my ear [that] America was under attack, I would have told those kids very politely and nicely that the president of the United States had something he needed to attend to." --John Kerry on what President Bush was doing on 9/11 ++ "And as I came in [to a meeting in Senator Daschle's office], Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid were standing there, and we watched the second plane come in to the building. And we shortly thereafter sat down at the table and then we just realized nobody could think, and then boom, right behind us, we saw the cloud of explosion at the Pentagon." --John Kerry on what he was doing on 9/11 -- The Federalist Brief 04-32

"Look, John Kerry couldn't find Main Street with both hands. You can't make a chicken swim, and you can't make John Kerry anything but an out-of-touch ultraliberal from Taxachusetts..." — Democratic Senator Zell Miller in the Washington Times; June 26, 2004

The Flip: "In the Senate four years -- and that is the full extent of public life ' no international experience, no military experience, you can imagine what the advertising is going to be next year.... When I came back from Vietnam in 1969, I don't know if John Edwards was out of diapers then." --John Kerry, January 2004 -- The Flop: "John Edwards is ready for this job. He is ready for this job." --John Kerry, this week, following the Edwards announcement The Federalist Brief 04-27

John Kerry's campaign denounced Bush/Cheney ads as "disgusting." The Kerry campaign says, "The use of Adolf Hitler by any campaign, politician or party is simply wrong."

It seems odd that a person running for the highest office in the land doesn't have a defining reason for his candidacy, but it's easier to understand when you realize that he wants to be president much more than he cares about advancing a particular policy agenda... At this point in our national history, nothing is more important -- apart from spiritual things -- than how we provide for our national security. With President Bush, at least, we know where we stand. We know where he stands. We know he has the courage and leadership to steer the ship of state in the direction of the nation's best interests during this time of war. With John Kerry, we truly don't have a clue. David Limbaugh

Truth, open exchange not 'negative campaigning' by David Limbaugh (3/9/2004) My educated guess is that one of Senator Kerry's chief campaign strategies will be to use "negative campaigning" as both a sword and a shield. In effect, Kerry operatives will be saying to the Bush administration: "You can't engage in negative campaigning, but we will. You can't question our patriotism, and you can't tout your own patriotism, but we'll tout ours and question yours. And we'll deny we're doing it and accuse you of dirty campaigning if you so much as call us on it."...But in recent times, the political Left, which resides in the Democratic Party, has conducted a systematic assault on political speech, from politically correct speech codes on college campuses to campaign finance "reforms," to efforts to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine for radio broadcasting. At the same time the Left has been engaged in an all out effort to eliminate restrictions on expressions that have little to do with preserving freedom, such as obscenity. (See complete article.)

"Special Interests?" Kerry received $111,850 from Oil and Gas Industry Employees, $59,505 from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Employees, $6,340,659 from Finance/Insurance/Real Estate Sector Employees, 4th among Senators over the last 15 years. According to fellow Democrat Senator Zen Miller: "Of all the Senators, he [Kerry] got more special interest money than any Senator ever has in 15 years."

Heinz Shuns Kerry, Supports Bush, GOP Although likely Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry's wife is an heiress to H. J. Heinz Co., members of the company's board of directors as well as the company's political action committee are supporting President George W. Bush and the Republican Party. >> Read Full Story

Presidential candidate John Kerry has just hired Mara Vanderslice as his religion outreach director. She formerly served as Howard Dean’s religion director. CNSNews reports on Vanderslice’s strange views and background. According to Catholic League head William Donohue, Vanderslice allegedly became a Christian at Earlham College, a Quaker school. While at Earlham, she was a member of the Earlham Socialist Alliance and supported the release of cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. She openly embraces Marxism. After graduation, Vanderslice spoke at ACT Up rallies and took place in riots against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in 2002.  http://www.traditionalvalues.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1690

On the Editorial Page Edwards and Kerry want to raise taxes, but aren't wild about paying them.  (Excerpte) Mrs. Heinz Kerry's finances remain largely a closed book, since she has so far refused to release her tax returns. What we do know so far is that she has prepaid $750,000 in federal taxes on $5.1 million in income for 2003--an effective tax rate of 15%. That is because a significant portion of the income came from tax-free municipal bonds, which is perfectly legal. Even so, her net income must be much higher. We know that since the death of her husband John Heinz in 1991, Mrs. Heinz Kerry has invested shrewdly and possibly even doubled her inheritance. Even if one takes a conservative estimate of her net worth, say $1 billion, an income of $5.1 million means a paltry return of just 0.5%. More likely, the majority of her investment income is sheltered within trusts so that tax is deferred until she or her family actually wants to spend it. Again, perfectly legal, but this is a luxury that the average middle-class professional working for a wage does not have. These are the non-rich who will pay the bulk of any Kerry tax increase. Instead of taking his (John Edwards) $26.9 million in earnings directly in the following four years, he paid himself a salary of $360,000 a year and took the rest as corporate dividends. Since salary is subject to 2.9% Medicare tax but dividends aren't, that meant he shielded more than 90% of his income. That's not necessarily illegal, but dodging such a large chunk of employment tax skates perilously close to the line. So when John Kerry and John Edwards say that they want to tax the wealthiest Americans, let's be clear about what they really mean. They want to tax the most productive people at higher marginal rates and close loopholes for corporations, while they themselves dodge taxes by exploiting loopholes they plan to preserve. Mr. Edwards is right that there really are two Americas. The people who work for their money and want to keep more of their own paychecks. And wealthy politicians who want to raise taxes on the middle class secure in the knowledge that they won't have to pay. The Opinion Journal

As a Senator

What the media does not report about Senator Kerry's anti-family voting records.

 Sen. Kerry has missed 88 PERCENT of Senate votes while running for President; Sen. Edwards has missed 43 percent.

According to Congressional Quarterly, John Kerry missed 72% of 119 recorded votes held in 2003 on issues that President Bush had taken a position on. Kerry missed 36 of 38 votes dealing with Medicare reform and prescription drug benefits, including final passage of the bill. Now he says fixing the health care system is a priority. In 1994, Kerry proposed and voted to cut $1 billion from intelligence. In 1995, Kerry introduced a bill to reduce the intelligence budget by $300 million in each of fiscal years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000.

The Boston Herald (3/1/04), "Kerry has been a virtual no-show in the U.S. Senate over the past 14 months, but he hasn't missed a paycheck," even though "federal law says some of his $158,000 salary should have been withheld." Edwards continues to cash HIS checks, too. But, as the New York Post noted (6/16/04), "In 2000, then-Texas Gov. George Bush reimbursed his state a day's salary for every day that he was campaigning out of state and then-Lt. Gov. Rick Perry had to step in as acting governor."

TheBostonChannel.com - Politics - GOP: Kerry Should Resign Over ... Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey argued that Kerry, the state's four-term senator, has missed too many roll call votes and has done a poor job of representing his constituents. Of the 112 Senate votes this year, Kerry has voted just 14 times, according to an Associated Press tally. "It's not fair, it's not right and the public is not being well-served," said Healey, who said she was speaking on behalf of Republican Gov. Mitt Romney. "I'm calling on John Kerry to resign so that we can fill that office with someone who is 100 percent devoted to the job of representing the people of Massachusetts."

"In 1997, Kerry felt that there were no threats to the United States. This prompted him to place this statement in the Congressional Record: 'Now that the [Cold War] struggle is over, why is it that our vast intelligence apparatus continues to grow even as Government resources for new and essential priorities fall far short of what is necessary?' (Congressional Record, 5/1/97, p. S3891) Twelve days after 9/11, Senator Kerry had the nerve to make this statement: 'And the tragedy is, at the moment, that the single most important weapon for the United States of America is intelligence. ...[W]e are weakest, frankly, in that particular area. So it's going to take us time to be able to build up here to do this properly.' (CBS's Face the Nation, 9/23/01) After spending years trying to lay waste to our intelligence capabilities, succeeding at times, and failing at times, he now preaches about how our intelligence community was negligent." --Barbara Stock, GOPUS  The Federalist Brief 04-25

For Kerry's long history of anti-gun rights votes and positions, he consistently receives a 100-percent rating from the Brady Campaign (Handgun Control Inc.), the American Bar Association's Special Committee on Gun Violence, and from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly the National Coalition to Ban Handguns). All of these groups deny the existence of an individual right to keep and bear arms, and some are actively using the courts in an attempt to destroy Americans' Second Amendment freedoms. On issues directly affecting Second Amendment rights, Kerry has voted 51 of 55 times against us on the floor of the Senate! On a series of critically important votes in the U.S. Senate in March, Kerry eagerly worked to sabotage S.1805--the NRA-backed legislation to stop predatory lawsuits aimed at bankrupting the law-abiding firearms industry--by voting to extend the Clinton gun ban, to make now-legal private gun sales at gun shows criminal acts, and to support his crony Ted Kennedy's (D-Mass.) ammunition ban, which would have prohibited most center fire hunting ammunition! NRA-ILA June 11, 2004 Newsletter. See http://www.clintongunban.com/ for more details on violating our Second Amendment Rights.

Kerry voted against a Social Security "lock box," against personal retirement accounts, and against earmarking Social Security funds for Social security only. While Kerry claims to care more about healthcare than Republicans, he has missed 36 out of 38 voted on Medicare prescription drug benefits.

Kerry voted TWICE against giving low-income parents a choice in where they send their children to school. Kerry has also voted AGAINST giving parents of children in "violence-prone" schools a choice between public and private school.

Furthermore, the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) identified key votes on the rights of the unborn since 1985 and found that Kerry voted pro-abortion ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time. Obviously, he received a ZERO rating from the NRLC.

Kerry also has one of the LOWEST ratings from BOTH the National Taxpayers Union and the American Conservative Union. In other words, Kerry is one of the Senate's LEADING    LIBERALS -- right up there with Daschle, Kennedy and Hillary Clinton!

Since discovering in June that he would be running without GOP opposition this fall, Kerry has become increasingly shrill in his unfounded criticism of President Bush's foreign and domestic policies -- including questioning America's War on Terrorism and our efforts to beef up Homeland Security.

In stepping up his presidential ambitions, Kerry has spent an inordinate amount of time in neighboring New Hampshire campaigning for liberal candidates there. In fact, Kerry's been to New Hampshire more times this year than he's been to Massachusetts!

Kerry was a July 31 front-page article in the New York Times, in which Kerry was heralded for "unleashing a barrage of criticism against President Bush" and the efforts to destroy Al Qaeda and global terrorism. Kerry has said he "set himself apart" from other Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Liberals, of which Kerry's Congressional record reeks, have lost all regard for the U.S. Constitution, our Founding Fathers, or America's Sovereignty, as evidenced in their assaults against religious rights and their goal of World Socialism under the deceptive agenda of the United Nations, which will replace the U.S. Constitution with the UN Charter.

John Kerry supported a 50 cent per gallon increase in the gas tax, which would cost the average American family $657 a year. The Kerry gas tax calculator, allows voters to find out exactly how much Kerry's gas tax increase would cost them at the pump. 

From American Shareholders - Kerry’s 19-Year Record on Investor Issues

According to the far-left "Americans for Democratic Action," Kerry has a HIGHER lifetime liberal voting record (93%) than Ted Kennedy (88%). John Kerry was also awarded the rank of "most liberal" member of the Senate by National Journal, which has scored Senate voting records on economic policy, social policy and foreign policy since 1981. Kerry's composite score of 96.5 placed him to the left of Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.

And as legislators for NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and  abortion (not their constituents)....

Kerry, Democrats Condemned for Votes Against Unborn Victims Act - WASHINGTON (Talon News) -- Pro-life groups criticized Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) for his vote last week against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. >> Read Full Story

John Kerry voted at least six times against banning partial birth abortion, and he voted at least 25 times in favor of using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions in the United States. Senator Kerry opposes requiring parental consent or notification for a minor daughter's abortion. Americans have the clear choice of supporting President Bush on the issue of life and other critical issues.

What Kerry Opposes

* Against accelerating the pro-growth elements of the Bush tax cut, reduce taxes on capital gains & dividends, and increase IRA contribution limits.
* Against lessening our dependence on foreign (i.e., Arab) energy sources by drilling for oil in the Arctic.
* Against providing school choice for parents and children (including vouchers and charter schools).
* Against beefing up Homeland Security and fighting terrorism through a new and streamlined homeland defense agency.
* Against protecting the rights of the unborn.
* Against protecting traditional marriage and outlawing same-sex marriage and benefits.
* Against eliminating the Death Tax.
* Against protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.
* Against reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid with practical ideas that don't break the bank.

Kerry threw his Vietnam medals over the White House fence in 1970, voted against using force to oust Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1991.

Kerry's recent record makes it clear that his hypocrisy knows no bounds. Kerry castigates Republicans for "being too close" to recent corporate scandals, yet he received the highest amount of any Senate Democrat running for re-election from Global Crossing ($22,000) and took $5,000 in donations from arrested ImClone Systems founder Sam Waksal and his family.

Kerry freely attacks the Bush Administration on how the successful war on terror has been conducted, yet offers no concrete suggestions of what he would have done differently.

Kerry has been a "no show" in the Senate almost as much as he's been a "no show" in Massachusetts.

The Coast Guard, which plays a pivotal role in Homeland Security (especially here in Massachusetts), is at its worst state of readiness since Pearl Harbor. Kerry is the chairman of the sub-committee that oversees the Coast Guard -- why hasn't he done anything about it?

Kerry also serves on the social security and health care sub-committees, yet opposes reforms necessary to fix the financial mess in these areas. He's also the chairman of the Foreign Relations sub-committee for Asia & The Pacific, yet hasn't offered a single proposal on reducing the growing influence of terrorist organizations in this vital region.

"Senator Kerry has been in the Senate for a long time. And during his tenure, he's introduced 500 pieces of legislation, seven of which have been adopted. Two or three of those concerned renaming bridges. A couple involved research grants. And a couple were giveaway programs, small loans.... But, he has voted against virtually every defense weapons system bill that's come down the pike." --Democrat Senator Zell Miller

As a President?

"You listen to these kids say the Pledge of Allegiance in two languages, and I said every kid in America ought to be talking in two languages, there's no question about it." U.S. Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) Las Cruces Sun News May 5, 2004

"Our democracy is a farce; it is not the best in the world. Communism was not a threat to our country...." --John Kerry in a 1971 speech at West Virginia's Bethany College

Kerry's Social Security plan by Alan Reynolds (9/23) The biggest economic challenge of the not-so-distant future will undoubtedly be the rapid aging of the population. ...It doesn't take much imagination to view the Kerry-Edwards Social Security tax proposal as a Trojan Horse -- a first step toward eliminating the income cap altogether, as the Clinton administration did with the Medicare tax. This has long been the dream of income-leveling Democrats such as Robert Kuttner and of socialist Michael Harrington, who promoted the idea in Dissent in 1988

You Can’t be Serious by Rich Tucker (7/23/2004) He mentioned values 16 times. The upshot: Kerry’s got ’em, we need ’em, and so we ought to vote for him. But this speech, in a serious election year, when serious issues are at risk, was anything but serious.

Just in time for Father's Day, Kerry laid out his plan for helping families, with -- you knew this was coming -- government financing for less parental involvement with their children. Kerry proposes increasing the allowance for the child care tax credit from the current $3,000 to $5,000 per child, and further calls for expanding after-school programs by repealing the tax credit for families earning over $200,000. Wow -- a duo of dubious ideas! As a family-friendlier approach, why not allow folks to keep more money in the family pocketbook from the get-go, instead of earmarking money for placing children in the care of others. The Federalist Brief 04-25

Asked what he would do differently in Iraq, Kerry said, "Right now, what I would do differently is, I mean, look, I'm not the president, and I didn't create this mess so I don't want to acknowledge a mistake that I haven't made."

"I will immediately reach out to other nations in a very different way from this administration. Within weeks of being inaugurated, I will return to the UN, and I will rejoin the community of nations." John Kerry - Be sure you understand the goals and agenda of the United Nations for Worldwide Socialism.

One of the central contradictions of the Kerry Democrats is that they love jobs, but they hate the businesses and employers who create them. The economic agenda of the Democrats these days starts with the premise that taxes on employers should go up. John Kerry wants to raise the highest income tax rate from 35% to 40% or more. Since two of every three tax filers in the highest income tax bracket is a business owner, it's hard to conceive how these higher tax rates on job creators will increase hiring. Find more on improving the economy:  http://www.HumanEventsOnline.com/article.php?id=4230

John Kerry continues to insist that he's going to "go after the rich," and we're willing to concede that he's done pretty well thus far. Indeed, his first wife was worth $300 million and his current wife is worth $700 million! The Federalist Brief 04-13

How Would Senator Kerry’s Tax Proposals Affect the Economy?  by William W. Beach - 4/16/2004

Think Tank Blasts Kerry's Economic Plan A conservative think tank report concludes that the economic plan proposed by Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (D-MA) would result in a "slower economy and job creation significantly below potential." The report adds that "the negative effects of an increase in taxes for high-income taxpayers overwhelm the positive effects of making key elements of the Bush tax plan permanent for taxpayers with incomes under $200,000." >> Read Full Story

Kerry's plan by Bruce Bartlett (3/31/2004) Last Friday, John Kerry unveiled his long-awaited economic plan -- one that he says will create 10 million new jobs in the United States. It's an extraordinarily unambitious plan, one that relies primarily on two tax gimmicks of dubious value. One would penalize U.S. companies with foreign operations to pay for a cut in the corporate tax rate. The other would revive a discredited job subsidy plan that has been tried before and failed.

Kerry No Friend to Investors, Shareholders' Group Says By Susan Jones CNSNews.com Morning Editor March 23, 2004 (CNSNews.com) - Two out of three voters in the 2004 elections will be investors, says a group that represents their interests; and based on his past votes, those investors need to beware of Democrat John F. Kerry. The American Shareholders Association, an investors' watchdog group, studied Kerry's 19-year record on investor issues, and it found that Kerry consistently opposed a capital gains tax cut as well as Individual Retirement Accounts.

The only foreign leader known (Kerry won't reveal other "leaders") to support Kerry is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who hopes a Kerry victory "would lead to a softening in U.S. policy towards his country's nuclear weapons ."

"What we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States. ...Because of the depth of this breach [in international relations leading to the Iraq war], because of the anger that exists with many countries and their leaders ... I don't think they're going to trust this president no matter what. I believe it deeply, that it will take a new president of the United States, declaring a new day for our relationship with the world, to clear the air and turn a new page on American history. ...I believe we can have a golden age of American diplomacy." John Kerry April 2003 -- Dear John, How exactly will leaving Saddam in power, promote peace and justice in Iraq? Why are you so willing to revoke America's sovereignty to the Communist Regime of the United Nations?

Nominating Kerry -- Is Democratic buyers' remorse inevitable? by David Limbaugh (3/19/2004) Have you been hearing the increasingly bizarre pronouncements erupting from Senator Kerry's amply angry mouth? In their haste to throw Howard Dean overboard, have the Democrats made a real blunder anointing this pig in a poke? ...As for your record compared to the president's in supporting the troops, how do you explain that Mr. Bush has increased spending on veterans by some 8 percent per year and defense spending by 10 percent per year? And do you expect us to overlook that you, Senator, voted against the $87 billion supplemental appropriation to support our soldiers and finance the rebuilding and democratization of Iraq? (I know you said you voted both for it and against it.) ...Are you really saying that our troops in Iraq would sustain fewer casualties if you were in office or that you could bring them home more quickly without jeopardizing the stability of the new regime? ...What magic wand, then, would you use to insulate our troops from injury and bring them home faster? Maybe you would take away the body armor and weapons systems you defiantly voted against? Or treat the terrorist attacks in Iraq as a law enforcement matter? Or talk your other dovish European leader friends into undovishly committing their troops?

"I recall his (John Kerry) U.S. Senate vote against the federal balanced budget amendment, because the amendment was killed by that one vote. So I don't want to hear Kerry complaining about the federal deficit, which is his fault. [Read the recently compiled CLT record of Kerry's votes against a Balanced Budget Amendment]" Barbara Anderson of Massachusetts Citizens For Limited Taxation.

A delegation of doctors is in Washington this week to warn about the dangers of a John Kerry presidency. Continental Group president Jeff Ziegler, the leader of the delegation of physicians, explains their overall purpose. "What we're doing is arguing for free market reforms of Medicare," he notes, but more specifically, he says his group is on Capitol Hill to make others aware of what would happen to the American health care system if Kerry were to win the presidency. "He has always voted for state-centralized control of medicine," Ziegler says. "In his mind, complete federal control of the entire health-care industry is the preferred model." (http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/1/292004h.asp)

John Kerry, Mr. Insincerity by Rich Lowry (3/15/2004) Indeed, if it weren't for his insincerity, John Kerry would face a revolt among his liberal base and a political meltdown generally.

John Kerry on the issues by Rich Lowry (2/5/2004) As his campaign rolls on, Sen. John Kerry sat down the other day for a brief interview about the issues.

Will another Massachusetts pol go down? by Ross Mackenzie (2/5/2004) With Teddy Kennedy, Paul Tsongas and Michael Dukakis, John Kerry is the fourth Massachusetts pol to seek the presidency since 1980.

Judicial activism issue favors GOP by David Limbaugh (10/8/2003) - Democratic presidential contender Sen. John Kerry said last week that he is concerned that if President Bush is re-elected he will appoint pro-life judges to the federal bench. That, he says, demonstrates Bush's "unwavering commitment to refashioning the court in the ideological image of the far right."  So we now have a powerful senator, a major player seeking the highest office in the land, going on record saying that anyone who supports the unborn's right to life is "far right." Translation: Those who support human life are extremists.  Kerry did not attempt to deny that he would attempt to block the nominations of all judges who are pro-life. Up to this point, most Democratic politicians have talked around the issue, vigorously opposing pro-life nominees, but denying they were engaging in a de facto litmus test to that end. With Kerry out of the closet, it will be more difficult for the left to deny its anti-life judicial agenda.

Massachusetts Citizens For Limited Taxation (CLT) NEWS RELEASE - Barbara Anderson September 3, 2003 - Sen. John Kerry and the federal deficit - If we must listen to Sen. John Kerry criticize President Bush about the deficit during the campaign for president, then we should also be reminded that it was his vote that killed the federal balanced budget constitutional amendment that would help prevent deficits and control the national debt. Citizens for Limited Taxation worked with the National Taxpayers Union on its Balanced Budget Amendment campaign throughout the1980s and ‘90s. We almost won in 1997. As with any proposed constitutional amendment, a two-thirds majority vote is required in both the House and Senate for it to succeed in the U.S. Congress. The NTU got the vote in the House. The Senate vote, on March 6, 1997, was 66-34, one vote shy of the required two-thirds. That one vote was Sen. John Kerry’s.

Demo presidential candidate Sen. John "Ketchup" Kerry, who made his millions the old-fashioned way (by marrying the Heinz fortune heiress), has missed 47% of Senate votes this year, while Sen. Joe LIEberman has only missed 34%.  Also, John Kerry commented he was the only senator to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act, although he sees the need -- for now -- to respect the "cultural tradition" of man-woman marriage when he showed up at the "Human" (read: "Homosexuality") Rights Campaign's Washington, D.C., forum. (Federalist Brief 03-29)

Sen. John Kerry, always present when there is an open mic: "President Bush has made it a top priority to stack the federal court with judges that represent the far right wing of his party. He will not miss an opportunity to nominate ultra-conservative judges to the nation's highest court, putting our most precious rights at grave risk. A retreat on our freedoms will affect all Americans. Everyone must get involved now in the fight to prevent Bush from stacking the Supreme Court with ideological extremists." The Federalist  - Do you have ears to hear? Not only does Kerry want a "regime change" in the USA, he also wants Christ out of America so immorality can reign "supreme."

Kerry says he'll filibuster Supreme Court nominees who do not support abortion rights - WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Friday that he is prepared to block any Supreme Court nominee who would not uphold the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. KERRY'S VOW GUARANTEES DIFFICULT ROAD FOR PRO-LIFE JUDICIAL NOMINEES A U.S. senator who wants to occupy the White House has vowed to block any nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court who do not support abortion on demand. More details:  http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/6/232003a.asp

Judicial activism issue favors GOP by David Limbaugh (10/8/2003) - Democratic presidential contender Sen. John Kerry said last week that he is concerned that if President Bush is re-elected he will appoint pro-life judges to the federal bench. That, he says, demonstrates Bush's "unwavering commitment to refashioning the court in the ideological image of the far right."  So we now have a powerful senator, a major player seeking the highest office in the land, going on record saying that anyone who supports the unborn's right to life is "far right." Translation: Those who support human life are extremists.  Kerry did not attempt to deny that he would attempt to block the nominations of all judges who are pro-life. Up to this point, most Democratic politicians have talked around the issue, vigorously opposing pro-life nominees, but denying they were engaging in a de facto litmus test to that end. With Kerry out of the closet, it will be more difficult for the left to deny its anti-life judicial agenda.

"People hate to admit this but it was Bill Clinton and the Democrats in 1993, without one Republican vote, who actually did deficit reduction. ...We not only balanced the budget but we paid down the debt. Now we've turned that around and we have deficits just like Ronald Reagan, as far as the eye can see." --John "Ketchup" Kerry on the economic expansion Clinton inherited from Bush(41) and the recession (and ignored terrorist threat) Bush(43) inherited from Clinton. He conveniently forgot to mention the 1994 Republican takeover in the House, and the reins they placed on the budget.  The Federalist 03-19 Brief  "He conveniently forgot to mention..." = example of Kerry's DECEPTION

"The president is going to an aircraft carrier far out at sea with military surroundings, while countless numbers of Americans are frightened stiff about the economy here at home." John Kerry

ANN COULTER reveals why Sen. John Kerry is not her kind of man. (Read article) "...on the basis of Kerry’s own logic, the question of his fitness to discuss taxes while living off rich women is still on the table."

Class Warfare and the Nanny State: John Kerry Wakes the Ghosts of the 1970's. Click Here to view article.

On Terrorism & Defense

"I ask you to judge me by my record..." John Kerry -- See http://kerry-04.org/war/)

"Listing all the weapon systems that Senator Kerry tried his best to shut down sounds like an auctioneer selling off our national security, but Americans need to know the facts. The B-1 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, dropped 40% of the bombs in the first six months of Operation Enduring Freedom. The B-2 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, delivered air strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hussein's command post in Iraq. The F-14A Tomcats, that Senator Kerry opposed, shot down Khadifi's Libyan MIGs over the Gulf of Sidra. The modernized F-14D, that Senator Kerry opposed, delivered missile strikes against Tora Bora. The Apache helicopter, that Senator Kerry opposed, took out those Republican Guard tanks in Kuwait in the Gulf War. The F-15 Eagles, that Senator Kerry opposed, flew cover over our Nation's Capital and this very city after 9/11. I could go on and on and on: Against the Patriot Missile that shot down Saddam Hussein's scud missiles over Israel, Against the Aegis air-defense cruiser, Against the Strategic Defense Initiative, Against the Trident missile, against, against, against. This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces? U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?" --Zell Miller

As a Senator, in 1994, Kerry proposed and voted to cut $1 billion from intelligence. In 1995, Kerry introduced a bill to reduce the intelligence budget by $300 million in each of fiscal years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000.

"Everything he did in Iraq, he's going to try to persuade people it has to do with terror even though everybody here knows that it has nothing whatsoever to do with al-Qa'ida and everything to do with an agenda that they had preset, determined." --John Kerry  -- Memo to Kerry: When WMD explode, they most definitely become found. And when al-Qa'ida videotape themselves in Iraq claiming to be at the essential battleground, they most definitely prove a link. The Federalist Brief 04-20

"When Les Aspin refused to properly arm our Rangers in Mogadishu and they were slaughtered, did John Kerry demand he be fired or resign? That's right -- they were American troops and John Kerry has a long history of not supporting our troops! This time we are dealing with Iraqis, the enemy, and John Kerry is concerned with injustice. Thank God I am out of the military if this man becomes Commander-in-Chief. God Bless our troops." Reader Comment - The Federalist Brief 04-20

"Just because The Poodle is criticizing the president when our nation is at war doesn't mean the American people should reward the terrorists by electing him. Just remember, when you go into the voting booth November 2nd, you have two choices: a president who believes in fighting the war on terror, and the Al-Qaeda candidate who believes terrorism is a law enforcement problem." --Neal Boortz The Federalist Brief 04-19

There is no arguing the point. A Kerry victory, no matter how sweet to the Liberal-Left and distasteful to the conservatives in the United States would be ten-times as sweet for al Qaeda and terrorists all over the world. It would be the "nectar of Allah" by proxy. It matters not that the circumstances are unfair to Senator Kerry's political career. They are what they are. Al Qaeda will claim a substantial victory in their war against freedom and democracy by virtue of their "victory" over the man who not only reacted to the devastation of September 11th but who first initiated a true response to the brand of poison, the terror that al Qaeda and their affiliates have chosen to serve the free world. If they escalated their demonic exploits with the defeat of the prime minister of Spain, what do you think they will do if they defeat the President of the United States? From: Will We Allow an Overthrow of Our Election Process? By Frank Salvato

PATRIOT ACT APPARENTLY EFFECTIVE -- BUT TARGET OF KERRY'S DARTS A conservative pundit who was once a well-known leftist says Democratic John Kerry and other liberal Democrats are undermining America's national security by attacking the Patriot Act. More details: http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/5/102004g.asp

Senate Votes John Kerry
Subject U.S. Troops to International Criminal Court (12-7-01) Yes
Decrease Navy funding and use the money for AIDS (7-10-01) Yes
McCain amendment to reduce pork projects and use money saved for Defense (7-10-01) No
Support and fund National Missile Defense (18 votes, 1991 to 2000) No, 18 Times
Cut Defense budget by $400 million (7-10-97) Yes
Cut Defense budget by $5 million (7-9-97) Yes
Cut Defense budget by $13 billion (6-26-96) Yes
Freeze Defense spending for seven years and use the $34.8 billion saved for social programs (5-24-95) Yes
Publicize U.S. Covert Intelligence Budget (10-19-93) Yes
Gays in the Military (9-9-93) Yes
Block military pay raise (3-24-93) Yes
Help new enlistees register to vote (3-17-93) No
Eliminate authorizations for the B-2 bomber program (9-18-92) Yes
Take $3 billion from Defense and give it to the Department of Education (9-16-92) Yes
Cut $3 billion from Defense and use the money for social programs (9/10/91) Yes
Cut $6 billion from Defense spending (4-9-92) Yes
First Iraq War (1-12-91) No
Cut funding for MX Missile (8-1-89) Yes
Aid anti-Communist fighters in Nicaragua and Cambodia during the 1980s No, No

The above chart from David Freddoso is Assistant Editor for HUMAN EVENTS - Intern Ingrid Langsather, who is in Washington with the National Journalism Center, helped compile this report.

Whose side is Kerry On? - Who is he looking after?

In the year since the cessation of major hostilities, America's resolve in our war against Jihadistan has been under relentless assault -- not so much by the Jihadis themselves, but by the political ambitions of Demo-presidential contenders and their Leftmedia minions. Though our national resolve has not been undermined (yet), the ascension of presumed Demo-nominee John Kerry could change all that. Kerry is shamelessly calling into question the wartime leadership of President Bush, protesting our mission in Iraq with a fervor akin to that with which he protested our mission in Vietnam three decades ago. The danger, of course, is that his protests today have emboldened Iraqi insurgents in places like Fallujah and Najaf -- just as his protests more than 30 years ago emboldened the Viet Cong in places like Dong Ap Bia. The cost of Kerry's political folly is tallied not only in Demo-campaign donations, but in flag-draped caskets returning from the Iraqi and Afghan warfronts with Jihadistan -- much as the costs of his protests in the 1970s were tallied in flag-draped caskets returning from the Vietnamese warfront with Communism. In the 15 months since the coalition's invasion of Iraq, 736 American service personnel have been killed. But more than a fourth of those troops have been killed in just the last two months -- a period coinciding with the end of the Democrat presidential primary. What, you ask, is our point? Merely that this is precisely the moment when John Kerry's dissenting views on our mission in Iraq became the central focus of his political campaign -- as broadcast around the world. The Federalist Brief 04-17

On March 28, 2004 the U.S.-led coalition authorities closed al-Sadr's newspaper, al-Hawza, for 60 days, the Sun reported. L. Paul Bremer, the chief U.S. administrator in Iraq, charged that said the newspaper had published false stories blaming the coalition forces for local acts of terrorism. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry defended terrorist Shiite imam Muqtada al-Sadr as a "legitimate voice" in Iraq, despite that fact that he's led an uprising that has killed nearly 20 American GIs in the last two days. Speaking of al-Sadr's newspaper, which was shut down by coalition forces last week after it urged violence against U.S. troops, Kerry complained to National Public Radio, "They shut a newspaper that belongs to a legitimate voice in Iraq." NewsMax.com

Outsourcing foreign policy by Thomas Sowell (3/23/2004) Spain's decision to turn tail and run, in response to a terrorist bombing, not only tells terrorists how to get their way in the future, it should also tell us about the dangers of outsourcing our foreign policy to our allies or to the United Nations, as so many on the left want us to do.

Official: Kerry failed to act on pre-9/11 tip  3rd agent to say he warned security lapses made Boston airport ripe for 'jihad' attack - Brian Sullivan, a retired special agent from the Boston area, advised Kerry in a May 7, 2001, letter (page 1, page 2) that Logan was ripe for a "jihad" suicide operation possibly involving "a coordinated attack." He cited serious breaches at Logan security checkpoints exposed by an undercover investigation he and another former agent helped a Boston TV news station conduct. Sullivan says he had a copy of the undercover videotape hand-delivered to Kerry's office. WND

The stakes by Mona Charen (3/19/2004) The vice president suggested in a recent speech that the election of 2004 will be the most significant in 20 years. He's right. ...Sen. Kerry, who promises to handle terrorism by inaugurating a "golden age of American diplomacy." Kerry has said, "The War on terror is less of a military operation and far more of an intelligence-gathering and law enforcement operation." ...Would Zarqawi be feeling so desperate if President Kerry were in power? Muammar al Qaddafi decided to fold his nuclear hand after observing coalition forces descend on his old friend Saddam. Would he have felt pressure to concede under Kerry's "golden age of diplomacy"? 

John Kerry: A Despot’s Best Friend by Joel Mowbray (3/11/2004) Turn on the Korea Central News Agency in recent days, and you’d be likely to hear John Kerry’s foreign policy speeches receiving lavish praise normally reserved for the man who runs the broadcaster—and pretty much everything else in North Korea: Kim Jong-Il.

Kerry would abandon terror war Begin dialogue with regimes, apologize for mistakes by Bush The Democratic Party's presidential front-runner, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., has pledged that if elected he will abandon the president's war on terror, begin a dialogue with terrorist regimes and apologize for three-and-one-half years of mistakes by the Bush administration. - WorldNetDaily

An imminent threat - to his own credibility by Paul Greenberg (2/16/2004) Senator Kerry now explains that he wasn't really for using force in Iraq. He may have voted for the resolution but he didn't mean it, not then anyway, or maybe not ever. Listen to this quote from 2002 on the danger posed by Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction:  . . . I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security. Oops. Actually, that wasn't George W. Bush. It was John F. Kerry explaining why he was going to vote for the congressional resolution authorizing the use of force against Saddam's regime in Iraq.  ... "Why is Saddam Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons when most nations don't even try? According to intelligence, Iraq has chemical and biological weapons . . . ." That was John F. Kerry on Oct. 9, 2002, speaking from his vantage point on the Senate Intelligence Committee. (Go to article)

Dear Mr. Kerry by Jay Bryant (3/3/2004) One man with exceptional qualifications in that regard is retired Army Col. Glenn Lackey, who also knows something about life in the verbal combat zone known as Capitol Hill, where he served a stint as Chief of Staff for a Member of Congress. Excerpts: I saw brave men fight and die; I saw brave, good men pass out all their rations to hungry kids, build churches and schools, donate to orphanages, cry silently at the sight of villagers slaughtered by North Vietnamese, but I never saw anything approaching the war crimes that you happened to witness as your boat sped by villages on the river bank. ...I know dozens of retired military professionals. None of them support you - there is a reason for that. They all served honorably and well, and they all believe that you did not. I know war heroes, and your, sir, are no war hero.  -- Glenn Lackey

Several questions for you, Senator by David Limbaugh (2/17/2004) One blessing likely to result from John Kerry's rapid clinching of the Democratic presidential nomination is that Democrats will finally be forced to give us their solutions for the nation's problems. Up to this point, most of their candidates have fueled their campaign engines only with high-octane anti-Bush. Once Kerry becomes the putative nominee -- assuming he isn't there already -- perhaps we'll begin to see a fleshing out of his alternative proposals, instead of merely his empty criticisms. A few questions that I'd like to see him answer are: (Go to article)

A few questions for John Kerry by George Will (2/15/2004) In the more than 250 days until Nov. 2, John Kerry can answer questions that linger in spite of, or because of, all he has said so far. Such as Other than denoting your disapproval, what does the adjective mean in the phrase ``special interest''? Is the National Education Association a special interest? The AFL-CIO? You abhor ``special tax giveaways for the privileged and special interests.'' When supporting billions in ethanol subsidies, mostly for agribusinesses, did you think about corn-growing, caucus-holding Iowa? Is the National Rifle Association a ``special interest''? Is ``special'' a synonym for ``conservative''? (Go to article)

Kerry is running against his own record -- he's against NAFTA but voted for it, he's against the USA Patriot Act but voted for it, he's against Operation Iraqi Freedom but voted for it, etc. The Federalist Brief 04-04

Kerry-Kennedy Ties Not Just Geographic WASHINGTON Saturday, January 24, 2004 By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos —  Sen. John Kerry  may stress a centrist stance while trying to woo primary voters on the campaign trail, but his voting record resembles that of one of the most liberal lawmakers in the Senate — chief backer and Massachusetts'  Democratic dean,  Edward Kennedy - Fox News

Kerry vs. Kerry by Rich Lowry (1/22/2004) Kerry has long said that he is a great fighter. If he completes his miraculous comeback to win the Democratic nomination, he will indeed have the fight of his life on his hands -- against his own legislative record.

"Under John Kerry's 'plan,' Saddam would still be in power, the French would still be selling him the 68mm missiles used in the attack on Paul Wolfowitz's Baghdad hotel last week, and there would still be Iraqis being fed feet-first into the industrial shredders. Or have I missed something?" --Mark Steyn (The Federalist Brief 03-45)

Asked about the issue last Sunday, Démo Sen. John "Ketchup" Kerry, whose support for action against Saddam extends way back into the Clinton years, said, "I think it would be irresponsible of me at this point to draw conclusions prior to all the evidence being on the table." By Wednesday, his political handlers got to him a copy of the script and Kerry proclaimed, "[Bush] misled every one of us. That's one reason why I'm running to be president of the United States. I will not let him off the hook throughout this campaign with respect to America's credibility and credibility to me because if he lied he lied to me personally." The Federalist

Senator Kerry should apologize by David Limbaugh (10/13/2003) Sen. John Kerry is demanding an apology from President Bush for his handling of Iraq. It would make more sense for Kerry to apologize for his own demagoguery and for placing his personal ambitions ahead of the national interest.

Kerry and the cacophonous cadre of Democratic hopefuls are tirelessly peddling the tale that Bush lied to get us into Iraq -- but in the very process of making the claim, they are themselves lying.  Take, for example, their assertion that President Bush characterized Iraq as an imminent threat to the United States. I’m not the first to point this out, but Bush’s words were precisely the opposite. As Fox News’ Brit Hume noted, in Bush’s State of the Union speech in January 2003, the president stated, “Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike? If this threat is permitted to fully and suddenly emerge, all actions, all words, and all recriminations would come too late.” So who, exactly, is misleading the American people here?

Vietnam 4-Month Service

"Though the [Kerry] campaign released more than 120 pages of Navy records...Mr. Kerry still refused to release medical records that more thoroughly describe the injuries. Among the records that the campaign will not release is any explanation for the injuries that led to Mr. Kerry's first Purple Heart, less than a month after going into combat." --The Washington Times

John Kerry: The Unasked/Unanswered Questions By Thomas D. Segel - Having an Internet reader list of several hundred retired military, veterans and reservists, I sent out a note, requesting their input. I asked them if, in their military experience they knew of anyone who had been awarded three Purple Hearts for minor wounds in less than three months, then sent home. I asked if anyone had ever heard of a Silver Star being awarded to someone who shot a wounded enemy soldier running away from the action Finally, I asked if anyone knew of, or had seen anyone taking home-movies of their combat action or attempting to recreate that action on film, after the fact The answers I received were not all on topic, but all were most interesting.

A question of patriotism by Jonah Goldberg (4/21/2004) According to the funhouse logic of the Kerry campaign, I have no choice but to question Kerry's patriotism.

Democratic senator and presidential hopeful John Kerry is being accused of not telling the truth about his anti-war activities. Kerry's claim to being a war hero has come under question by several veterans groups that are challenging the circumstances of his three Purple Hearts. The medal is awarded to military personnel wounded in combat; however, in all three cases, Kerry reported the injuries himself and never had to spend any time in a medical facility for treatment. Now Cliff  Kincaid of America's Survival says Federal Bureau of Investigation documents prove Kerry to be a liar, even about his anti-war activities. "He was actually at a meeting back in the early 70s where some fellow members of his Vietnam Veterans Against the War actually discussed assassinating members of Congress," Kincaid says. Kerry had earlier denied that he attended the meeting in question, but now his spokesman says he was thinking of another meeting altogether. However, Kincaid says the mainstream media is ignoring this story. (http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/4/132004h.asp)

Doctor Describes Kerry's Disputed Purple Heart Wound - In recent months, Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry has been touting his service in Vietnam with special reference to his three Purple Hearts. Because of his three battle wounds, Kerry was allowed to leave Vietnam before his tour of duty was finished. >> Read Full Story "I simply removed the piece of metal by lifting it out of the skin with forceps. I doubt that it penetrated more than 3 or 4 mm. It did not require probing to find it, did not require any anesthesia to remove it, and did not require any sutures to close the wound. The wound was covered with a Band-Aid." --Louis Letson, the doctor who treated Kerry's "wound" on December 3, 1968. >> Read Full Story

Police Report Sheds Doubt on 'Theft' of Kerry's FBI Files Marc Morano, CNSNews.com Friday, April 9, 2004 - The author who alleges that three boxes of FBI files dealing with Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry's anti-war group were stolen from his home last month did not allow police officers to process the crime scene. The police report of the incident also neglects to mention that the Kerry campaign dispatched a messenger to the home of author Gerald Nicosia to pick up copies of the FBI files a week before the alleged theft of the documents.

Kerry voters may suffer buyers' remorse by Paul Crespo (4/5/2004) After weeks of unusually positive press, Americans are getting a clearer picture of the presumptive Democratic nominee, John Forbes Kerry. And it's not such a pretty picture after all.

Vets vs. Kerry on Vietnam: Part II by Thomas Sowell (8/25) It is John Kerry's own book, written in 1971, titled "The New Soldier." It is out of print and Senator Kerry will not let it be reprinted. The book's front cover shows protesters carrying the American flag upside down, and inside are photos of members of Kerry's group -- Vietnam Veterans Against the War -- with clenched fist salutes and some of the guys done up to look like Che Guevara.

Also see: Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry Web Site

Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry "John Kerry is a liar and a fraud, unfit to be the   Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces." That's not just the opinion of American conservatives: As this astonishing new book shows, most of the men who served with Kerry in Vietnam feel this way. Now, in Unfit for Command, John O'Neil and Jerry Corsi explain why.

"If you have any question about what he's made of, you need to spend three minutes with the men who served with him then.... They saw up close what he's made of." --John Edwards (Indeed, see http://kerry-04.org/war/shipmates.php)

We relate the story of a noteworthy encounter between self-avowed Francophile John "French" Kerry and Ted Sampley, a decorated former Green Beret who served two full tours in Vietnam -- as distinguished from Kerry's four months in country. Mr. Sampley spotted Kerry, protected by his Secret Service detail, at a Memorial Day photo shoot at the Vietnam Memorial. Sampley approached Kerry, extended his hand and said, "Senator...I am here to escort you away from the Wall because you do not belong here." Of course, a Secret Service agent warned Sampley to back away and he obliged, but as he did, he said, "[John] Kerry does not belong at the Wall because he betrayed the brave soldiers who fought in Vietnam." To which a decidedly less-than presidential Kerry -- in front of a group of schoolchildren and other visitors -- responded to Sampley with a less-than-flattering hand gesture. For some reason, the netwonk talkingheads missed that story.  (The Federalist Brief 04-22) More on Kerry and Vietnam below.

The head of a veterans organization dedicated to keeping John Kerry out of the White House says an overwhelmingly majority of vets dislike the Massachusetts Democrat and do not want him to become Commander-in-Chief, despite Kerry's latest effort to get the veteran vote. Kerry recently rolled out his campaign for the traditionally conservative-leaning veterans' vote. Volunteer veterans from all 50 states will attempt to recruit current and former soldiers to his campaign. But Ted Sampley, one of the founders of Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry, says Kerry is not popular among veterans in general. "Our website reflects a lot of people's opinion -- we don't censor the guest book," Samply says. "I'll tell you that nine out of ten Vietnam veterans and other veterans, if not more, do not want John Kerry as their Commander-in-Shief. Without a doubt, the Vietnam vets who support Kerry are a very small minority." Sampley says at the recent Memorial Day festivities in Washington, the vast majority of veterans he talked with stated they could not support Kerry. [Chad Groening] (http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/6/92004h.asp)

"We know John Kerry is a decorated Vietnam war hero, chiefly because he has the annoying habit of reminding us of it every chance he gets. We know he came home and spoke out against the war and maybe or maybe not threw his medals or ribbons or whatever over the White House fence. We know some of his compatriots thought he was a good guy and some thought he was a phony, and, and, and -- all of it ancient history. But after that -- what? In his nearly two decades as a United States Senator, John Kerry has not stood out as a leader on any key issue." Benchwarmer from Massachusetts --Cheri Jacobus

Although a long read, this link is well worth the time. http://www.usvetdsp.com/jf_kerry.htm.

"It is a fact that in the entire Vietnam War we did not lose one major battle. We lost the war at home, and at home John Kerry was the field general." --Robert Elder who served in Vietnam with John Kerry

Of Kerry's anti-democracy protests back then, General Vo Nguyen Giap, Vietnam's most famous military leader, wrote that if not for the disunity created by protesters like John Kerry and Jane Fonda, Hanoi would have ultimately fallen and surrendered. Regarding Kerry's efforts to undermine U.S. national resolve, it's clear that not much has changed since 1971. Kerry's political folly notwithstanding, what the Islamic world will soon see in great detail, as a result of the politicization of the Abu Ghraib incident, is something totally alien to their culture and their resident governments -- JUSTICE. In the end, this incident may in fact be a major stepping-stone on Iraq's pathway to freedom. (The Federalist Brief 04-18)

On the subject of "clashing political visions," a group of 220 veterans who served with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry in a swiftboat unit have demanded that he quit using unauthorized photos of them in his campaign. Veteran William Shumadine, who is in one photo, said, "His use of a photograph with his 19 comrades with knowledge that 11 of them condemn him and six who [are deceased] or do not want to be involved is a complete misrepresentation to the public and a total fraud." This comes on the heels of comments from his superiors about his less-than-dignified behavior during the war. Admiral Roy Hoffman said, "[Kerry] arrived in country with a strong anti-Vietnam War bias and a self-serving determination to build a foundation for his political future. He was aggressive, but vain and prone to impulsive judgment, often with disregard to specific tactical assignments. He was a loose cannon." Thomas Wright, a swiftboat officer who served with Kerry, recalled, "I had a lot of trouble getting him to follow orders... Kerry seemed to believe there were no rules in a free-fire zone, and you were supposed to kill anyone." Kerry was curiously known in radio communication by the self-chosen moniker "Boston Strangler." In regards to Kerry's much-ballyhooed three Purple Hearts, Wright said, "No one wanted a Purple Heart because it meant we had made a mistake. We made sure our crews were recognized, but no one took pride in a Purple Heart." Then he added, "When he got his third Purple Heart, three of us told him to leave. We knew how the system worked and we didn't want him in Coastal Division 11." Finally, John O'Neill, the man who took over Kerry's swift boat upon his early departure, said in a Wall Street Journal editorial, "Today, America is engaged in a new war, against the militant Islamic terrorists who attacked us on our own soil. Reasonable people may differ about how best to proceed, but I'm sure of one thing -- John Kerry is the wrong man to put in charge." (The Federalist Brief 04-22)

19 of 23 Officers Who Served with Kerry Sign Open Letter Navy Vets: Kerry Unfit to Serve by David Freddoso Posted May 7, 2004 ...But appearing on MSNBC that evening, O'Neill rejected such claims. "The problem John Kerry's got is that 100--or now 200 and some Swift people have signed this," he said. "There wasn't some conspiracy to put all Republicans or all Democrats in Coastal Division 11 back in 1969."

The following from LapTopLobbyists.com

After he came home from Vietnam, Kerry led numerous antiwar protests and earned high praise in front-page coverage in the Communist Party/USA newspaper Daily World.

The December 12, 1971 Boston Herald-Traveler reported that Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) with Kerry as its leader, participated in anti-war rallies actually organized by the Communists themselves.

The Boston Herald-Traveler stated that the Kerry-led demonstrations were "characterized by an abundance of Vietcong flags, clenched fists raised in the air, and placards plainly bearing legends in support of China, Cuba, the USSR, North Korea and the Hanoi government."

The Boston Herald-Traveler quotes Kerry's admission that he welcomed the Communists into the VVAW, noting that any attempt to exclude them would result "in seriously dividing and weakening the movement."

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 23, 1971, Kerry claimed there was no communist threat.

Sen. John McCain revealed that his North Vietnamese captors had used reports of Kerry-led protests to taunt him and his fellow prisoners.

Retired General George S. Patton III angrily noted that Kerry’s actions had “given aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Kerry's $3.95 Book a $500 Hit (From NewsMax.com)

In the unlikely event that you snapped up copies of John "F." Kerry's book "The New Soldier" in 1971, you could make a huge profit today. NewsMax's investigative report about Sen. Kerry's unusual past sparked a huge response from readers this week. Although we already had posted one, many sent pictures of the hard-to-find book, which features a cover photo of anti-war protesters desecrating the U.S. flag. Kerry tried to suppress copies of the book when he ran for the U.S. House in 1972. Many readers also told of auction sites selling the embarrassing volume (cover price: $3.95) for hundreds of dollars. As of Friday afternoon, we found that eBay had one copy going for $255 and one signed by the esteemed author for $500.  Amazon lists the book but not the price. A reviewer from Boston gave it one star out of five and wrote: "The upside down flag on the cover of the book symbolizes the Left's feelings for America and the Constitution of the United States. This book reveals a different side of John Kerry, a side everyone should know before they go to the polls.  "However, the book is good to read if you would like to get into the early mind of the New Left, and contemporary radicals, who are disgusted by 'the Bush Doctrine.'"  Amazon notes: "Customers who bought titles by John Kerry also bought titles by these authors: Wesley K. Clark, Stephen E. Lambert, Douglas Brinkley, Howard Dean, Richard Gephardt."  Amazon's sales ranking of the tome: 1,513,725. The company offers a helpful link to publishers and authors on how to "improve your sales," but even though Kerry had to mortgage his mansion to finance his campaign, we doubt he'll take this advice.

Teresa Heinz Kerry

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Bag Lady for the Radical Left - By Ben Johnson - FrontPageMagazine.com | February 13, 2004 Teresa Heinz Kerry has financed the secretive Tides Foundation to the tune of more than $4 million over the years. The Tides Foundation, a "charity" established in 1976 by antiwar leftist activist Drummond Pike, distributes millions of dollars in grants every year to political organizations advocating far-Left causes.

Pinning one on Kerry by Diana West (3/15/2004) A blogger on the official John Kerry campaign Web site has offered a telling insight into the Kerry campaign in her account (since removed) of a December campaign party. ..."When Theresa Heinz-Kerry arrived, she handed me a pin that read in the center: 'Asses of Evil' with 'Bush,' 'Cheney,' 'Rumsfeld,' and 'Ashcroft.' surrounding it." ...But the Asses of Evil button shows voters more just than a magnified glimpse of a potential first lady, it symbolizes the fundamental flaw of the Kerry doctrine: that the greatest threat the United States faces is not Islamic terrorism, Islamic totalitarianism and rogue nations, but rather ... George W. Bush. I guess what Kerry calls "Benedict Arnold companies that ship American jobs overseas" rank a nasty second. Can't wait to hear candidate Kerry denounce H.J. Heinz, his and his wife's own Benedict Arnold company. As columnist James Glassman has written to inexcusably scant notice, "Of the 79 factories that the food-processor owns, 57 (felicitous number!) are overseas." That ships plenty of "American jobs" to Botswana, Thailand, China, India and elsewhere. See complete article for much more.

TVC Weekly News: John Kerry's Wife May Be Worse Than Hillary Clinton - Summary: A report in a recent edition of WorldNetDaily describes the radical causes funded by Teresa Heinz Kerry. She appears to be even more overtly radical than New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Teresa Heinz Kerry, the Heinz ketchup heiress worth an estimated quarter of a billion dollars, has donated through the Howard Heinz Endowment, more than $4 million to the Tides Foundation. This foundation funds pro-Marxist anti-war groups, abortionists, the radical homosexual group ACT-UP, and even Islamist organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations. For more on Kerry's radical projects and views, access: WorldNetDaily: Kerry's wife supports U.S. radicals, jihadists.   ...And this: "Another thing that drives me crazy, and I hope I don't offend anyone here, is WAL-MART. They destroy communities." --Teresa Heinz Kerry wife of J. Ketchup Kerry, who neglected to mention that she owns more than $1,000,000 in WAL-MART stock...The Federalist Brief 04-09

"When voters are asked to evaluate their choices for President next November, they will have to weigh carefully the temperament, judgment and instincts of the man who will hold that office. Nowhere will these qualities be of greater consequence than with respect to the execution of his duties as Commander-in-Chief. John Kerry's long record of extremely liberal Senate votes on national security-related matters offer ample grounds for concerns on all three scores. Unfortunately for Senator Kerry, those concerns will only grow as the electorate learns more over the coming months about the temperament, judgment and instincts his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, brings to such matters, as reflected in the choices she has made in the course of years of multimillion dollar philanthropy. Of particular concern is one of the beneficiaries of substantial largesse from foundations controlled by the would-be First Lady: The San Francisco-based Tides Foundation and a spin-off called the Tides Center. These entities in turn help distribute funds to and operate as clearing houses for policy-networking and coordination between a veritable Who's Who of radical Leftist organizations. The recipients share a hostility to what most Americans understand to be our country's security interests and the capabilities needed to protect them. According to publicly available information, in recent years, Ms. Heinz Kerry's foundations have given at least $5.9 million to these entities. ...More troubling still is the fact that the investment Ms. Heinz Kerry has made in organizations who provide large sums -- and, in some cases, probably life-support -- to such groups is paying off for her husband's campaign." --The Center for Security Policy -- See  http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=12187