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Archived: Last Updated November 9, 2004

UNFPA promoting abortion

Did you know about this item on the UN Agenda?

From: Ken Connor, President
Date: November 20, 2001 - Tuesday
To: Friends of Family Research Council

U.S. forces have been ever so careful to avoid civilian casualties in our bombing of  Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorist networks.  The same cannot be said for the UN Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA)UNFPA operatives have swooped in, pressing abortion kits and morning-after abortion pills on war-ravaged Afghan women. Steven Mosher's Population Research Institute (PRI) reports that "war-traumatized refugees [have been] approached by UNFPA workers pandering abortion...[The women] wander away quickly.   And a few brave refugees-in an attempt to protect their female population and progeny-have confiscated morning-after abortion pills provided by UNFPA."  The UN is doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and these indefensible acts are likely to further inflame the Muslim world against the U.S. and the UN.  We should decry UNFPA's despicable efforts abroad.

Washington Update - July 21, 2003
To: Friends of Family Research Council
From: Colin Stewart, Executive Vice President
Date: July 21, 2003 - Monday

Selling babies? Pull the plug on UNFPA Funding! In March, police officials in Guangxi Province found 28 baby girls, two to five months old, wrapped in quilts, stuffed into nylon bags, packed into a long-haul bus and destined for sale. Baby trafficking and the widespread use of abortion for sex selection is the direct result of China's draconian one-child population policy. This policy is endorsed and supported by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

Bias for Boys Leads to Sale of Baby Girls in China YULIN, China -- With two daughters already, Liu Yihong was crystal clear several years back about what he would do if his pregnant wife was carrying yet another girl.