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Barry Lynn
One Nation Under Deception

Woe unto you, lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge:
you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in you hindered.
(Luke 11:52)

Denying our American Christian Heritage

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

Brief Bio: Barry Lynn is an attorney and ordained minister in the United Church of  Christ who has dedicated his life to civil liberties (read anti-Christian agenda - EarsToHear.net). He has been the Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State since 1992. Before joining AU, Mr. Lynn was legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, earned his law degree at Georgetown University in 1978, and his theology degree at Boston University in 1973. He has appeared on numerous news programs including the MacNeil-Lehrer Hour, Nightline, Crossfire, Meet the Press and Larry King Live.  http://www.lptn.net/go/forum&board=discuss/display&num=685&start=30/. Lynn was ordained by the United Church of Christ in 1973.  http://www.au.org/site/News2?JServSessionIdr008=u479y8w6w1.app1b&abbr=pr&page=NewsArticle&id=6118&news_iv_ctrl=1504

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

"Be afraid, be very afraid, when elites use the phrase 'free expression.' It is actually invoked to shut you up. To the elites, 'free expression' is their right to offend, insult, and abuse you and your values as much as they like. But when you criticize them, this is known a 'censorship.'" Shut Up & Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the UN Are Subverting America  Laura Ingraham

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

Election 2008: Religion-phobe Barry Lynn is at it again, getting in his final dig at pastors before the November 4 election. His Americans United for the Separation of Church and State dropped a 100,000-piece mailing this week to churches, threatening them to stay silent on moral issues-or else. The scare tactic is a favorite of Lynn's, whose purpose is to undermine pastors' constitutional rights to speak about moral issues from the pulpit. With just days to go before voters decide a host of important ballot initiatives, American United is doing its best to frighten clergy. This week, the organization called for an IRS investigation of Bishop Arthur Serratelli, who wrote a passionate article about the dangers of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Although Bishop Serratelli was well within his rights to comment, Lynn is accusing him of denouncing Sen. Barack Obama, who has pledged to make FOCA his first priority. Accurate guidance on the law for pastors can be found on the Alliance Defense Fund's great website at http://www.telladf.org/church.

Deception + Coercion +Apathy = The Fall of America

A church involved in (conservative) politics is of serious concern to those on the Left. Indeed, as they desperately try to save the state from the church, the Left cries out, "separation of church and state!" U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay, in fact, has declared that the Roman Catholic Church should lose its tax-exempt status for refusing to serve communion to pro-abortion politicians, such as John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi. And Barry Lynn, executive director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, has filed a complaint with the IRS about Jerry Falwell Ministries. Rev. Falwell told The New York Times that "I make it very clear, just like at most African-American churches and many liberal churches, that as a tax-paying citizen I vote. And I tell people who I vote for." Criminal behavior, as you can see. Rev. Lynn retorted, "I certainly hope that this sends a clear message that religious organizations have got to operate within federal tax laws restricting partisan politicking." No word on whether Lynn has also filed complaints against tax-exempt "Reverends" Jackson and Sharpton.... The Federalist Brief 04-31

Free-Speech Advocate Attempting to Stop Distribution of Video
By Rusty Pugh and Bill Fancher
April 24, 2002

(AgapePress) - An attorney with a religious liberties law firm says a man who claims to be a champion of free speech is now attempting to censor a videotape produced by an Arizona-based ministry. Barry Lynn, former ACLU counsel and current director for the left-wing group Americans for the Separation of Church and State, recently took part in a debate on whether homosexuality is compatible with Christianity. According to attorney Benjamin Bull with the Alliance Defense Fund, Lynn lost the debate and is now attempting to stop distribution of a videotape of the event.

Bull says Lynn is a hypocrite because he is a self-styled free-speech advocate, especially when it comes to hard-core and child pornography.

"Barry Lynn, for over 20 years, has been the mouthpiece for the pornography industry, arguing that all pornography -- including child pornography -- is protected by the First Amendment and that the government can do nothing to stop distribution of child pornography," Bull says. "On the other hand, when it involves something that he doesn’t like -- presentation of a debate that he participated in where he did badly -- he wants to use the mechanism of government, particularly the courts, to censor the videotape."

"Apparently what's good for the goose is not good for the gander," he says. "We're just going to make sure in this case that no one is prevented from seeing this videotape in which Barry Lynn debated the whole issue of homosexuality in the church."

Dr. James White, director of Alpha and Omega Ministries of Phoenix, debated Lynn and is attempting to distribute the tape. Lynn is being sued in federal court for attempting to censor the ministry.

Free Speech from the Pulpit
Lynn and his group likely would not approve of what one North Carolina congressman is doing. U.S. Representative Walter Jones wants to change things so clergy can be free to speak from the pulpit on political issues without fear of losing their 501(C)(3) non-profit status.

According to Jones, the current situation comes courtesy of Lyndon Baines Johnson. "In 1954, [U.S. Senator Johnson] put an amendment on a tax bill going through the Senate that was never debated," Jones says. "There was no opposition from the Republicans -- they were the minority at the time in the Senate -- and basically what he said was if you are a 501(C)(3), you may not have any type of political speech."

Jones says the results of that action were predictable. "Many of our pastors and rabbis and priests are somewhat concerned about talking about issues such as abortion," he says. That is why Jones is working on a resolution to give pastors the right to speak out. "In my opinion, the strength of this country is dependent on the preachers and the churches being able to talk about not only political issues, but social issues, and who might stand for what as it relates to an individual who might be a candidate or an incumbent." Jones wants Christians to call their representatives and urge them to support the Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act (H.R. 2357) when it comes to the floor next month. The North Carolina Republican was honored last month by the Family Research Council for his consistent support of pro-family and pro-life issues. He was one of 28 representatives so honored, and was the only one from the Tar Heel State.

Date: April 29, 2004 - From: Jerry Falwell

I imagine that Rep. James McDermott has heard from many of his trendy liberal friends who have been telling him what a brave and courageous soul he is for snubbing the phrase "under God" when he led the House of Representatives in saying the Pledge of Allegiance on Tuesday.

Rep. McDermott, a man who does pledge allegiance to Planned Parenthood, the Feminist Majority and the other dictatorial abortion-rights groups in our nation, contended that he refused to utter the words "under God" because the courts are presently considering whether the phrase is constitutional. He was referring to, of course, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that found the two words to be unconstitutional.  A decision on that ruling is pending at the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is just one more case of an abject secularist ignoring the God-centered groundwork that is responsible for the establishment and achievement of this nation. Today's secularists loathe America's biblical underpinning that served to inspire and motivate our Founders to forge a nation that would recognize the value of its religious citizens, even in governmental affairs. They disrespect our history and seek only to establish an agenda that eradicates our longstanding religious heritage.

Secularists want the American public square to be devoid of religious influence, especially if it has a Christian foundation.  From Ten Commandments monuments at American courthouses, to high school football game prayers, to the brief mention of God in our Pledge, secularists are seeking to enforce their marginal views on the nation, thereby creating an America
that our Founders would not recognize.

Barry Lynn, president of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, a group that seeks to wholly secularize our nation, admitted to me that he ultimately hopes to purge the words "In God We Trust" from our currency.

I wonder if secularists would, given the ability to do so, strike the phrase "endowed by our Creator" from the U.S. Constitution.  They have asserted that the great document is a living, breathing manuscript, which suggests that they believe they ultimately have the leeway to extract words or phrases that offend and insult their present-day secularist notions.

Will they take control of our nation's textbooks so that they can cleanse words that chronicle our Founders as men of faith who routinely sought guidance from above?  Will secularists obscure from future generations the fact that our Founders called the nation to earnest prayer and supplication, entreating Almighty God to bless them?  Will ministers one day be punished for upholding the Word of God in sermons that counter the secularist standpoint?

Columnist Ann Coulter, who certainly has a matchless way with words, said recently, "The nation waits with bated breath to see if, this term, the court will strike 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance.  Liberals are so desperate for this to happen that some of them are actually praying for it."

Mr. McDermott will no doubt become the poster child for the effort to thoroughly secularize our nation.  He is already revered by secularists for his action in June 2002, when the House of Representatives voted to condemn the 9th Circuit Court's ruling that declared the Pledge unconstitutional. With a vote of 416-to-2, the House adopted the measure, with Rep. McDermott voting "present."  Then in a March 2003 resolution, Rep. McDermott joined with six other "no" voters in refusing to condemn the 9th Circuit ruling.

Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, said, "While Jim McDermott may be in the minority in the House of Representatives, he does, unfortunately, 'represent' many on the lunatic fringe of American politics who are increasingly active and energized this year.  In the 'civil war' over values, either McDermott's worldview will prevail or our worldview, that recognizes God as the author of our liberty, will prevail."

The chief problem, however, is that those in this lunatic fringe are characteristically portrayed in the so-called mainstream media as holding conventional viewpoints. Conjecture is treated as truth.  We see it every day. The mainstream media hold what have become established views on issues such as abortion, evolution and homosexual rights that counter the mindset of millions of Americans.  But they treat these views as fact, purposely disregarding and discounting as irrelevant the views of those who do not accept these "truths."

This is how our nation will become increasingly secularized and divided.  It is a tragedy of immense proportions that so many of our fellow Americans simply fall into lockstep with the trend-as-truth mentality. That is why it behooves every one of us who loves America and the foundation on which it was built to uphold the legacy of our Forefathers by taking a stand for our religious freedoms.  Unless we rise up and take action - a good first step would be to vote out the Jim McDermotts of the day - our children will one day wake in a vast secularist wasteland that used to be America.

Anti-Family Group Uses Intimidation Tactics on FRC

A person can easily access any non-profit organization's 990 tax forms on the Internet in a matter of minutes. But Barry Lynn of the liberal Separation of Church and State group has resorted to sending letters or having staff call without identifying themselves to more than a dozen pro-family organizations across the country, including FRC. Why? He's trying to intimidate us. But Barry should understand something. Our commitment to family, faith and freedom is just as strong today as it was more than 20 years ago when this organization began. And we're not going anywhere.